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May 01, 2014

Shock and Awe (Or "Aw...Really?")

Months ago--I know, it feels like much longer--General Hospital started to hint at some deep secret Silas was carrying with him and we all thought "What are the odds that the writers get distracted by something even less interesting before they ever get around to revealing said deep secret?" "I am already so entertained by Silas circa 2013, and now I get to find out what entertaining shenanigans he got up to in the early 90s? Let me make sure my DVR is set to record this!" And then the tragic secret of his tragic wife was revealed, to the complete indifference delight of the audience, who fast forwarded through every single mention of his wife and her family, which basically reduced the show to thirteen minutes per week hoped that it wasn't asking too much to request more Nina, always, and--fingers crossed--could she be ALIVE because really, think of how golden it would be to watch this character (who literally exists only offscreen like Maris Crane) have dramatic and hopefully prolonged reunions with her loved ones--and enemies, amirite?

Well, punch me in the face it's our lucky day, because Nina is ALIVE and PLAYED BY MICHELLE STAFFORD.

I will admit to being surprised by the reveal. Not the reveal that Nina was alive, because of course she is, but the casting coup threw me; I had read rumors that Michelle Stafford would be joining the show, but I am a hyper-jaded person and never want to actually believe rumors, especially rumors that I might not hate--I have come to understand that liking Michelle Stafford is a hugely divisive opinion, but I always have, even when Phyllis on The Young and the Restless made me pray for deafness and memory loss--so today's show ended with me letting out an "Oh" that I wouldn't describe as happy, exactly...I certainly didn't punctuate it with an excited exclamation point, but it wasn't an angry exclamation point, either. It was like the very definition of mild. But that's practically a compliment, you know?

I will also admit to feeling absolute TERROR over what will happen now that Nina is a living, breathing part of the show. Her existence has eaten the entire show and that was when she was just a name with a convoluted backstory! What will happen now? A story with Silas, Ava and Sam is obvious, as are family reunions. But will she also be a doctor? Or a mobster? Or a mobster-doctor? Anything could happen, and I find that profoundly unsettling.


Sigh. We all knew Nina was not dead and her kid will soon show up in town. GH is so bloated with newbies it makes my head ache.

I'm sure she's a good actress but this is the last thing this show needs right now IMO. There are already plenty of great actors who aren't getting anything. All she's going to do is suck up airtime and provide even more story for all the characters who need to go far, far away.

Patrick's phone call with Robin felt all kinds of wrong. I hate Jason as much as anyone, and hate how devoted she is to him, but it was pretty disturbing to have Patrick using a baby he's having with another woman to guilt trip her. I know the situation is complicated, but I can't even imagine them having any of the women yelling at their husbands to come support them over a baby they just had with someone else. I totally support Patrick not caring about Jason, but he is her friend and it is a life or death situation. Even though it is Jason, it just felt wrong for him to not empathize with her feelings and position at all WHILE going on and on about my baby my baby my baby with another woman.

It made more sense for Patrick, Emma, Mac, Anna, etcc..to visit Robin as she worked at the clinic in the city versus what we're seeing on the show.

Totally agree, Mallory. With Michelle Stafford as her face (and Ron Carlivati already gushing about her), Nina is going to eat the show whole.

just read an interview with Carlivati wherein he claims to love being surprised, hates spoilers … he thought the reveal of Nina being alive would be a big surprise .. yawn … well no Ron it wasn't anyone who watches soaps knows when a character is talked about talked to death their alive … the surprise was Ms Stafford …

BTW Mallory i LOVED your Maris Crane reference …

Bleah. I didn't dig her on Y & R and I'm pretty positive I won't dig her now, unless she kills Sonny. And by "kills" I mean "draws, quarters a d disembowels him on camera."

This is horrible news. I cannot stand MS. My god, Phyllis and Carly shrieking at each other -- this is going to be awful.

I have to say, this was one of the funniest posts I've read in a while - or maybe I'm just giddy, but I was LOLing! True story.

I like Michelle Stafford, but I really don't like that she is going to be the show for the next while. It will be Nina and James/Nathan-Silas-Ava-Sam-Meredith/Marta ALL THE TIME.

Maybe she'll be a new love interest for Patrick? Is she too old? Maybe she'll take down her mother and her brother in one fell swoop?

I just also wanted to say that I seriously eyeroll everytime the young man who plays Nathan/James is on screen. He's pretty, sure. Pretty BAD at acting too. sigh.

Also I hate Levi.

Oh I forgot. . .here is a list of all the newbies I like and like to watch

Britt .

@bethie: I no longer enjoy watching Britt. She possesses no edge, so not a true soap vixen.

And she NEVER paid for her various crimes, most damning the stealing of Lulu/Dante's embryo, impregnating herself, birthing and raising the baby!!! Not only never faced legal consequence or the wrath of mobster-grandfather, she still maintains a job at the hospital, in the very department, SHE STOLE EMBRYOS FROM.

Not familiar with Stafford's work but good to know she's a shrieker. That's exactly what this show needs, if we can find a scrap of scenery that's been left unchewed by Olbrecht or Franco.

Utoob, totally agree. I know those scenes were supposed to make me hate Robin, but that conversation was one of the most bizarre I've ever seen on a soap. It's not her son, dude. The way you care about your son is the way she cares about Jason (gross as it is). If the situation were reversed Robin who put up with Lisa and more would be all, I wish you could be here but I totally understand.

God, Carlivati is delusional. His plots are so predictable, boring, and horribly paced, nothing is ever a surprise. Of course, even though we all figure every dumb twist out 2 years ahead of time, they're always about characters we don't give a damn about anyway, so I guess the "shock" for him is that nobody cares.

The way Patrick is acting it's like Robin is dancing on a bar and getting her nails done a 5 minute car ride away. She'd be right there with you and your precious Blanket Rivera-Falconari if she could.

And don't even bring Emma into it. You're the neurologist who left her in the car after she'd been knocked out and told Anna to rescue her.

I don't mind Stafford being added to the cast but couldn't she play someone more interesting than Silas' ex-wife? I know it's a coup that an Emmy-winning actress haas joined the cast but we already have Mara West, Laura Wright, Lynn Herring, Jane Elliot, and Nancy Grahn. I would rather she had been anyone, Julia Barrett, Alexandria or Celia Quartermaine, another Cassadine.

I don't want to see a Nina/Silas/Sam triangle. I know that they myth that headwriter's get paid money with they create new characters is supposed to be untrue, but if it were, RC must be rolling in the dough.

I honestly hope Genie Francis is not on this show by choice, because I would be furious that the woman that helped save the show can't be on full time!

I just can't. Yet another new character to eat screen time, Ron? Nina? Sure, Michelle Stafford is a popular soap actress. But why the make her Nina? Why not a Cassadine, Q or hell, a Webber or a Hardy for that matter? Don't care about Nina. Or her family. Her Aunt is getting close to annoying me too. Or Silas. Or any spawn of the family.

And this whole Robin exit plot is just dreadful. Even Sam can't fathom why Robin has left her husband and child.

First LiRic and now NeXis? RC is just trolling me now.

I agree MissyLady! Genie Francis is too good for this show now. I used to hope they would bring her back full time, but not now. Can you imagine how RC would trash Laura and ruin the legacy of that character given a chance? No, it;'s for the best until and unless a miracle happens and GH gets new and good writers (I know, I dream alot)

Oh, and this NotLuke crap had better hurry up and get somewhere fast. Nobody but Morgan, Kiki and Ned(who has been back for all of 20 minutes) has really noticed that Luke isn't really himself? Could care less about Lulu gaining her baby? Spending ANY time with Kiki. Wanting to be a suit @ ELQ? Honestly, having ALL of PC being beaten bloody with stupid stick is just pissing me off. Why not have Nik and Liz at least notice NotLuke's ice cold attitude to his beloved Lulu and her miracle baby.

I'm no fan of Kiki, but what the hell has she done to get this much doubt over NotLuke's dealings with her? As far as PC knows, she has only been with Morgan and Michael. She hasn't acted like a gold digger.


It's not General Hospital anymore right? How long until RC/FV rename it? Wouldn't it be more fair to the viewers if they rename the show and stop pretending it's GH?

I agree with all comments above. I was already so sick of the name "Nina Clay," now we get to hear it all the time. A well known actress like Stafford sure ain't going to be on the back burner. Any hope I had of seeing veteran characters still vital to the central core of GH is gone. I would want to give it a chance and not judge before anything even airs, but the show is getting so far away from what I know to be GH.

I remember when the Spencer family first came on...and the Quartermaines. Sure they were created out of thin air, but to me they were exciting characters and stories. Maybe I've gotten old and cranky! But Silas, Madeline, Sam, Ava, Kiki, new cop whatever his name is, Dr. O, and now NINA and probably her child just do not interest me. The story was introduced in such a snooze-worthy fashion, talking about who murdered the pharmacist and whatever, at this point I just don't care and FF. When Madeline said Nina was dead I hoped that TPTB realized this story was a turkey and were cutting their losses, coupled w/the fact that a certain newbie in the center of this story is, to put it mildly, not the best actor. But it seems like RC was just waiting for Michelle Stafford to be his "Nina." I read an interview where he claims he had no intention of creating a brand new family for her. Somehow I don't believe that. I'll try to keep an open mind but I really have misgivings on the future direction of GH.

Also I don't like how everyone is dumbed down so that the villains can win and get away with literally murder. Anyone who isn't a cartoon villain is forced to play straight man. I wonder how the actors feel about that, take the money and run, or does it bother them when they have to be really stupid so that Dr. O gets away with all her crimes. I've loved GH almost my whole life and this makes me very sad. Ron & Frank pulled a fast one on the viewers.

Pass around the stupid stick. I don't like MS hated her screen chewing on Y&R, won't like it here. We get the Y&R rejects and they get our actors. Re-Ron if he watched any of Y&R you can put money on the story line coming up. desk sex anyone. ? FrankenRon can write anything they want but, Robin will NEVER be hated by me. They will, but K.M made sure she let them know what she wanted, she was not staying, she wants to direct. They got her back, why? So they could make fans hate her and love Subrina ? Sorry! I make it a point to leave my home for the gym when GH comes on. And when there I avoid the machines with the tv screen on them. FrankenRon are destroying GH. Don't believe me. How many emmy nominations did they get. Show, Writing etc, etc, etc.?

I actually like MS as an actress but bringing her on as Nina, really? Does anyone give actually give a crap about that character or even Silas? I saw when someone mentioned to Ron about how there were too many newbies on the show he said well Maurice was once a newbie. I don't mind newbies if it's one or two characters that tie into people on the show but GH has been overrun with newbies in the past year:Britt, Dr. O, Felix, Brad, Sabrina, Madeline, Nathan, Levi, Julian, TJ's mom and now Nina. How about giving airtime and a story to the vets already on the show(Nancy, Leslie, Becky, John York, Lynn).

I am happy for KMc pursuing her directing but I hate what Ron and Frank have to done to her character. We are supposed to believe that Robin(who went to great lengths just to have a child and get back to her family) doesn't care about them anymore because Saint Jason is alive. Sorry Ron but you will never make me hate Robin.

I'm not surprised they didn't get any Emmy noms for show or writing. Maybe they should go back to focusing on the hospital since the show is called General Hospital.

RC does not write character driven stories, period.

Ronn Moss.


There are no words. Oh, he's only there for a "cameo", sure. Like RC would pass up a chance to sign another unneeded star to his already bloated, directionless cast.

Exactly, MissyLady. He writes plot driven stories, and the plots are so lame that every single character has to be braindead to make them work. Watching is actually painful, it's like everyone is in slow motion or underwater. One functioning brain cell would end every single current SL. It's only worthwhile to count the plotholes.

I don't believe Ronn Moss is only temporary, either. That was said of a lot of other unsustainable short term characters like Dr. O, who's still there and now swallowing the show whole.

Speaking of brain dead, Carly and Franco didn't hear A.J. very clearly state "I didn't kill Connie!" on the cell phone recording right before Sonny shot him? They can't use their collective grey matter to determine MAYBE that's why A.J. was confronting Ava and why she wanted him dead? Really?

Soooooooooooooooooooo stupid.

Tracy Quartermaine is many things, but not stupid when it comes to ELQ or the family money, of course she suspected from the very beginning that there was something wrong with Luke, but RC has chosen to drop it in favor of one plot point after another.

What makes me laugh is that the SID twitter guy really sucks up to RC and FV, which is understandable since his magazine is only about one show of which they're the gatekeepers, but he livetweets the show most days and he can't stop himself from calling out the constant glaring plot holes. Hon, this show doesn't write itself. Yell at the characters all you want but they're not allowed to ever be smart because then RC couldn't drag out these flimsy premises week after week, month after month.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Ronn Moss. On General Hospital. Seriously?

I can defend this bit of stunt casting IF (and it's a big IF) his stay really does turn out to be limited term. Moss has--for reasons I cannot begin to fathom--a huge and fiercely loyal following, some of whom might actually become GH viewers out of this (I know, I know: fat chance with so little of interest going on, but as bad as GH is, B&B is routinely even worse, so . . .).

If he turns out to be another one who starts out short term and then sticks around to suck up screen time, oh my word, that really will be a low point.

I was a HUGE B&B fan up until the point that Taylor became more and more like Brooke, and I say this as someone that enjoyed both women and their triangle the first fifteen years with Ridge.

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