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October 08, 2013

Watch This Space (Also: Eeeee!!!)

Ohmigod, you guys--I have about a million and one things to say about General Hospital and far (far) less than a million and one minutes in which to do so. Why does life get so busy? I mean, really--all I want to do is obsessively catalog the hundreds of things I dislike about GH and the tens of things that I enjoy, and work has to be all CRAZY (fun fact: a tween threatened to punch me in the mouth today. Not to worry--while many/most people in the world are stronger than I am, this particular pipsqueak is not. But still! Come on!) and energy-consuming and my best friend goes and has a baby and I'm like "Wasn't it just the morning? Where do the hours go?"

Just kidding: while all of the above is true, the real reason I don't have time to post is because I keep losing time in my endless watching and rewatching of this GH promo, which is the opposite of awesome except JUST KIDDING, IT'S THE MOST AWESOME TO EVER AWESOME.

Let's hold hands and squeal together. Unless you think that's weird, in which case we can silently nod our heads at one another in recognition of the awesomeness.

(Please feel free to use the comments to discuss your most pressing of GH thoughts and wishes and concerns! Like, go ahead and write epic sonnets to William deVry because god knows we all want to. We want to, right? Or is that just me? )


As I excited as I am about Robin, I'm equally THRILLED that Faison is back. I really want a scene with Faison, Dr. O, and Britt all together. Please, Show, please make my dreams comes true!

The only "bad" part about this storyline is that it makes it excruciatingly painful to watch anything and I do mean anything remotely related to Kiki & Michael!! Regardless... Omg it's Robert freakin Scorpio on my tv again with Anna Devane (& by the way he looks fantastic and very tan for a coma patient) and I feel like I'm in college again watching my heroes!! As a side note... I may be in the minority but I for one would love to see a real love triangle play out b/t Robert/Anna/Duke. Other than the for sure tears and the yelling I'm pretty confident will follow I just cannot wait for Robert & Anna to find Robin; face off with Faison & Obrecht ( bc really they are my favorite villains ever) and Patrick/Robin/Emma reunion. It's just downright ludicrous how excited this show has me right now... Well until we return to the awfulness of Miki being the front burner storyline but until then I will revel in the return of the Scorpios!!!

Apropos of nothing really except that I fell into a YouTube blackhole searching for old Robin clips (remember Robin & Nikolas - the best thing that never was?) but somehow I stumbled onto old Stefan clips & I got very sad about how much I loved that repressed, sexy schemer & how his character was completely fucked over. And now I'm sad. Again. Ah, GH, you can never truly recover.

Oh, I love, love , love all things Scorpio/Devane...cannot wait. Plus seeing the end of Patrick and Sabrina, which just made me sick on so many levels. I too love the delicious evil of Faison and Dr.O. Hope they never kill them off. Also looking forward to finding out who little Ben's parents are. thanks for checking in Mallory. I've missed your take on GH.

And she's baaaack! I know I've bugged you on FaceBook, Mallory, but I really, really wanted your take on the awesomeness that was Thursday, Friday and Monday's episodes with Robin! RobertF*ng!Scorpio and Anna! And then we were saddled with yesterday. Blech.

More than anything, I want, no need to see Kimberly and Tristan sharing dialogue and quality screen time together again--those measly 10 seconds when Obrecht got the jump on Robert, Robert! last December was not enough. More than a Robing/Emma/Patrick reunion, I'm more invested in a Robert/Robin/Anna reunion, just...well, just because. Though that promo did have me squeeing.

@ScorpiosRule -- Agreed! I love Patrick & Robin, don't get me wrong, but I am just so excited for her to be reunited with her parents!

And Mallory, you are not alone, William deVry is awesome. I'm still pissed about AJ & Liz being benched, so I'm still only watching on days that Robin is on (admittedly, that's pretty weak protest, but come on -- it's Robin freakin' Scorpio -- I can't miss this), but I always keep my fingers crossed that it's a Derek Wells day too.

I am TOTALLY excited for this to happen...all of them should get Emmy nods and I haven't even seen the episodes yet!!! As happy as I am for Anna and Robert...the scene I have been waiting a year and a half for is Robin and Patrick...tears will be flowing...its gone be awesome!!

Just in case she sees this post...thank you KMc for coming back to GH!!!

OHH EMMM GEEEEE!! Thank you soap gods!! I can't freakin' wait. And it's my birthday month so happy birthday to me. And William DeVry...I'm trying really hard not to be all stalky on twitter with him. But what's it gonna take to get a response from my future fake husband? I mean, this guy...OY, talk about total package. And GH, if you so even DARE to put The Thing Otherwise Known As Carly with him in a romantic way, I will come for you, oh yes, I will...

If I have to watch Morgan and Ava one more time, I'm going to HURL. I can't stand Morgan. CAN NOT STAND, and this relationship between him and Ava is just gross and awful, and I HATE THEM. Michael and Kiki (is that the worst name ever or WHAT) are horrid, but Morgan and Ava....I fast forward through EVERY scene. Then here comes Sonny with his "get your shit, we're leaving" tirade, and...fast forward. In fact, most of Tuesday was fast forward. I couldn't even stomach Franco and Heather - and when Heather is in a room, and I can't deal? That's pretty bad!

Bring on the Scorpio/Drakes!! It's the only thing keeping me watching right now! Can I even dare to dream we could have an Anna/Robert/Sean (I mean we saw him once!!) Luke/Holly get together to save Robin?? Probably not. That would take away from Miki sex time. GAG.

Soooooo happy kimberly is back as my girl Robin! Scrubs better be end game cause I'm so sick and tired of watching this damn robot patrick with the teenage twit nurse!!! Please follow your gut Patrick!! Your wife is alive!

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