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March 13, 2014

Brief Musings on Nashville: We've Got Things To Do

Episode 217 of Nashville, otherwise known as "The Night Teddy Was Interesting For Eight Seconds."

But I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone who really only comes in to share in my dislike of Scarlett, so let's start with a photo journey of how annoying she was this week, and it was really more to do with her hairstyles and pouty face than anything else:

Scarlett ugh 4

Scarlett ugh 5

Scarlett ugh 1

Scarlett ugh 3

Scarlett ugh 2

I mean they were really just taunting us Scarlett-haters with those braids and that douchey headband, weren't they? That was clearly just to bother us.

Meanwhile, Teddy has gone full-scale cheesy-soap guy and is now cornering Deacon's lawyer girlfriend (who still does not have a personality meritorious of a name) and telling her how she feels about him and how he just knows she can't stop thinking about him and their backseat sexcapades. If they were interesting characters or had any chemistry or anything, this might even be entertaining! It's not, but I did get a kick out of Teddy being so corny and ridiculous (made all the more amusing by the incongruity with his concurrent "having trouble disciplining his teen daughter" storyline, because that actually makes it a "having trouble disciplining his teen daughter while also trying to seduce the girlfriend of said teen daughter's biological father" storyline) (when she finds out what he's up to she's really going to fully convert to the "Deacon's my REAL dad!" camp, that's for sure).

Juliette has signed with Rayna's label! Hurrah! Except not hurrah, because Rayna wants to take things slowly and come up with a good strategy for getting the information out there since Juliette continues to be persona non grata with country music fans (all of their hysterical scowls and head-shaking at the sight of her cracked me up no end). So of course Juliette got competitive when she wasn't getting enough attention, so she went ahead and did her typical damage by completely overstepping and announcing her contract to a party full of people.

Juliette oversteps again

Rayna was not pleased.

Grumpy rayna


Rayna decided to do damage control by having Juliette perform a duet with her at the Opry, a strategy that made zero sense to me. The audience was hostile, perhaps mostly because Juliette decided to repair her image by wearing an outfit that looked like it was assembled in the "fancy" section of a Kmart.

But then you wore that

I'm clearly not the demographic a character like her is looking to please, though, so who knows. Maybe that top is awesome. I accept and concede that subcultural relativity may indeed be at play here.

That... didn't go so great

Nonetheless, it bombed and she had the sads. Who knew that people who hate her wouldn't magically stop hating her because she performed a duet with her new producer?! WHERE DID THEY GO WRONG.

Juliette also had to kick Will and Layla off her tour, which led to Will getting invited onto Luke's tour (which will now also involve Deacon, so that'll be drama) and Layla being left to buy "spice up your sex life" toys at Nashville's version of Babeland and basically get dumped. Dumped until Brent (dammit, Brent! fight for your man!) pointed out to Will that rumors are starting to spread and the worst thing he can do is break up with Layla. Naturally since Will is a really stable and thoughtful individual, this led to him proposing to Layla.

Will! No! It's one thing to stay in the closet for the sake of a career, but it's another entirely to ruin another human being's life to do it. Thankfully from the previews it looks like this story is going to rev up a bit in the next episode (and Gunnar calls him out on how cruel this is), where my wishes will be granted and Will will tell the world who he is and totally spearhead a whole new wildly popular genre of queer country music. Right? 


"So of course Rayna got competitive when she wasn't getting enough attention, so she went ahead and did her typical damage by completely overstepping and announcing her contract to a party full of people."

You meant Juliette, right? I know, it's early, not enough coffee...

Yep, corrected! Thanks, WG!

Seriously, Scarlett's headband had my fingers itching to grab a scissor and try and cut it through my TV.

But who cares about that because BRENT! I knew he was back, but as Layla's manager? HAHA, so much for getting him out of your orbit, Will! And despite everything, he's still trying to help Will. I'm assuming this random bandmate of Will's will be the one to out him coming up?

I love that Brent is also just psyched to have his job back and is trying to do it well (rather than his just being a plot point and always having a Will-related ulterior motive).

I actually read on one of the writers' Twitter feeds that there was a scene where Will asked Brent if he took the job just to be close to him, but it was cut for time. Very curious how that would have gone.

I do hope they make the Will arc less of a side story at some point. It's basically like the F-story right now, but I'd say I'm optimistic based on the promo for the next episode.

Lord knows I care a lot more about that than what Scarlett is popping or who boring-lawyer-lady is popping.

I too feel like Will is getting a bit isolated. That's why it was so jarring when he was in a scene with Juliette. And so funny when he said they were friends since that was maybe the second time they've ever talked on-screen.

y do u guys HATE Scarlette so much?

Just look at her, what's to like??

I don't mind Scarlett very much, Horrid hair aside, but if she sinks up my adorable Juliette Avery Ship she will be on my never forgive list.

Half the time you can't even understand what she says. The actress needs to project more when she speaks. Part of me doesn't really care because she never says anything worthwhile anyway.

I'm kind of rooting for an OD

Scarlett is terrible in every way, that's why I hate her. I can't even fully enjoy her suffering as much as I want to, because the show insists that I should feel sorry for poor widdle her. I don't, I never will, and I want her gone.

Her self-absorbed whining is my biggest issuew it her. She's so passive, the world is out to get her, wah wah wah.

For a while, I thought that the show was going to do a storyline for Scarlett about how the stardom track isn't for everyone. She never sought this out, a singing career has been practically forced upon her - poor, poor baby. It would be interesting - and a story we don't see often, certainly - if Scarlett's arc was that while she loves to write and sing, she hates to perform, or at any rate, hates performing as a job.

But instead, we just have to put up with her whining about the terrible demands and pressures of this life everyone around her wants. And her magical whispy pixie routine just drives me nuts.

I will say she is a good singer.

On a separate note, in all seriousness, what IS the name of LawyerGirlfriend? Every time I hear it, I instantly forget.

LawyerGirlfriend's name is Megan.

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