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November 11, 2013

If I May Be Frank...Or Franco, Rather

MALLORY: Told me what?
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Told you you'd love Franco.
MALLORY: I don't love Franco.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Yeah, you do. Nailed it.
MALLORY: I don't, though.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: No, you do. You have to. What more could you ask for? You were all "But he's so bad and terrible!" and it's like "Um, no, he's clearly on videotape not doing anything bad OR terrible." And then you were all "No, I still grudges because I'm crazy and obnoxious" and it's like "HE HAD A BRAIN TUMOR, OKAY?" And when you were still upset that he was Alan Quartermaine's son, we were like "HOW'S THIS FOR A LOOP, MOFOS?" and made him HEATHER and SCOTT's kid. HA! Who could see that coming?
MALLORY: No one who actually watched the show in the 80s.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: So now we can all just sit back and watch Carly and Franco be all cute and sparkly together.

Franco: It was an act. You know that. You know there's only one woman in this world for me.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Couldn't you just DIE?
MALLORY: Yes, yes, I could.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: But the chemistry!
MALLORY: Is...fine?
GENERAL HOSPITAL: I'm sorry, do you even hear yourself? The chemistry is amazing.
MALLORY: Even if--IF!--their chemistry was "amazing", does that make up for the years of misery Franco caused Carly's son and, probably even more importantly to her, her JASON?
MALLORY: That's like saying "Anders Hove and Kimberly McCullough work so well together. Who cares what tragedies he's caused her family, right? Chemistry!"
MALLORY: Oh, no...
GENERAL HOSPITAL: So, is that something you'd be into? Because I like the sound of that...


Perfection, Mallory, sheer perfection. May Franco be shot on the pier and be casually kicked into the water.

Of course we're all going to end up in love with Franco. Remember Sam? Sam was horrible until she sat her pregnant ass on Jason's couch.

can you do one for Olivia/sonny? :):):)

Carly and Franco were just so G-d Awful. How can anybody buy the way she was looking at him. The coming attractions are even more nauseating. Unbelievable, how far the writers will go and how little they think of our collective intelligence.

Franco is really just Todd. Changing the name doesn't change anything. RH plays Franco the exact same way he played Todd for all those years. Never liked the character of Franco and making him Heather and Scotty's son doesn't change anything.

I hate the character of Franco-- hate him. Changing his history so he is Scotty and Heather's son--ick… I have watched GH since the 1970's-- longer than any of these jokers who write for it. If Heather was having anyone's baby it would be Joe Kelly--she had the hots for him. It is just ICK.. just awful.

I still can't get over Carly having any type of a relationship with Franco when he hurt HER Jason so much. I hope Jax comes to town and takes Joss back to wherever he is now

Could not agree more!! And the sad thing is, I _do_ think that the actors have great, amazing chemistry, and I just spend the entire scene wishing RH could just play Todd already! Instead of this ridiculous incarnation of Franco.

Speaking of Todd, could GH use those characters again now that it seems like PP's OLTL is totally dead?

ha! this sounds like a legitimate conversation between Ron and the audience.


Sorry, but I pray to GOD Ron never gets his grubby hands on OLTL characters again. He and Frank don't deserve them and I don't see it happening.

here's just hoping Kiki drowns in tomorrow's episode.

Carly and Jax actually have potential; he can make her acceptable. Franco and Todd both can't.

I also pray RON never gets his hands on the OLTLers again. I second that bigtime. Let them rest in peace, or be taken on again at a later date by someone who cares about history, super couples, and legacy characters.

It's a soap for heaven's sake. I watch and laugh or cry. If I do either of these two things, the writers are doing their jobs. I loved today's episode. I loved the humor, the reveals. I thought it was hilarious that Julian is using his daughter Sam as a shield to keep Sonny from killing him. I did believe he wanted to know Sam and Danny though. I bought that part of it. Carly and Franco are a mess...but, RH I love...so whatever. That's my feeling.

siamfan, that's exactly how I feel. I watch to be entertained--and I am. When I watch Roger be Franco, I am finally rid of that God-awful memory of James Franco. Today might have been the first time I found Sonny even slightly compelling. This soap is SO MUCH BETTER than it used to be, I am surprised you all hate it so much.

Dammit! No way Franco can be Scott's and Heather's kid. Not in the universe I watched. And if Scott is going to be a SUDDENLYDADDY! again guy, then he deserves a non troubled/psychotic son. First Logan, now he is stuck with Franco? BAH! Only kids I need to see of Scott are Serena and Christina. And I want Scott throwing what Sonny did to Karen Wexler in Sonny's face @ every chance. And it would be outstanding if Michael, Morgan, Sam and the insanely mob romantizing Molly find out how the great man Sonny(super awesome nice and most wonderful and kind, mob boss) set out to trap a troubled teenage girl into a life of drugs, stripping and making him happy and money. And when she tried to change her life around, he was not a happy camper. Tried to kill her and her boyfriend. Of course, I'm still going with my firm belief that Karen isn't dead. She just wanted a clean break from the deadbeats in PC and Scott provided her with a new life. And they just decided that it was better to have people think she is dead.

I don't hate GH. However, RC/FV could have brought Roger on as any new or old character not named Franco. If the HW wanted Roho to work with RM then he should have re-cast the role of Dr. Steven Lars Webber and be done with it. Of course, KS and RM are probably happy being back at work, but the rest when it comes to Franco is a huge turd.

Mallory you are a brilliant blogger. You have started a whole new trend! I foresee hundreds of conversations between GH and your readers. I will definitely be writing a few. Please post more often!

Silver lining! Sometimes, Scott's have a tendency to die, so...

As long as it's not Serena or Christina. Really, I didn't like the fact that Karen or Logan were killed. It was pretty sad, actually.

So, the least the writers could do is have Franco bite it, right? I mean, aren't we owed this?

I don't hate GH right now either. I like anything to do with the Morgan storyline/Robin stuff. But Franco/Carly is freaking awful, along with Sonny/Olivia.

If I had bothered to watch any scene involving Carly or Franco in the past few... well, ever, that's exactly the conversation I would've had with GH, too. Is it Scorpio time yet?

GH is simply lousy at introducing new characters. Franco is a complete failure.

After seeing today's (Tuesday's) show, I suppose next the writers will have Franco retrieving kittens stuck in trees or running into burning buildings to rescue puppies and children. There are many things I like about GH now but Franco isn't one of them and I will FF most of his scenes. I don't buy Carly being so hot to trot over him after what he did to Jason and Michael, and the only reason she wants him is for the show to promote the supposed chemistry between the actors which I personally don't really see. To me it seems forced. It took me a while to warm up to Todd and I don't find Franco's rapid fire babbling charming or witty at all. My mother also watches GH and said she felt sorry for him when everything blew up at the art gallery and I said, "No! This is what the show wants! Don't drink the Kool-Aid!"

@ Lucy.

I personally don't outright hate it. But I don't like it like say, DAYS right now. I think Ron is an incompetent writer, his stories are lame, his explanations and reasoning's are outright crap and half assed. But I like Morgan/Ava and enjoy Julian and Robin/Patrick/Anna/Robert if we ever see them again.

Franco is a problem. Sorry. And no amount of RoHo love is going to get me to change my tune. His character doesn't work on any level and Ron's excessive whitewashing is insulting to me as a viewer. First he's crazy. Then he's a Q. Now he's got a tumor. Now it's gone. Now he can no longer paint. Now he's a Baldwin. Where does it end?

The man is completely too lazy to write a well thought out and balanced story, as well as a balanced show. No AJ visits in jail but Ron made damn sure Carly went to visit both Todd and Franco (and we got to see Todd stand on his head and Franco go all Buddha for a few seconds) and Connie went to see Johnny. Plot points, sure, but AJ is a Q for freaking sake and Michael is too busy snarking at Morgan over KaKu! It's insane. I like some parts, but not all. If the 10% I enjoyed was bumped to 90%, I'd be able to excuse alot. But 90% is what I don't enjoy as it's what Ron and Frank seem to think most people want.

I can't speak for most, but shows like today with Canco and Solivia and Miki and so little of Julexis? Do. Not. Want.

Thanks @Anna for explaining. I obviously don't share all your views. Maybe because I was on the verge of stopping watching GH after too much darkness and death.

Ron explained in an interview with TV Guide why we're not seeing AJ on our screens right now--and it made sense.

And I get that Franco did horrible things. But one Roger has nearly erased that horrible portrayal by James Franco for me--and the show's former paragons were Jason and Sonny.

I do agree, I wish I never had to see or hear from Olivia again.

@LucyD I agree with all your points. And I also read the TV Guide interview and his answer made perfect sense. Has nothing to do with him liking or hating characters, but, as usual in TV, with making the most of budgets and contracts. I also don't understand the crazy responses and need to vilify someone who is just doing his job. You don't like his stories or disapprove of his viewpoint, fine, say so. Calling him lazy? Not appropriate.

I'm with Lucy D and Liz R on this one -- Ron C is doing a great job telling a more balanced story (especially when you consider budgets, contracts, guarantees, and the zillion other things we never see, hear, or even realize that go on behind the scenes). Sure the show still has a few rough patches to iron out but by and large it's serving up suspense, humor, romance, and I-can't-believe-they-did-that moments every week -- all while utilizing its veteran players (something we hadn't seen since the Wendy Riche/Claire Labine days)!

I would suggest the folks who think this show is so awful tune in to Y&R and they'll realize what a gem GH is these days.

Sadly remembering last year when I was so excited about this show and so happy with what Cartini were doing.... too good to last...

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