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October 21, 2013

Best? Best. Best!

If you find yourself in a conversation with someone and they say "You know what was AMAZING?" and don't immediately follow up that introduction with "Robert Scorpio's face after Dr. Obrecht took their conversation to a TV-MA place" you should probably just end the conversation there, abruptly. Don't worry about feeling rude--if they aren't mentally replaying that interaction and laughing happily at the memory, they clearly don't have good taste in television. Or maybe they are sane. I don't know. What I DO know is that this was AMAZING:

Dr. Obrecht: He wants me to wear your face in his bed.
Robert: Fuck the whaaaat? 

Amazing? Amazing. Tristan Rogers, you are a delight.

Every single moment that Robert and Anna were onscreen together searching for their daughter brought me pure joy--all of the pistol whipping and interrogating and the look on Anna's face when she found Robin's computer with the picture of Emma and Patrick on it. Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers are just SO good together. I'd say that I'd pay to watch them read the phone book but that seems like it would be incredibly boring for them, but I will say that I'd pay an exorbitant amount of money to watch them just make funny faces at each other for my amusement. That came across as much creepier than I intended it to. Moving on...

The pure joy was almost enough to get me to pay less attention to the, let's say...more terrible parts of today's show. And I don't even mean Patrick proposing to Sabrina, which WAS terrible, but is the kind of terrible that serves a purpose and that purpose is setting up a ridiculous Disney princess wedding that will be interrupted by the arrival of a very much alive Robin. So I can deal with the terrible knowing that the awesome will soon follow (but, yeah, it was terrible. Not just the hollow way Patrick proposed--"I want you to be beside me for the rest of my life. Sabrina Santiago, will you marry me?" with absolutely zero vocal inflection. But also the weird way Sabrina cried, constantly yelping for air between sniffles). I mean terrible along the lines of "Nikolas discovers that his close friend Robin is actually ALIVE and is basically like, 'Oh, funny meeting you here. I thought you were dead. Anyway, BRITT!" and Lulu launching into the world's most ridiculous speech about Maxie's moral shortcomings.

Lulu: I know every lie Maxie's ever told. I know every scam she's ever tried to cover up. I know every single harmful, hurtful, possibly illegal thing and definitely immoral thing that Maxie's done. Once I tell what I know, no court would allow Maxie to raise a parakeet and they certainly won't award her custody.

Okay, I know this is a television show and that some amount of speechifying is expected, but really? People don't talk like that. Also, I cannot put into words my dread over the possibility of a custody battle; there are few things I trust this show to do more poorly than that. Also also, I cannot bear to hear the name Connie even one more time. It was hard enough when the first Connie was still alive (mostly because it was usually either Sonny barking her name or Olivia squawking her name. I think I still have semi-PTSD) and to hear it about a BABY is just absurd. Can't we just use terms of endearment instead?


I thought Nik was much more in character with Robin at Wyndemere. And I love Britt -- I would love if she and Robin struck up a friendship.

Liz desperately needs a few girlfriends since the show killed off Emily, Nadine and everyone thought Robin had died, but the show decided to have Liz pimp and prop a tweenage Sabrina instead of making her and Britt friends.

Juan/MS is returning to prop Sabrina and I'm sure we'll see a nod to Liz/RH and her real life hubby.

Love love love gh right now. I just started watching again after hearing Robin was returning...and then Robert. Enjoying the storyline v. much. Much better than all the other "returns" in the past 10 years. ESP love the nod to history with the Cassidine island and Faison.

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