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October 28, 2013

The Not So Secret Keeper

Look, I get it--Derek Wells is dreamy. And you probably thought to yourself "Oh, gosh, I always forget how freaking handsome he is. What can I do to extend this conversation?! I need to keep getting lost in his eyes!" but for the love of, Alexis, your daughter is a private investigator. Private is, explicitly, part of her job title! So I'm not sure why you decided to prattle on, at hyperspeed, about her paternity, her investigative work and, oh yeah, her theory about the long-hidden secrets of a powerful crime family, but you did. And then, to add insult to injury, you didn't even find it remotely suspicious that the normally suave Derek kept laughing nervously and asked about six dozen probing questions. Not only were you not suspicious, but you blithely answered all of those questions and didn't even ask why he was all high pitched and sweaty all of a sudden!

Derek, trying to appear calm and collected: Speaking as a publisher...are you sure about your facts?
Alexis: We had a DNA test?
Derek: HOW?! I mean, uh...[awkward laughter] I can't imagine that would have been easy, getting a DNA sample from a dead mobster.
Alexis: We didn't need it from him. We got it from another family member.
Derek: What family member?

DEREK: Family member? Julian has a family member? What? Huh? I ask because I'm a journalist.
CARLOS: I'm coming in to interrupt this conversation purely for contrivance's sake.
ALEXIS: I should get going anyway.
DEREK: Going? Going where? To spend time with your family? Speaking of family...you were saying something about Julian's family?
CARLOS: Is this a bad time to make a bizarrely timed pronouncement over my heartbreak that Sabrina is getting married to Patrick? I mean, if we're all sharing and whatnot. It is? Okay. Never mind.


What's up with Alexis acting like she has never boinked a man before? I get so tired of this 50'ish woman acting like she's younger than Molly when around some guy.

Olivia, STFU. Why is this woman still on this show when we can't even get scenes from a sixteen year vet like Liz or even AJ?

The show is making Alexis look like a blithering idiot in order to advance this storyline. Not every single scene has to advance the plot in some way! It is so contrived and forced how every single conversation and raised eyebrow somehow has to connect to something else! Thats lazy writing and Ron is so good at interweaving stories I don't know why he has fallen into this constant rut.

Alexis has always acted like this around men.

Unless she's in a courtroom, Alexis is pretty much a mess. Especially around attractive men.

I enjoyed seeing Delia today. I love how the story encompasses so many angles, and involves different people. There's now a tie between Anna & Robert and the Jeromes.

Other than Olivia (why is she there?) and Sabrina, who gets more annoying every day--I'm enjoying the show.

I don't want Alexis to be this way. I really don't like disliking the character. But it seems that she acts like a smart adult only around non-family members - like when she told Lulu the truth about her chances of keeping the kid - or in court. Around men in general, and her family, she's a dithering idiot. WRONG in so many ways.

Carlos needs to be dipped in lye and scrubbed down REALLY well. He's about as attractive as a dog toy left out in the rain for a week. Just STFU and go and take Sabwwwina with you.

Dullivia....there are no words. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for this moronic loudmouth. She is the perfect match for Orange Glow, though.

I love Alexis, but I think this is pretty in character. She has always portrayed as being a brilliant attorney but awkward dating men. Which, given her relationship with the men in her family, is actually not surprising. Plus, I actually think it's not unrealistic that she and Sam would feel overly-familiar with the guy who not only saved Danny's life but also has gone out of his way to remain close to them afterward.

MY big complaints right now are (1) the absolute contrivance of the Sabrina-Patrick engagement. That's just stupid and out-of-character. And (2) why couldn't anyone -- ANYONE -- other than Sonny have been the one to figure out that Derek = Julian. I was really pulling for Duke, but I would have taken Sam or John McBain or Michael or Carly or, hell, even Kiki and I HATE Kiki. I hate the mobsters are heroes bullshit on this show even more.

Seeing Delia --Delia Reid Ryan at Ryan's Bar was great!!! Thank you to whomever made that possible! Is IK staying? Is she Ava's mom--which is great! That is great. Also loving Maxie and Patrick talk. I FF through Sabrina stuff and Olivia/Sonny stuff. I can't believe Olivia would be around a man who shot her shot their son-- so I can't watch them--ICK-- Alexis has always been a bit dense regarding men-- Ric, Jerry Jacks, Sonny -- but it does seem a bit odd she would spill the beans about a crime family -- she is a smart attorney. I loved the Robin/Nikolas and Patrick/Maxie scene about the wedding-- loved it.

I'm starting to think there would have been a lot more story if Patrick had been paired with Maxie, Carly or even Liz. I never wanted Liz/Patrick, because my girl has been dumped on enough in the romance department. Liz/AJ started out fine, but the writers kept jerking Quiz around when Todd left the show in favor of AJ/Carly. What a waste of a potential Hardy/Webber/Quartermaine family unit.

I don't buy Alexis after being involved with several men (Ned, Jax, Sonny, Ric, Sean, Jerry, etc) being all goofy around Derek. It's just plain silly at Alexis' age to act like a tween.

I am curious how Julian is going to find out about Lucas. But Alexis spilling those beans would have been very silly.

I guess I don't see why this would be that big of a secret to keep from a family friend who they have no reason to believe has mob connections. They think Julian is dead. They think that Derek is some publisher who saved Danny's life and who has been generous with the family since. Why is it such a secret that Sam is looking for info about her dead potential birth father? I mean, I know why it SHOULD be, as an omniscient observer. But for Sam and Alexis, given what they know of Derek and what they think that they know of Julian, I don't see why Alexis is being particularly stupid here. Maybe a little silly and over-sharing, but I see no reason why SHE should think she's doing anything wrong.

Can someone wake me up when AJ's trial starts?

I read somewhere that Jackie Zeman is returning. And since Lucas is Derek/Julian's son, I really hope this means scenes between Bobbie and Derek. Now that is something I would like to see.

So Carlos is still on? Sabrina too? Damn. I hate to say it but both actors cannot be anything but minor character. There is no way that they can pull major story. This engagement sounds laughable. I bet that Jason is just waiting until he gets to act with Kim again. That's how I would feel if I was him.

I should be pissed at the Alexis is mentally 12 around men thing. I remember when I first started to watch in 01 and she had a scene with Sonny where she started hyperventilating. I was 16 and it's how I learned what that word meant! In another way it's good to see a character with flaws. Soap opera characters can be written in black and white and too cartoonish. It's nice to see a character have failings in certain things even if it's in this way.

At one point in time I loved Olivia. I know that sounds weird especially in regards to there never really being a time that she can be considered a fan favorite. I guess I liked her relationship with Dante which is probably as healthy a relationship as you will get on this show. It seemed real and authentic. When you compare Carly's relationships with her sons I think you can see what I mean. Her feeling sorry for Sonny after he shot Dante has caused me to question that love. In a vain way she's quite attractive and they always put her in those form fitting clothes. As a lesbian fan of this show, that's the least I will ever get from this show...eye candy. They will probably never write a lesbian story. They can barely do it with gay men. So yeah I like Olivia because she's hot and has a realistic relationship with her son.

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