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December 23, 2013

It Might As Well Be Wrapped In A Big Red Bow

Sometimes ("sometimes"? Who am I kidding? As you can clearly tell by the number of entries in the Serial Drama archives tagged General Hospital, it's more like often/always), all I can do is wrinkle my nose and say "...that wasn't for me" after an episode of GH--okay, that is an extremely sanitized version of my reaction to this show. This is possibly the most lie-filled paragraph of all time. So I will just cut to the chase and say that today's episode of General Hospital contained so many delightful moments that it was almost like Ron Carlivati was writing specifically for me. Which I doubt he was, because the world doesn't actually, revolve around me, but I will give myself the Christmas gift of delusion and just roll with it.

I loved...the irritation written all over Silas's face when a nurse cockblocked him with the annoyance of "work".

Sam: I can't wait to get home, put on some Christmas carols, curl up on the couch next to the fire...get in some comfy clothes.
Silas, all sexy-like: You need anyone to come over and stoke your fire?

NURSE: Dr. Clay?
SILAS: Off the clock.
NURSE: I have a patient--
NURSE: But it's a kid--

I loved...Santa Scorpio wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and giving Emma a didgeridoo. I also loved Robin's strained "How cool" reaction to the very noisy present and Robert's oblivious "You cannot place a price on a child's musical education". I love basically everything that ever includes Robert and think it is a tragedy that Tristan Rogers is not on contract. Or my uncle. I think I'd like to have him as my uncle.

I loved...the most awkward pre-breakup conversation of all time, which I am barely paraphrasing.

SABRINA: No, Felix and Taylor are visiting their parents.
PATRICK: Oh, I didn't know you were alone.
SABRINA: Alone? No, it's fine. I mean, it's like good. Alone! I'm totally cool with it. Really. Cool. It's fine. Did you get my messages? I mean message? I mean I called about presents. For you. I mean, for Emma. I have presents for Emma.
PATRICK: Wow, you spoil her.
SABRINA: Well, I mean she's my stepdaughter. Right? Haha, is it hot in here? Why am I so nervous? I shouldn't be nervous. It's not like you came to break up with me.
PATRICK: We need to talk.

I loved...Sabrina halfheartedly throwing Patrick's watch three feet away from her. And then whining at the person (an injured Carlos, it turns out) to go away. It was like watching a toddler at the tail end of a temper tantrum when she's just too exhausted to really give it her all and fizzles out with a whimper.

I loved...this. Obviously.

Photo 1

Photo 2

I loved...Anna going off on Sonny. Reminding him of all the bad things (violence, blood, body parts, murder) that happen because of the mob's presence in Port Charles, her outright derision and anger when he tried to pretend that HE shot Max while he was cleaning his gun as if she was a total moron (to be fair, he's used to total morons or family members--sometimes total moron family members--investigating his crimes so someone with common sense totally threw him for a loop. "Oh my god, she realized that I didn't accidentally shoot thousands of bullets while I was cleaning my gun? Right off the top of her head? Is she a witch?!"). I love Anna, basically.

But if I'm being honest, I think what I loved most was the face Sonny made when Morgan was pointing a gun at him.

Photo 3

"I KNOW YOU! You're that guy from the place!"


Thanks for the recap, I have not had a chance to watch the show today. I keep hoping that someone puts a bullet in Sonny so that he ends up dead. Not faked dead. But, really, really dead and his body hung in the town square with a sign that says,"Dumb Ass".

Team Morgan! I don't care what comes out of Morgan's mouth, he is so the spawn of Sonny Corinthos and Cujo Jacks!

What got me was when Morgan was in shock and said that he LOVED Max, that Max took care of him when he was little. At least Sonny has to deal with the fact that his son is totally part of his little mob world and is with the enemy no less. I was thrilled that a very small chicken came home to roost for Sonny. Of course, this will lead to absolutely no growth or self-awareness for Sonny, but a girl can dream.

lmao. Why couldn't Morgan have shot Sonny, just a little? There was a time when Sonny had a major gunshot wound like every 6 months and for the past like decade he only gets dinged. I need a couple of days of Sonny unconscious!

All I can say about yesterday's episode is Scrubs for the win!!! That last scene wasn't even two minutes long and was amazing and epic and perfect! I can't wait for Thursday's episode!

Oi, I am so over Scrubs. But is like the fans and to a lesser extent the Character of Robin want Sabrina to just be all...YAY YOU ARE DUMPING ME, LET ME SING ROBINS PRAISES. She (despite being a bad actress and the character is immature) didnt do anything wrong. Falling for a "widower" is not a crime.

The stupid GH writers should make Sabrina angry and completely over Patrick (or at least fake it) and then when she finds out she is pregnant (because PLEASE we know this is happening) she should tell Robin and Patrick to shove it.

@ Tessa -- I agree. More chemistry and connection in two minutes than in that endless break up scene (could they have dragged it on any longer? Geez, Carlivati.)

I used to really dislike Carrrrlos, but I've started to develop a little crush on him. So predictable that he showed up on Sabrina's doorstep (obviously he was shot for just that purpose), but I really hope he gets paired with someone other than Sabrina -- perhaps a grown up?

So, Scrubs has been reunited. Now what? Is KMc staying long term on the show?

There are rumors that TCa is pregnant, so let's see how long before we get another freaking baby story!

I love you scrubs love, always have. Let's see how badly they'll screw this arc up. Just leave Sabrina out of it; scrubs can actually stand their own and need no propping whatsoever. Scrubs always have it going on. Chemistry galore. Wish Sabrina wasn't pregnant...bums me out.

I couldn't agree more @Tessa & @Liz R. Sabrina and Patrick's breakup scenes were endless. Why drag it out? We all knew where we were headed.

As effective as JT was in his breakup scenes, they had no effect on me. Didn't shed a tear (and I cry at commercials.) But that ending with Robin & Patrick. Oh my! So loaded with chemistry and connection.

Hey ABC don't screw this up.

And as a Sonny hater, I have to say Julian shouting at Morgan to shoot his father, made me Sonny sympathetic. (I hope Max lives, I've always liked him.)

Agree with all of you! That two minute scene was proof of how amazing Scrubs is. Hope we have more then another 2 mins next show.

Not really sure why they had to drag out the break up scenes for the whole show or have Patrick say he wanted to start a life and family with her, when he clearly did not! and him not wanting to leave her? Please! She knew this was coming. If it were me I would take it out on Felix and his stupid insistence that she hold on to hope.

I really hope there is not another baby storyline, enough already!!

It was funny when Sonny's eyes bugged out and on top of that Anna coming down on him and not even telling him Robin's alive! LOL!

Also I cannot believe that Scrubs is 'reuniting' on that bed!! I wanted a ceremonial burning of that bed and DVD (and the Patrina rings too)!!! Patrick better hurry up and build that new house they wanted and get replacement tickets!

I hope KMc is signed to at least P/T so they can be on sometimes and she can have her directing career too.

I loved most of Monday's episode. Sonny's "DUH" face was hilarious and I'm pretty sure I want a framed pic of it to hang in my house.

Freaking FINALLY Patrick and Sabrina are over. Longest 2 year waste ever. I liked how Patrick was to the point and didn't try to make it seem like he was going to pine for her or anything, but lawd when he was all "I don't want to leave"...um yes you dooooooo. We all want you to! But he more than made up for it when he reunited with Robin. Squeeeee

I loved Robert showing up as Santa. Tristan Rogers is so fun to watch. I especially liked Robert offering to treat Duke to a drink while Anna was off working. And by the way Anna is truly kick-ass. Her calling out Sonny was pure awesomeness. She's my hero.

(TJ calling out Shawn was also a beautiful thing. "Dude you kill people. I don't want to talk to you." (paraphrasing))

Ooh is Sabrina preggers? Maybe we can all have a decent storyline with robin and Patrick in strain over this new addition, and then something happens to Sabrina and robin becomes mommy to another baby, no health crisis, and a loving mommy / baby relationship a la Monica and Jason.

All and all, I think GH has done a great job with Robin's return. I wasn't bothered by Patrick not wanting to hurting Sabrina. It would have been pretty heartless of him to drop Sabrina like a hot potato. However, there was only one way for this to end. Scrubs are legend and boy did it feel good to have Scrubs back together (really together) on my screen again. They had me bawling like a baby.

As for Sabrina, I like her and I feel bad that she had to get hurt. I also like Carlos. Sabrina has a lot more personality when she's with Carlos. She also seems more secure in herself. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the show explore that pairing.

Morgan is all the worst parts of Sonny, Carly rolled up into one. What a rotten egg.

Sabrina and Carlos are very interesting. They have an "early Patch and Kayla" vibe (for those of you that are old school DOOL viewers) that I like. Sabrina is 90% less annoying with Carlos. That character is so syrupy sweet that she needs some grit to go up against, and Patrick the greiving widower with the adorable daughter did not provide that. I hope GH doesn't go the tired Sabrina pregnancy route. There is enough organic conflict with Robin being gone for two years, and GH has enough baby drama.

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