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December 02, 2013

Seven Seconds In Heaven

I don't want to be melodramatic or come across as an actual crazy person by saying this, but it's more than a little bit true (both the following statement and that I am melodramatic and an actual crazy person): my stomach was in knots anticipating Robin's revelation that she's alive.

Would the show do it justice? This was a very real concern, as the show's execution of big ideas is often lacking/bad. And Robin's reunion with her parents was so wonderfully done, what if all of their creativity went to that and Robin's dramatic reveal to Patrick and Mac and the rest of town happened entirely offscreen and was recapped in a scroll at the bottom of the screen. "ROBIN IS ALIVE, PATRICK WAS LIKE WHAT? ANYWAY, BACK TO SONNY..."

What if the show did it justice, or at least tried to, and I hated it? This was possibly an even realer concern, as I hate most things, and I couldn't bear the thought of it.

Happily--that doesn't even do it justice. Delightfully? Thrillingly? Wonderfully? Amazingly?--it was perfect. Perfect. PERFECT. The last minute of today's show just impeccable. And happy making. And wonderful.

(I'm sure that other things happened in the show's first 59 minutes, but honestly, were like a blip to me. There was something with Bobbie and Jerry and while under any other circumstance that would bring me joy, today it barely even registered. And every non-Robin part of the wedding was pretty bad, from what I remember. Especially Sabrina's atrosh vows and her mother's hideous wedding dress.


I know soaps are on tight budgets but this shit looked flammable)

You had Sabrina and Patrick exchanging vows and Patrick hesitating for literally eighteen full minutes before saying "I do". It was uncomfortable and delicious at the same time. Lucy had to give him a nudge and with eyes as round as...as something round (I'M TOO EXCITED TO CRAFT COMPLEX SIMILES OKAY) he finally said he did and Sabrina and Robin both broke down for different reasons, the former relieved that she wouldn't have to kill herself out of humiliation and the latter because her husband was moving on.

As Robin started to leave the church, Emma noticed her and gave a quizzical "Mommy?"


Robin turned around and Liz, Epiphany and the rest all turned with pretty amazing expressions of befuddlement on their faces.



They should probably be more accustomed to people who are supposed to be dead being remarkably alive, but that's just a nitpick.

In slow motion, Emma made a beeline for her mother screaming "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" and I of course started to cry like a complete lunatic and in case THAT wasn't enough to make me sob, then MAC STOOD UP TO SEE AND I DIED A LITTLE BIT FROM EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD, OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU, MAC!


Then Robin--and I needn't even say I was crying all through this because of course I was--picks her up and says "My baby" and hugs her and twirls her and Emma looks so, so happy.



Lucy is SHOCKED.


Felix is like "Is this allowed? Does she even go here?"




Sabrina feels...something. I know she is feeling an emotion. Probably several! But I can't identify them. Is she shocked to the point of stoicism? Is this an acting choice?

SabrinaSo we'll just say that she feels...things TBD.

Then Robin says "Mommy's here" and she turns and locks eyes with Patrick and!!!




I don't think any of us will be satisfied until we watch it again. Maybe three or for more times. Don't look at me like that--I am willing to bet CASH MONEY (or at least MY PRIDE ON THE INTERNETS) that you've done the same. I bet you're watching it again right now! I hope you have tissues handy.


I already watched it FOUR TIMES.

And may watch it 4 more times before the hour's up.


Slo mo reunions are a Scorpio Family Trait!

Aside from sparkily Nik/Britt scenes (and even those were weighed down a bit by the anvils about baby Ben), the preceeding 59 minutes were garbage.

But Emma and Robin (and MAC!) were perfection.

I was really impressed by little actress-that-plays-Emma's performance. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought her long lost mother was actually being held offstage somewhere. And the tears! And the Patrick hesitation! And the Mac!

So beautiful! I guess I'm crazy too because I've been crying my eyes out and rewatching the Robin and Emma scene over and over again. If I can't get anything else satisfying from this storyline I'll have this!

I may have watched it ten times...and cried each time. Brooklyn Silzer (who I sometimes feel is a bit too precocious and syrupy) just nailed that scene at the end. KMc has been breaking my heart all through this story and I knew she would today. And Patrick's face...Mac's face...and I have to give Lynn Herring credit too; upon my multiple rewatches, her face in the background is so expressive (and makes me so happy that she has a face to express unlike some *coughJackieZemancough*). Ok, I'm gonna go watch another ten times!!

I loved the end of the episode!!!!! I have know watched that scene about nine or ten times already and everytime I love it more! I can't wait for the continuation tomorrow!Bring on the Scrubs reunion! Now we just need the Maxie/Robin reunion and my feels will be content.

Wow!! Just Wow is all I could say. I couldn't wait to see today's episode and even started to get a bit annoyed with watching Robin waiting in the wings ("interrupt them already.") but that last minute of the show was worth the waiting. Wow. I've watched it 7 times so far and tear up each time. From Emma running to down the aisle yelling "Mommy," (she's just too cute!) to Robin scooping her up in her arms, from the look on Mac's face to (OMG) Patrick's face. So much emotion in his face. I cried, just cried. It was beautiful, just awesome, and I'm going to watch it again. I need to get out the tissue for tomorrow's episode.

I couldnt stand watching that wedding! If Robin didnt stop it I wanted to!! It was awful but end was awesome!!!

Robin and Emma nailed that scene. Now onto Patrick....that is where I am going to totally lose it tomorrow....its been almost two years and they are going to light up the screen!! Give them Emmy's now...all of them!!

I totally agree about Sabrina....it was if she knew Robin was coming and thought she could marry him before.

Patrick better pick Robin...Scrubs Forever!!

Emma and Robin reunion was perfect. I may have watched that scene about 5+ times. I hope tomorrow doesn't let us down. Come on Scrubs reunion!

I watched it multiple times!

And the only thing that would make today's blog perfect, Mallory if you had been able to give us screen caps HERE of Robin's reunion with RobertF*ng!Scorpio, her mother, Anna, and with Duke, and then the group hug they all had last week!

Yes, yes, I'm selfish and greedy and want it all; and there are NO WORDS to describe my rage at the previews for "this week", where, well that twat, Sabrina, IN CHURCH, so you know it's only been like five minutes, tells Patrick he can't have them both (As if there should be a choice!) and tells him he has to choose before letting him even process that Robin is f'ng ALIVE!

And I won't lie--though not as good or layered as the original with Anna and wee Robin during the Asian Quarter (because, Robin had been kidnapped), today was great symmetry and I got chills and I cried.

Tomorrow better have Mac, pushing the people out of his way, while he goes and grabs his daughter, yes, his daughter, in a bear hug, and to have more tears. And then with Felicia...and...and...I am verklempt, as they say...

The whole show was a waste until the end with Emma and Robin. Kiimberly and Brooklyn made it real so real and you could feel the love. Too bad Patrick is still being dumb for he should have said I cant do this after he hesitated with his I dos .

Emma and Robin were pure perfection. So beautiful and Mac. Oh man I can't wait for tomorrow.

Sabrina looked like she went to joey tribbani's smell the fart acting class.

Patrick's hesistant at saying I do and going to look for robin before the wedding, if he is torn at all Robin&Emma should bounce. After what Jerry&Faison put the family through and Robin putting up with Lisa, if he's at all torn, he deserves to be stuck in teenage hospital ville.

Enjoyed Robin w/ her daughter can't wait to see more of them together

Of course, the reunion of Robin and Emma was epic. It was perfection!
I must say though that I don't dislike Sabrina. I find her to be exactly as she described herself in the vows. She is what she is. A girl who fell for her Prince Charming. I do believe that Patrick loves her on some level. Robin is his heart though..and there's no choice that he'll have to make. It's Robin..of course..as it should be.
That doesn't mean that I wish Sabrina harm. She didn't do anything for me to dislike her. IMO..she and Carlos are a much better match, and I hope to see that relationship re-develop. I think the actress comes alive with the character of Carlos.
I wish Patrick, Emma and Robin every happiness...but, I don't wish Sabrina anything bad. She's a sweet girl.

Why are you so funny?

I think I've watched it 15 times now and yeas, I've cried every.single.time.

I actually liked Sabrina pre-makeover/Nursesball. Something about her personality changed after that I haven't found her to be as endearing as I did before. It doesn't help that Teresa Castillo doesn't know how to play this version of Sabrina and she's a chemistry vortex except with Emma.

Loved the last 30 seconds of it and yes have seen it at least 5 times in the last hour. That comment you made about Sabrina showing some kind if emotion.... I would call it constipation....

I find the Sabrina hate ridiculous.

OMG!!! Seriously I didn't even watch the whole crap fest of that show I only saw the last minute or so on youtube and all I can say was that little Brooklyn and Kimberly brought there A+++++++++++ game on today! I know the show is gonna mess up Robin and Patrick and try to do a crappy "triangle" between Scrubs aka SOULMATES and the twit but whatever they can try to keep pushing this crap about Patrick being "conflicted' all they want but we all know that Robin is the great love of his life and Jason did a fantastic job of showing shock, love, and confusion. I just hope they give Patrick back is brain now but I know it's GH so I'm just gonna enjoy my Emma/Robin reunion

I've watched the perfection over 20 times! In the last 6 hours. I can't help it. Plus, I deserve those seconds filled with magic after suffering/crying while watching poor Robin being tortured as she suffered/cried behind that door. I was in stunned awe from Emma recognizing her Mom from behind, Robin spinning around at her baby girl's cry, from Emma prophetically breaking their joined hands apart (evil laugh cause that fake sh*t is ovah), Emma's sprint to Robin, Robin catching her up and the hugs/tears, Uncle Mac and the Robin/Patrick gaze at the end. That was some gooood epic stuff. I'm off to watch it one or five more times.

Do you think that Emma will forget all about Sabrina?

Yes! I've watched it 5 times already! Robin hugging her daughter is perfection! My roommate was like "um are you crying watching General Hospital?" Yes, dammit!

I've watched it 4 times and plan to watch some more. I cry each and every time. Only on the 4th time did I here what Robin said to Emma, I guess I was sobbing too loud. I know many are bitching about what came before--but that's what made it so dramatic.

Has something eaten Nik's brain? How could he doubt Britt saying Brad's not the father of Ben?

I still can't stop watching without BAWling brooklyn and kimberly tugged at my heart. I think it took over the anna and little robin reunion ! LOVED the comment about TeCa acting choice n being stoic. LOL LOL
The guy who plays Carlos says that coming up scenes of JT's will be mind blowing.
but I think Ms Emma (brooklyn) just over shadowed anything he's about to do.

Sabrina a big girl and they've only dated since April there aint NO GREAT love story going on with Purina.
Pluss Emma Samms go MORE hate as Luke's new lover wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back and Holly got a better and popular pairing with Robert Scorpio
So TeCa I'm sure will have to make sure her next pairing is a Aussie. LOL

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