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May 01, 2014

Brief Musings on Nashville: Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad

Oh, Lucky Spencer, you silly boy.

Look at the present your girlfriend got you!

Got you a present

As gifts go, I would think that's a good one?

He doesn't think so.

He's not that into you

Second straight man on the planet who ever got bored by a half-naked multimillionaire hot blonde writhing on top of him.

She doesn't take it too well.

Uh oh

As well she shouldn't. And I might add that she was right to be pissed at him for telling her she should have given Scarlett the "night off" on tour. Not how it works. Sorry.

And I mean the whole reason he's just not that into Juliette anymore is this particular character from a Tennessee Williams play:

The tennessee williams version

There is no accounting for taste.

But as he explained to her in the episode, Scarlett does have a permanent place in his heart. They were each other's first loves! But tell me. That permanent place? IS IT A PERMANENT LOCK, LUCKY SPENCER? IS IT?

I mean who wouldn't want her

Scarlett done got herself admitted to the nervous hospital, y'all! And is finally going to quit being a country star or something. Not that I'm interested in watching her do something else, but of course this was the episode where we were supposed to applaud even Gunnar for "defending" Scarlett to Jeff Fordham because Jeff called Scarlett a "loony," which, you know, how dare he say that about someone who just had a massive public mental breakdown!! She's just a wisp of a broken thing and we must all fan her and protect her honor and virtue and give her mint juleps, she's just a fragile naif!

Anyway, I can't muster up much more to say about an All About Scarlett episode, except I should mention that the second Jeff Fordham and Juliette were standing next to each other with drinks in hand I knew they'd get to bumping uglies sooner or later, but how awkward was the narrative that it was LITERALLY IN THE NEXT FRAME?! Hello? Please tell me I wasn't the only one who found that editing to be truly bizarre. I felt like they really missed a major beat.

And lastly (because what is there really to say about Will's new storyline-of-every-other-week being a reality show?), I would not deign to criticize Connie Britton but... well, maybe I would. She is an amazing actress and, you know, Mrs. Coach so DUH, but when Rayna was performing that song, did anyone at all believe that we were watching a wildly successful and famous country music star? She seemed so bored and stiff. Am I crazy? Do I need to go check into Scarlett's nervous hospital?


From the beginning Connie Britton has looked uncomfortable wth the singing aspect of the show. I think that's the reason she skipped the concert that was shown last week, and also why we rarely get to hear her sing this season unless it's a duet. She only seems to relax when she has someone else singing with her.

Because I'm nothing if not consistent, where the heck is Brent? Wouldn't he, as both Layla's manager and someone who (despite himself) is looking out for Will, have something to say about them doing a reality show?

I agree, Elizabeth, she's always been a bit awkward. I think if she's performing solo they should always either have her sitting on a stool or standing with a guitar.

C, I did at least hear a Brent mention last night I think! Surely he'll be in the storyline as it moves forward, right? Just... only every third episode or something.

The title for this episode may as well have been "Scarlett Is A Special Snowflake". Yeesh.

Louise, a Brent mention and I missed it? I was fast-forwarding a lot because, you know, so much Scarlett, maybe I missed it. Do you remember when it was?

C, I believe Rayna actually mentioned him at some point for some reason. Maybe I've lost my mind.

Lol thanks Louise, I'm desperate for any Brent crumb I can get.

seriously you guys have no sympathy for Scarlett???? she grew up with a abusive mother. Yes the girl has issues but come on people! she's not all bad. That being said, If I was Juliette I would have been pissed at Avery also. And yeah I really never bought Rena as a "big country star" cause Connie is a great actress but her singing is just ok. I do however would have LOVED to see her tv daughters perform on last wks concert episode cause they are AMAZING.

Am I the only one who kind of liked Scarlett's mother and that tragic hair-don't she was rockin'...?

She was more interesting in 2 appearances than her daughter has been in 2 seasons -- which according to this show's bylaws dictates she must be written off lest she generate story worth watching (see: Juliet's mother, Peggy, Lamar).

I think that Scarlett's mother is an interesting character and the actress is terrific; but I don't want to see a whole lot more of her. I think the show has overdone the Scarlett-is-the-most-talented-special-snowflake-ever to the point of face; but I also felt like this episode finally put Scarlett on track for the only storyline that could interest me for her, ie, a talented person who does NOT want fame.

All that said, I thought one of the funniest moments was Scarlett explaining that she's just taking Liam's caffeine pills. She's been popping them like candy for quite a while now - she's still on the same bottle he handed her?

Whoops. "Farce." To the point of FARCE. Not "face."

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