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November 25, 2013

Reunited and It Feels So Good

FI-NAL-LY! Right?!

I've been waiting anxiously since the big casting news was announced and I'm not going to lie, I worried (this is probably the least shocking admission of all time, since we're all well aware that my default is a rather unappealing combination of stress and irritation). I worried that the show, knowing how much the audience was clamoring for it, would tease us for weeks, if not months ("You think I rush storylines? I'll show you rushing storylines. I'll rush this all the way to 2017 or cancellation, whichever comes first!"). And I worried that what happened onscreen simply couldn't live up to the rather perfect scenario I've been imagining in my head.

But I was wrong and it was wonderful--being wrong isn't wonderful, exactly, but these few minutes have me so twitterpated that I don't even care that my natural pessimism lost out here.

Yes, it happened: Juan Santiago returned and it was everything we all hoped it would be*


He's a singer! And he loves Sabrina! And he brought her her mother's wedding dress on his way to a performance! Goosebumps, right?!

Why is everyone looking at me like that? Did someone else have an epic reunion today...?

*I suppose it's a strech to say, even in jest, that we were even hoping for it, because who didn't immediately forget the news that Michael Saucedo was returning mere seconds after it was announced? Was there anyone out there missing Juan? There are like thirty tertiary 90s era characters that I'd be more interested in learning about than JUAN. His were the blandest seconds of airtime all day today. And when everything else is PERFECT, bland really stands out.


Hello from Typepad!

Oh, but Mallory, wasn't it cute how when Elizabeth asked if he was married he said, yes, to a wonderful girl named BECKY???

I didn't know this guy from Adam but in that moment I remembered the news that her husband was gonna be on the show and I thought that was an adorable moment written specially for the fans :)

Meanwhile, when are you gonna post the Robin reunion blog we've all been waiting for?! Soon, please!


Gah. Didn't like Juan back then (whiny, insecure over Emily's friendships with Lucky, Nik and Emily and he was the outsider who SO wanted to be Sonny's son!) and pfft, didn't care about his return, though it was cute how he said he was married to "Becky."

Oh, but yesterday and today were AWESOMESAUCE for this Scorpios Fan! The "Daddy", "My Hero", "Baby, I did wrong by you", dayum, I cried and then when Anna saw Robin at the end? OHEMGEE!!!

And then today! The tears of Robin and Anna, the Docks/Asian Quarter Flashback! The hugs! With Anna! With Anna AND Robert! With Duke! Group hug with Robert, Anna, Duke and Robin!!! Guh. I am a WRECK and not ashamed to admit I got chills and cried like a baby. AWESOME WRITER, are you Sri Rao in disguise, by any chance?

Because no way in HELL did Ron come up with this. Now I needs my Robin to reunite with Mac, Felicia, Maxie and Emma. Oh, and Patrick too, I suppose.

Oh good lord... It was ugly crying today!! I love my Scorpios... I just do beyond reason:) I will repeat this til the "stupid cows" come home but Finola Hughes is the heart & soul of this show! She elevates every scene she is in and every actor she shares a scene with... & by far the best cryer!! Ok... I hated waiting 2 years for this but my goodness it hit the spot... I will miss my Robert though when he jets off again.

Was there really a Robin/Anna Asian quarter flashback? Someone wrote something similar on another site. I was expecting it and surprised not to see it. But the beginning of our broadcast was interrupted by the local news to tell us IT. IS. RAINING! (I know it's a big storm but we are only getting rain in my area and nothing serious, so not really news when there is a Scorpio reunion going on!)

I LOVED the scene of Robin, Robert, Anna, and Duke all together. It made me teary-eyed and took me back to my favorite time of GH.

Janet B. yes, there was a flashback, in the first minute of the show. Since your broadcast was interrupted, you didn't see it. Check it out on hulu. Just watched it again online and yes, not ashamed to admit, I cried buckets again.

Thanks ScorpiosRule, I'll try to catch it just to see what I missed!

Robin, Anna, Robert and Duke! I totally lost it, especially the Anna and Robin scene with Robert choking up in the background. For a minute, I thought Anna might try to pick up a now fully grown Robin the way she did years ago. And then Duke. Wow! I know there are more tears to come--I can't wait until Mac sees her (and Maxie). I also trust Jason Thompson to have me bawling like a baby when his character Patrick finally realizes his wife's alive. I'm hoping that Liz and Robin share a special moment too.

I must be in the minority, but there is no drama with Patrick about to marry Sabrina versus if it was Liz, Carly, or Maxie.

Robin better stop that wedding!!!!! I will have nothing else.

LadyBug - I don't think you're remotely in the minority. Sabrina is a snooze fest and I think very few people are invested in her. It would obviously be more interesting if Patrick was involved with someone who had a history with Robin.
That said, I love the Patrick/Liz friendship. I might have shipped them at one point but I feel like there are far too few strong male/female friendships on television, so I'm now glad they never went there.

I would watch Finola Hughes and Anders Hove read the phone book to each other.

The end of today's show was absolute perfection! I have watched it twice already!

i am confused ... Juan Santiago is Lily Rivera's son and Sabrina's cousin .. now we learn Carlos is Lily's brother .. doesnt that make him Sabrina's uncle????????????

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