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January 29, 2014

Nashville: It's All Wrong, but It's All Right

Welcome to Nashville coverage! I make no guarantees of permanence, but I'm giving it a whirl and let's see how much interest there is. This seems a particularly good prime time serial drama for this blog because some of the cast members were originally on daytime. Jonathan Jackson on GH and Hayden Panettiere on OLTL (playing the daughter of one of my all-time favorite couples, of course). Recognize anyone else with a daytime past?

Here we go!*

Rayna and Luke make kissyface a bit and Liam, clearly the better choice of men, walks in. Things are a little awkward. Because she should be hooking up with Liam and not Luke. Obviously. Scarlett twirls in with her squeaky kewpie doll voice and meets Liam, too. Liam. Please do not hook up with Scarlett. I do not want to think less of you. (Y'all will quickly learn my loathing for Scarlett. And that I cannot be talked out of it.)

Gunnar and Will are chatting as Layla comes out of Will's bedroom wearing his flannel. Gunnar gives Will a look of consternation because Brent is the one who should've walked out of the bedroom in Will's flannel.

Liam tries to get Scarlett to open up about her heartbreak to tap into those feelings for her songs. But it's private! How dare he! Basically she acts like a drugged third grader.

Something is going on with some race cars. Rayna's face has been plastered all over a race car thanks to Luke.

Rayna likes the car

Rayna car

Now that's just creepy, but I guess it'll help with distribution?

Juliette is practicing her bullshit mea culpa at the Opry. Jeff Fordham makes some super-subtle comment about having finally "broken the filly." Charming.

Teddy is... ugh. Teddy is talking and still has a storyline on this show. He thinks Lamar is the one who shot Peggy. Something something something Lamar is going to jail and Tandy is the star witness. I try to care and it's too much of an effort.

Tandy and Rayna catch up on the phone. Tandy claims to be in Napa Valley but it's clear she's hiding out because she's afraid to testify.

Gunnar is trying to help Layla write a song but she is dumb and leaves. A lot of sentences about her can end that way.

Some reporters ask Rayna about her father's trial as she and Luke walk the red carpet together to go see Juliette's ceremony at the Opry. Deacon invites Juliette to record a duet with him on his new album, but she's worried she'll damage his reputation by her involvement. Maddie and Juliette bond backstage, and Maddie doesn't think Juliette should let the bullies win. Avery tells Juliette she doesn't have to do this. She thinks she does.

Scarlett is trying to record a song in the studio. For some reason when Scarlett sings on this show, it's way more glaring that she's lip-synching than it is for anyone else. I don't know why. I realize that they're all doing it and why, but it takes me right out of it when she sings. Liam comes in all pissed off because he doesn't think the song really comes from her and she looks all offended like an injured baby bird.

Injured pixie

I'd like to spit a worm into her mouth if that would help. What? Anyway Liam scoops up her... journal? And locks himself in a room with it while she freaks right out because CRUEL WORLD. He doesn't want her to keep the most intriguing parts of herself quiet and starts to draw her out.

Somebody famous in country music is giving Juliette a pep talk. Brad Paisley? He insists that he, too, has been hated by the country music fans and he always bounced back so she'll be fine. (Yeah, ask the Dixie Chicks how their country music career is going.) Anyway, Juliette gets inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and she starts her thank yous. Jeff Fordham expects her to launch into her apology, but instead she throws shade and dedicates her next song to everyone who's trying to put her career in the ground.

Juliette does not apologize

Her manager is delighted. I forget his name. Glenn? Jeff is seething.

Slightly different reactions

Juliette's hair frequently looks to me like it's a wig. Is it just me? Oh! The audience gives her a pretty lukewarm response. Rayna pops by her dressing room and congratulates her for being not smart but brave. I love every time those two have a scene together. More please! (That said, I love it more that they never overdo it.) Jeff stops in to read Juliette the riot act and tells her she's just plain stupid and that the label is dropping her. Juliette stands up and lays it down, y'all.

Juliette: For the record? "Just plain stupid" is losing two of your top-grossing artists in less than six months on the job. Not to mention pinning all your hopes and dreams on a karaoke singer who came in second place at a talent show. I may have just burnt the house down but I made damn sure you were in it when I lit the match. I'll see you in the unemployment line. 

Applause! If only we were all so articulate in those big crossroads moments of our lives. We just need a scriptwriting team.

Deacon calls Scarlett, who's been up all night long songwriting with Liam. Scarlett's talking about her relationship with her mother, who apparently was in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Anyway they bond and I'm bored. Also Scarlett is sneaking Liam's prescription pills so she can stay awake.

Pill popping scarlett

Oh yay. A pill addiction storyline for Scarlett. Anyone have any Ativan to get me through that??

Race track! Rayna is trying to court a distributor. I'm confused about the details but basically some important guy gives her someone she can talk to about a distribution deal for next year, which is very disappointing for her.

Gunnar confronts Will about how lame his girlfriend is, partly because she is lame and partly because Will likes boy people.

Teddy is... still talking and on this show. Something something Lamar and justice and he's talking to Deacon's super-bland attorney girlfriend, which makes it even less interesting.

Rayna performs a single from her new album at Luke's show and announces its release date as May 1st. Jeff promptly calls Brent (Brent! Come get your man from boring Layla!) and tells him to make sure no shelf anywhere is filled with anything not Edgehill on May 1st. Because apparently physical record stores are what it all hinges upon still? Okay.

The cops find Tandy and make her go in to testify. She is displeased. 

Layla sobs to Will about not being able to write songs. Apparently she's done everything she's ever done just to please her parents. For instance she went to Harvard. Layla went to Harvard? I... don't know what to say to that. Will can relate to wanting to please one's parents, and Layla naively congratulations him for having been able to break free and find his own way. (Hint to Layla: his own way involves 100% less vadge.)

Jeff Fordham dresses down Luke for having included Rayna in his performance. Luke pretty much threatens to leave the label.

Somebody I'm guessing is a real race car driver (because lord he is not an actor) is chatting with Rayna. This show has one million cameos. The Boone Superstores guy comes and tells Rayna he's making space on the shelves for her album -- by dropping everything Juliette Barnes has ever recorded. Meanwhile Juliette is giving Glenn some time off and talks about feeling a little liberated by the idea of starting over. 

Avery and Deacon bond a little bit about songwriting vs fame.

Turns out Tandy can't actually testify because all the information she learned was obtained illegally. 

Jeff calls out Rayna for exploiting Juliette's failure to promote her own album.

Jeff and rayna

"Now you're thinking like a real label head." Burn! (Or...compliment?) Rayna still goes on to make the deal.

Montage! Underscored by a Scarlett song. When she's just singing and I don't have to look at her it's not so bad. Anyway, everyone's pretty much wandering around looking lost or sad or selling their souls to something or other and Will is in bed thinking about how he'd rather cuddle with Brent.

Layla asks Gunnar for songwriting help. He recommends keeping a journal like Scarlett does. Deacon expresses worry about how hard Liam is working Scarlett. (Liam, please don't actually "work" Scarlett, thanks.) But she's excited that her voice is really going to be heard.

Turns out Rayna turned down the distribution deal after all. She feels like it doesn't properly represent the values of her label if it benefits from censoring Juliette. Meanwhile, Luke is attempting to win over Rayna's daughters by bringing over the race car.

All charges against Lamar have been dropped. Riveting! Scarlett pops more pills! Gripping!

Juliette stops by Avery's place. She cooked him dinner. She makes a move on him, telling him she has to have him. He's totally into it. Kissing ensues. 

The end! Next week: mostly Teddy and Lamar, it seems. Oh goodie. Naptime!

*FYI, my primetime suds posts are not always going to be straight recaps, don't worry! I just figured that's the easiest way to get things started and lay a bit of a foundation.


Scarlett is actually the worst.

Louise, I don't care if you or Mallory recap Sesame Street. It's is always 10x the entertainment value of watching the real show. Unfortunately, my taste in shows are opposite of what you like(aka genre shows), so I'm not sure I'll ever get a Supernatural or Sleepy Hollow recap via Serial Drama snark:)

I was hoping your recaps would include Scarlett-loathing. Because she is the worst.

And yes, the race-car kid, Austin Dillon, is a real driver. He won the Nationwide Series championship last year & is moving up to Cup this year. He's also basically NASCAR royalty - his grandpa is Richard Childress, a big-deal team owner. (And okay wow. I haven't watched a race in years but apparently I pay more attention than I thought!)

Louise, there's something semi-Kish-y about Will and Brent, isn't there? Hell, there's even a Layla involved that doesn't know her boyfriend likes boys! I hope Brent is in next week's episode.

The worst thing about Scarlett is the whining. "Oh wah, I'm a country music star, life is so hard, now I have to take drugs, sometimes I have to see my ex, wah wah wah!"

Juliette and Avery are hot.

Sweet, sweet Scarlett hate. And Teddy hate for good measure! Thank you, Louise.

I have no defense against Jonathan Jackson, even with his frequently awful hair. I love him

Layla went to Harvard was indeed the biggest WTF moment in this show's history. So far.

As usual, pretty much in lockstep with you and looking forward to more recaps and/or commentary.

Bonnie, thanks for the info on that driver! I was born in raised in what is apparently a major NASCAR town, but I'm completely ignorant of it.

C, I didn't even think of the "Layla" parallel! Cute! I really hope Will gets on with this sooner rather than later. He and Brent are darling.

Love the recap! I love Javery. That is all.

Louise, the "Layla" thing occured to me not too long ago and it made me smile. And at least Kish's Layla was awesome and you rooted for her to get with Cris. This Layla can just go away, please.

I love Brent. I really think Derek Krantz is doing such a nice job with the smaller role.

I love Nashville well I love the parts where Sarah Roberts and Lucky Spencer are hooking up.

I too loathe Scarlett--and thought I was the only one. She reminds me of Sabrina on GH. All passive-aggressive whiny behavior. Painted as the good one--the saint--to outsiders. And she makes NO sense.

Teddy makes me yawn, but it looks like he and the boring lawyer have a moment next week, so Deacon will be free.

Thank you Louise for doing this. So happy to be able to read your stuff again.

Awesome recap, Louise. I really an shocked that Jonathan Jackson has cried so little on this show.

Thanks for the "Nashville" recap! This show is definitely a guilty pleasure. Somehow I feel less guilty about watching it when I make fun of it with others.

I'm so glad there are others who think Scarlett is The Worst (Lucy D, she really is a Sabrina!). I really think the writers are trolling us at this point - making her as miserable as possible and seeing how people are going to react. I almost feel bad for the actress playing her. She even makes a budding addiction storyline boring.

Juliette rocks. I was never a Hayden Panatierre fan before this show, but she is so good.

Since we're GH fans here, we all know about Sonny's period of being the Golden Penis, when every woman in a certain radius couldn't resist him, right? Well, Rayna's lady parts are the female equivalent of that. From the second she left Teddy she couldn't chase off the fellas with a stick - Hot Producer Liam, Guitar Guru Deacon, Superstar Luke - what is her secret? That girl really does bring all the boys to the yard. Maybe it's the hair?

Teddy and his storyline can go away. Zzzzzz . . .

So glad you're recapping/discussing Nashville! Your commentary is spot-on. My favorite is Juliette, and she has to wind up with Avery. I didn't care for Jonathan Jackson during his last stint as Lucky, but love him on this!

Layla has got to go. She is my least favorite, followed by Luke Wheeler. The cameos also need to stop! Kelly Clarkson's was sooo bad (and I love her as a singer). Could care less about Gunnar's current girlfriend or Deacon's lawyer girlfriend.

Faye - you're so right about Rayna being similar to Sonny. It's been comical to me that every male flocks to her, but hadn't put it in that context.

I used to really like Scarlett. I think she needs to go back to singing at the Blue Bird with Gunnar. Who thinks that Layla is going to steal Scarlett's songs/journal?

I've been meaning to start Nashville this season, so yay for recapping it, Louise! However, I might have to stay away from your recaps for a while until I catch up to not get spoiled :/

PS Still so looking forward to your views on Thorsten Kaye as Ridge on B&B. Btw, Thorsten Kaye and Heather Tom are seriously making the show good with their slow sizzle.

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