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February 06, 2014

Nashville: Too Far Gone

They did indeed go too far. With Rayna's TERRIBLE video for her new single. What was that? Also, I hate to ever speak even mildly ill of Connie Britton*, but she just looked so awkward in that -- that didn't look like a country music star who's done hundreds of music videos in her career. (That said, Tami Taylor 4evah!!!!)

You guys, I am sad about Will. Gunnar tried to give him a bit of a heartache song which has a lyric about being broken, which Will is NOT (he insists). And it's not his brand. Later he played and sang it alone (and insisted Gunnar's the only one who'll ever hear it), but not until after he got Brent fired. I'm starting to lose sympathy. First, even though Layla sucks, being in a relationship with her under false pretenses like this is just cruel. Second, it's one thing to have internalized homophobia. It's quite another to mess with someone's life and career, not to mention the fact that anti-gay bigotry (or sorry, "making the artists uncomfortable," ha!) was literally given as the reason for Brent losing his job. I really wish he could sue, but I'm pretty sure it's completely legal in Tennessee.

On the other hand, I'm glad they're not rushing this storyline because it makes me think that they're actually committed to it. It'd be much worse if it were like a three-episode arc and just got solved and everyone was happy right away.

Oh, Avery.


In Juliette, he sure has gotten himself involved with one high-ass-maintenance woman. She replaced his furniture! After one day as a couple! Oof. (But I love them together. A lot a lot.)

Things I don't love: Deacon's relationship with boring attorney lady. Last night he "caught" her in a too-friendly moment with boring Teddy.

Teddy and boring lady

Deacon doesn't like it

Nothing a little laxative won't help, Deacon. (Sadly, they made up one scene later. She's a rescuer but it's not why she loves him. Zzzzz.)

Scarlett's pill addiction story continued to progress, but thankfully she didn't have a ton of material in the episode so the annoyance meter registered fairly low. Also, she was totally non-whiny and was really nice to everyone she saw, so really, maybe pill-popper is a good look on her.

I suppose the major story was about Lamar. He turned up and Tandy turned away and Teddy and Tandy told Rayna their suspicions. Rayna confronted her father about possibly having something to do with her mother's death and for maybe putting a hit out on her ex-husband, and while she was upset it still seemed... not quite enough? Certainly incongruous with the circumstances.

Unhappy rayna

Powers Boothe really can never play a character who isn't sinister, can he? I used to think it was just because of the major roles I associated him with (e.g. Jim Jones and Cy Tolliver) but I think it's just the face.

Evil papa

That is not the face of a sweet, sensitive dearheart. Anyway, he admitted he was there when Mama died and never told anyone. And did deny and then didn't deny having sent someone to kill Teddy.

Teddy himself later watches him have a heart attack (and probably die). What is Teddy, a Cramer girl or Tracy Quartermaine now?

This seems to be the week of my shows ending with the probable death of a lead character's father. It's giving me lots of the sads.


*Seriously, I originally typed "Connie Sellecca." Why in the world was she on my brain? That is a name I haven't heard or thought of in an awfully long time. (But I won't deny having been a big Hotel fan.)


I'm with you on losing sympathy for Will. I get that he's struggling and I don't think his intent was to actually get Brent fired (he just wanted him away from him), but he seemed to give no shit at all that he was.

I mean, Fish was mean to Kyle, but he never got Kyle fired! Sure, he arrested Kyle that one time, but Kyle kinda had that coming lol.

This better not be the end of Brent. He should go work for Rayna!

Personally, Greatest American Hero is my favorite Connie Sellecca roll. I had a strange & inappropriate crush on Robert Culp considering I was not even 10 when the show was on.

I also had to giggle when my daughter was watching Jesse on Disney & there is Deacon as the Dad.

I totally agree with you...it did look a lot more like Rayna was a middle management exec on her way to show a PowerPoint presentation at the conference room at the Ramada than a country star in a blockbuster video!

Ryan Mason, that is a very apt description. It was a little like, "I wonder if they set up the right conference call? Should I use the index cards? Is this the hallway we go down?"

Gail, I'm so glad Ms. Sellecca means something to someone else, too!

C, this is the last episode the actor playing Brent has listed, but that could mean anything. I hope he's not gone forever, but the whole "going back west" thing took the wind out of my sails for sure.

Louise, some new (adorable) tweets by Derek Krantz have given me hope.

But seriously, if this show wants to dump with some supporting characters, they can feel free to start with Zoey. Or Layla. Or Megan. Or Luke. Or all four, I don't care.

Great to have these recaps, Louise!

I love Powers Boothe, but I can't be sad if Lamar goes. Now, if LawyerLady would elope with Teddy, the show could really get moving.

I wish that they would have JJ sing a lot more. That busking scene with Juliette was a highlight to me.

Sorry to be late to the game, mothering 10-month-old twins will do that to your Internet time, but I have to agree with you on all counts.

Connie Britton rocks everything in every way. (That statement doesn't need an exclamation point because it is just a declarative, true statement.)

And, Connie Selleca was da bomb when I was a teenager in the '80s. Always wanted to know how she got her hair to be so shiny all the time!

Oh. My. God! Connie Sellecca!!
I haven't thought of her in years, but I "wuved" her on Hotel, one of my favorite shows from the 80's. Had a big crush on James Brolin too!
Thanks for bringing back a good memory!

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