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December 30, 2013

I Have To Tell You Something

Watching soap operas for--oh, god, the rest of this sentence is both tragic and old-sounding--over half my life--really tragic and REALLY old-sounding--has made me sadly accustomed to the more ridiculous daytime television tropes, like comical reaction shots leading into a commercial and doppelgangers running amok and so on and so forth, so it's not like I'm SURPRISED by the amount of times characters boldly and seriously proclaimed "There's something I need to tell you" (or some variation of those words) to a bewildered character who never gets to hear what the first character has to tell them because they are interrupted by someone, or some thing or a commercial break.

I'm just ANNOYED by it--really, show? You think there's a chance any of us would believe Britt would spill the beans to Dante so soon? I know her defenses were probably down because of how adorable and sweet Dante was with Ben, but really, don't insult my intelligence like that! And Silas, too? Silas has a deep dark secret that he wants to confess to Sam, but probably won't because he'll keep getting interrupted by angry Quartermaines (according to Sam, the whole lot of them are filled with simmering rage, while the Corinthos family is more even-keeled because everything that's ever happened in Port Charles apparently hasn't really happened) or obsessive phone calls from Ava or who knows what and it will take a year and a day for him to confess his secret, which is probably profoundly uninteresting. And I'm just going to say, show, the bar for uninteresting is set pretty dully with Steve's secret Memphis death story, or whatever it was that he did that I can barely remember on account of not caring but which I vividly remember included flashbacks accompanied by a strumming guitar. So!

Also, I'm SCARED: how many times will Sabrina attempt to tell Patrick that she's pregnant before chickening out or getting interrupted or nobly deciding that it's better for her and Patrick if he never knows the truth? My money is on "once an episode for the next seven months"; there will be over-the-top and stilted references to babies in front of her which she will react to in a wildly exaggerated fashion in perhaps every scene she is in, but she'll only attempt to tell the truth once an episode. It's going to be a long nine months/however long Sabrina is pregnant before she goes into labor in a particularly dramatic way.


Don't forget about Robin finding out, and then not telling Patrick, so we get months of both of them not telling Patrick, until Sabrina gets into a car accident and goes into premature labor and Patrick finds out and screams at Robin for lying to him. Did I get that right? I think I did.

I JUST started watching the show again when Scrubs reunited, but nope, nope and nope. I'm not coming back for this. There is SO much stuff that should have been mined from Robin's absence. Robin dealing with the trauma of being kidnapped. Patrick dealing with the fear that something will happen to his wife again. Etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately, RC seems to be one of those writers who prioritizes characters he creates over good storytelling and respect for history.

Did I say NOPE.

Mallory, was that high pitched sound I heard this afternoon you screaming about Sabrina's pregnancy? :)

I'm afraid it's already starting with Sabrina's pregnancy. Unless it's a perfectly natural progression for Patrick to ask his just returned from the dead/newly reunited wife if she would consider having another child. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it ;)

I think it's awesome that the actress playing Sabrina is pregnant. Congrats to her, that's awesome! :-)

That said, seriously...the writers could have come up with a solution that didn't involve writing this into the show. How many babies does this freaking soap opera NEED? I am so completely over the baby plot. I was annoyed two occurred simultaneously with both Maxie AND Britt all of five seconds ago--but now another paternity plot (once again centered around Patrick? This plot just happened literally back in September). Blaaaargh!

I mean, really, I enjoy an honest to goodness soapy pregnancy as much as the next viewer--from time to time, judiciously spaced out, with a bit of soap tension thrown in, concerning a soap couple I actually feel emotionally invested in. And they hire the most beautiful babies so they're cute to look at, so it's all good on the baby plot from a theoretical standpoint. But..really? We're doing this AGAIN, GH writers? Must everyone have a baby on this tv show--they are not the new handbag! Sam has one, Elizabeth has one (-ish. He's a toddler now). Carly's Joselyn is still pre school age. From a narrative standpoint, I feel like there's only so many places you can take a character once you've introduced a baby in her realm. Now every time she goes on some Grand Adventure, the writers have to figure out what to do with the baby--or add an expository aside about how Grandma or Felix, or whoever is babysitting. For a week. Or a month. While the heroine gets to run off to Malta on an adventure--*if* she gets to run off to Malta on an adventure, as the character will be too busy changing diapers for these adventures!

Just...meh. I love real life babies, but soap opera baby plots are so boring, especially when they've JUST done about five of them in the last two years. They couldn't have put Sabrina in a lab coat for 9 months?

@Fleur EXACTLY. The only alternative is a miscarriage storyline, and I HATE when they make actresses who are pregnant in real life play that storyline.

Apparently this was written once Teresa told TPTB she was pregnant.

Much of my feeling about the "pregnant Sabrina and will she/won't she" storyline centers on whether or not KMc is staying on longer.

If she stays on longer than March, then I might stay invested.

If she leaves, I'm done. I will not watch another couple I love to pieces (for the other see L&L) be destroyed beyond repair.

I just typed out a whole long story about what I hope will happen to Sabrina after she gives birth, and then decided that it was actually too horrible to post for even a fictitious person.

I actually like her a whole lot more with Carlos - she's more animated, less dishrag, more personality so maybe if they explore that??

Also, I gotta say that I think that they are really missing something by not having a Carly reaction to Robin's being alive. It would be interesting. She would hate it, but then love it because her beloved Jason would love it, and then hate it again because of how jealous she always was that there was someone else who Jason would do anything for, besides her! Bring on a good ole Carly and Robin fight/reunion/notfight/ whatever!!

Congrats to TCa and her husband.

I am so sick and tired of baby story lines! We had Sam and Tea in 2012, Maxie and Britta in 2013, and now we're on to Sabrina and maybe Lulu. Enough!

However, on the soapy side of the nonsense, it would cause all kinds of drama for Sabrina to give Patrick a son and Patrick has a daughter with Robin. Sure, Scrubs fans will be ticked, but you know what, this is how soap operas have rolled for decades and it provides story for the actors instead of sitting around in the background. BUT, I have a nasty feeling that the baby will end up being Carlos' and Felix will wail like a bitch for the unfairness of it all!

Happy New Year!

Silas secret can't be anything horrible, because Sam has done some dirty crap since coming to Port Charles.

I was so hoping baby Ben was Britta's and Dante's, because Lulu deserves a lump of coal and no baby!

I can only HOPE Sabrinas baby is hers and Carrrrrrlos's. But I fear that will not happen. She may be the true, noble, perfect,and self sacrificing princess and tell everyone it's his, to let Patrick and Robin have their happiness, but then the truth will come out in the end. Sorry to say this, but this is exactly RC's MO. He created the Fords on OLTL, and shoved them both (brothers) down our throats until fans nearly rioted. Then he had to kill Robert Ford off by dropping a chandelier on him. That's it! Death by chandelier!! How can we resurrect my favorite character, Chandy the Chandelier?? Anyone?

I'm trying to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, but they're making it really hard. Patrick grieved (I mean really grieved) for his "dead" wife for two years. Maybe it's just me but I would think after discovering she's alive he'd want to spend as much time as possible getting reacquainted with her (in bed, out of bed) taking advantaged of every moment that their daughter's at school or sleepovers at Grandma Anna. In fact, I would have expected him to ask for a few weeks of leave to spend every waking moment with his wife.

I agree with the other commenters, there were much more creative ways to handle Patrick and Robin's reunion and deal with Teresa Castillo's pregnancy than this rushed "Patrick suddenly wants a son so of course Sabrina's pregnant" storyline.

My only hope is that Sabrina gets caught in the crossfire of the mob war because of Carrrrrrlos, and the doctors are able to save the fetus and implant it into Robin so she and Patrick can raise the baby together while Sabrina oh so tragically dies. Not that we need another baby/little kid on this show, though (and I love babies/little kids. They're adorable. They just keep crying during all their scenes and it's really distracting). We've already got Spencer, Cameron, Aiden, Danny, Josslyn, Emma, Ben, Connie/Georgie…. there are more kids than adults on the show at this point!

Mallory, have you've seen this video comparing how RC vs other GH writers have dealt with Robin's HIV? It highlights how shallow RC's writing is.


@Nancy Chandy was seen over the summer on the "reality" show Whodunnit where it was used to knock off one of the players.

This idea that the baby is some how Carlo's is sick. That would mean that Sabrina was rapped because she clearly did not give consent. I wish Sabrina was not pregnant, not just because we've had way too many baby drama's over the past couple of years, but also because it means this Sabrina/Patrick/Robin triangle is no where close to being over.

However, this is what we got. Regardless, they still need to spend more time on Robin. What about post traumatic stress? What about her HIV positive status? What about her telling Sonny she's alive?

Sabrina could have had a mental breakdown which would have required her going away to Shadybrook for therapy. Okay, so that's a bit over the top, but my point is that they could have come up with something else besides this baby.

BTW, Congratulation to Teresa!

Nancy, "Chandy" is our friend! I was so ready for OLTL's Ford (well all of the brothers) to die after that sickening crap where he slept with a mentally DID Jessica, rolled a nun, and other heinous crimes, and still ended up with a baby with Jessica. "Robert Ford" was one character that should have died and Brody turned out to be Ryder's biological father.

Carlos loves Sabrina, so I strongly doubt that he raped his ex. However, Carlos also stated that Sabrina was drunk, so it is possible the two had drunk sex and he decided not to tell Sabrina in fear that she would lash out at him.

LOL @ all the Chandy the Chandelier references! Has there been a more beloved inanimate object in daytime history? I'd even go so far as to say that he/she ranks higher than some animate objects! Sadly, lately there just doesn't seem to be a chandelier when you need one :)

If there was any other Writer/Showrunner in charge of this show, I could say with 100% certainty, that Robin would NOT keep the pregnancy from Patrick--that's not Robin, and let's not forget, she was the one that told AJ Michael was his, and told Nik that Spencer was his (even if the latter was a retcon; Spencer should TOTALLY be Jax's child).

But, this is Ron-the-hack-who-says-Robin-wasn't-tortured-but-had-3 square meals-a cot-and a comfy-room-Carlivati, so he probably would have Robin stay mum.

I have watched soaps since 1970 ( dear lord I hate admitted that) but I am done. I can see the handwriting on the wall with Sabrina (which congrats to the actress in real life being pregnant) and Robin and Patrick-- what a mess that I don't any parts of . I realize soaps need conflict to exist but I wanted Patrick and Robin to have conflict that they created. I wanted Sabrina far away from them.

"Chandy" is the bomb!

RC has never met a potential triangle or quad that he would ever leave alone, so, IMO, Sabrina will always be a factor in Scrubs life.

Happy New Year!

I'm sure the storyline will go something like this:

Sabrina will vow never to tell Patrick the truth and when it becomes common knowledge that she's pregnant, she'll ask Carrrlos to pretend he's the dad. He'll jump at the chance and we'll have lots of scenes of Patrick being suspicious and getting into Sabrina/Carrlos' business while Robin looks on.

It's sort of hilarious when you think of Patrick's story into fatherhood. Robin let him think he wasn't the dad for a long time, Britt let him think he WAS the father for a long time, and now it'll go back to someone telling him he's not the father. #headmeetdesk


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