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March 06, 2014

Brief Musings on Nashville: Guilty Street

In light of the fact that my schedule has dramatically changed recently, quick disclaimer: I will cover shows as often as possible but it's unlikely that I'll be able to do every episode of anything, hence the recent scarcity of Nashville and The Fosters posts. That said, I just had to check in about last night's Nashville because how could I resist publicly celebrating Scarlett getting crushed? I couldn't, that's how!


You see, Liam and Scarlett got busted sucking face at the recording studio, like you do. Rayna was none too happy about this since Liam is hers. Or because it's bad for her young artist? Or because Rayna is an adult and Scarlett is a child? I'm not sure which version we were supposed to buy, but no matter. I really liked Liam and was starting to feel awfully sad about him getting involved with my least favorite character on the show, but at least I got swiftly rewarded when he didn't even bother trying to be nice about dumping her (he didn't even explain he'd been fired and ordered away from her).

See you on down the road

Awww she done got her heart broke

I mean I can see why he didn't sugarcoat things when she showed up in that hat. Ugh, her face. For a minute I thought the schadenfreude maybe made me a bad person but then I again remembered Scarlett's not a real person but a work of fiction. An annoying one.

Was it a little sketch-o-rama of Rayna to essentially lie about this whole thing to Scarlett? Well, sure, but welcome to business and adulthood, blondie.

Meanwhile, Deacon ran into an old flame at an AA meeting.

Old friend

Ruth was played by none other than Charlotte Ross, formerly Eve Donovan on Days of our Lives. Yay! I was thrilled to see her (also note to self: don't forget to check out Kassie DePaiva in the role) and I hope this isn't the last of her on the show. If nothing else, she's already a hell of a lot more exciting than Deacon's current girlfriend.

Here's a visual aid:

Boring lawyer gf

I have no idea what her name is, because who cares? Well, Teddy cares apparently because he boned her in the back seat of a car after finding out his dead wife had concealed her miscarriage to trick him into marrying her. I hope he remembered recent history and put on a jimmie, and I also hope this doesn't lead to more stories about Nashville political scandals because that is not the show's wheelhouse. And I'd say poor Deacon, but maybe a bit of turnabout is fair play here.

I got a little lost in the Juliette storyline, though. If anyone cares to enlighten me, did Juliette actually tear up the contract for Avery's sake or did she sign it and then lie to him about it? I feel like I missed a scene. I do like the idea of the Gunnar, Avery, and Zoe band. Let's hope Avery doesn't douche it up?

Again with my insensitivity, but did anyone else die laughing at the pillow talk between Will and Layla? Poor girl just wants to know what'll get him off and he's all, "Uh, you not touching me? While I watch TV and drink beer and think about boy parts thanks?" Still, I worry that her career floundering will be yet another reason for him to stand by her and prolong this storyline a lot longer. I appreciate that they're not rushing it, but I definitely want them to take real time in telling the story of a major country music artist actually coming out and seeing how that plays out.


We'll take whatever we can get of your witty writing, Louise!

All this 180s they're doing to try and make Layla more likeable ("Look, she's not a bitch, she's just an insecure little girl! Look, Jeff is being mean to her! Look, it turns out she was actually a virgin when she and Will did it so feel extra bad he's deceiving her!) didn't work for me.

I miss Brent, but I think he's in next week's ep!

I was wondering where The Fosters and Nashville had gone, but couldn't figure out how to ask without coming off all whiny and entitled. Like Scarlett! Ew. Anyway, sad that every ep won't get the recap treatment, but I totally understand. I appreciate whatever you have time to write.

Speaking of Scarlett, HA! I revel in her pain.

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