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May 27, 2014

The Truth Is Out. Let's Whisper About It!

I hate to blame the victim and I especially hate to blame a woman who was taking some of her very last breaths at the time--although in my defense, her LAST last breaths were spent apologizing to Sonny for betraying him or not just loving him enough or something similarly vomit-inducing and terrible. I mean, the grossness of those words probably hastened her death because her brain was probably repulsed by that sentiment--and really, Sonny is equally if not MORE at fault here, because he didn't think to, I don't know, call 911 immediately, because he and Connie had to spend as much time as possible exchanging romantic platitudes before she died, BUT: Connie could have saved the audience a whole lot of aggravation and AJ a whole lot of life if she had just freaking told Sonny who shot her instead of being mysterious and writing down the initials of her shooter. Thanks, Connie, because of your melodrama we're down a Quartermaine and had to watch Sonny whisper really, really loudly.

Carly: Ava used AJ's gun to kill Connie.
Sonny: Connie told me...she wrote his name with her blood. AJ.
Carly: Ava Jerome. It's her initials, Sonny.
Sonny: No. No! That does not make sense at all!

In fairness to him, it really does not make sense, because what the hell, Connie? AVA is precisely ONE LETTER LONGER than AJ! I'd be so much less annoyed had she only gotten a single A out. Sonny could have run around town all enraged, interrogating every character whose name starts with A. "IT WAS YOU, WASN'T IT AIDEN? YOU ALWAYS HATED CONNIE!"

I don't think I can do the hoarseness of Sonny's voice in this scene justice. It was like the loudest whisper and the worst impression of Marlon Brando in The Godfather.

Sonny: Ava killed Connie.
Carly: Because she coudnt' risk Connie revealing Julian's true identity.
Sonny: Ava killed Connie.
Carly: Are you okay?
Sonny: She shot the woman I love for nothing. Derek Wells or Julian Jerome, who cares? The truth was going to come out anyway.
Carly: I know.
Sonny: That's why--that's why she had to die? She was trying to warn me, she was trying to get to me, she was trying to do something right. She found out something she shouldn't have found out.Two minutes later, everyone else found out. It's not right.

Sonny: That's what AJ was trying to get out. I kept asking him, did you kill Connie? He kept denying it. It made me furious, I thought he was a coward. But he was trying to say Ava's name when I pulled the trigger. I killed an innocent man!

These are things that I wonder:

1. How long will Sonny feel guilty for? I mean, he DID kill an innocent man, but that man WAS AJ Quartermaine, who apparently coordinated a massive genocide and also hated puppies, judging by the disgust Port Charles had for him. How badly can you REALLY feel about that?

2. Is Ava going to be the villain that meets her comeuppance and is sent to jail or killed (most likely killed, because this is Port Charles) or is she going to be the villain who is just so darn fun that she is kept around indefinitely, despite, you know...the murders.

3. How many throat lozenges do you think Maurice Benard needed when he taped these scenes? The hoarse raspiness put Christian Bale's Batman voice to shame.


MB has turned in some turdish performances before, but this one was really circling the bowl. At first I thought he didn't remember exactly WHICH 'woman he loved' had been killed - so many have died in the line of booty over the years.
But what really died today was any pretence this guy could act. That, and any pretence that Ron C. is, in the long run, any better than Guza.

Let's not forget that AJ was, FAT! At first, I kept rewinding various scenes when comments were made about AJ's weight, and then I remembered all of those shirtless male clowns on OLTL. Yeah, I said it. AJ died because he was not model thin and a block of wood, SK looked hot, IMO!

Ava is RC's latest pet (see Dr. O, Sabrina, Heather, Spencer, Madeline, Franco, Silas, Kiki and Victor Cassadine) so she will escape Sonny's wrath by announcing her wTD pregnancy.

You beat me to it, MissyLady. Being knocked up is the thing that will save her, and God knows Sonny has super sperm - which he'd have to considering Ava appears at least 50 (though I think she's younger than I am). I don't think any woman he's slept with hasn't ended up pregnant at some point. The question is, will Olivia and Ava be pregnant at the same time? I'm saying yes. The better question is which one will get shot in the head giving birth?

Today was pretty funny to me in a lot of ways...Sonny just couldn't get AJ could stand for Ava Jerome. Duh?

I mean, no one ever thought of it. She certainly made a fool out of Sonny it's no question about that so I guess he goes back to hating her and wanting to kill...

I think Ava will wind up saying she's preggie and if she' not, there is an embryo in a secured location. Didn't Claudia do something similar.

I'm so tired of the everybody hated AJ mantra especially by Carly, Franco and Sonny mantra..

"I got it I got it" GeeZe.

They have to keep Ava around, if only because the fact that Maura West is in top form (and actually compelling to watch, compared to certain other highly paid and highly touted stars of former soaps--but I wouldn't want to mention any names!) is one of the few things that GH has going for it at the moment. (And hey, what's another murderous character on the canvas when you've got a show that for years has revolved around Sonny, who has gotten away with murder and more through the years?) How they'll manage to keep Ava around ultimately doesn't really matter, I supposed, because one thing we've seen amply in the last year or so is that it does not have to make sense.

(And boes, thanks for "died in the line of booty"?! That ought to give me chuckles enough to get me through at least a day of work dullness.)

I guess the whole "I killed an innocent man" thing is supposed to impress upon us that Sonny has, you know, a conscience and morals, right--he doesn't just kill anybody, he only kills people who DESERVE it? Or something like that. Whatever.

I really wish I understood the decided shift, in the last six to nine months, BACK to the mob--because for the first year and a half or so, RC/FV had done such a good (and in my opinion, successful) job of shifting the show AWAY from the mob, or at least as far away as anybody could, given that the main characters for years had been mobsters. And they actually rid the canvas of Jason, which I thought was a clear sign that everyone in charge understood the mob-centered model for the show had played itself out (which I thought was what the dismissals of Guza and JFP also meant--somebody higher up had finally gotten it). Now we're back in the middle of General Mobsters--crime, mob, murderers that walk the street without more than a passing fear they might get caught. What a shame.

Oh I assume Ava will be claiming she's pregnant extremely soon. Which I'll allow if we get to see Carly's head explode when she learns she's gonna be a grandma.

-Ava will claim she was temporarily insane because Julian threatened to kill her if anyone found out he was Julian. The baby will also be a blood relative of Danny's so we have to keep her around to raise it because LO, NEVER SHALL THE SPAWN OF JASON MORGAN BE IN DANGER OF PERISHING FROM THE EARTH.

Ummmm, Jason's son "Jake" is dead.

I like Ava and hope she manages to take Sonny down after their inevitable MOC.

There are rumors that MB wants to take a six month leave of absence, so Sonny could be off our screens.

As for all of the mob stories, I think it has to do with a combination of the PP mess (losing McBain, Todd, Starr) and a push to tell Sam's father story, which led to RC digging around in the GH archives to retconn Julian Jerome being alive and not dead.

"I wouldn't bed you with AJ Quarter main e's corpse".

They have disrespected both the character of AJ and Sean Kanan do many times, I thought nothing could shock me. This was the single worst thing I've ever heard out of Sonny's mouth. Can they give this crap a rest? They've wasted a great return and killed off the character a second time. No matter how many times they say it, the viewers just don't see that this loathing of AJ is justified.

Back in the day, on soaps if you killed someone you either had to die yourself, or go to prison for life. Somewhere along the line this changed and the shows must contort reality in order to keep the criminals, who have become the "heroes," on the show. It's not just soaps that have done it, but a steady diet of criminals getting away with literally murder is to me a big turn-off. I know a lot of viewers like Ava and Maura West, but I find her very hammy and "actressy" and I can't decide if she is playing it campy or straight. I would be glad if the character was gone but I think we all know where this is going, she'll buy herself some time claiming a pregnancy. With so many people committing crimes there is a lot of opportunity for blackmail so endless possibilities for the writers to keep their criminals around. I was glad to see a lot of mob go and I wish the focus wasn't so much back on them. But I'm ready to find out who Fluke is, especially after today's show! That scene w/Olivia was one of the creepiest things I've seen in a long time! I really want to see what happens next.

boes, "in the line of booty" should be attached to Sonny forever as a classic description!

I have to say that I agree with what everyone is saying. This show is going downhill. Like others I thought that the mob storylines were over. I was glad to see that with the death of the despicable Jason Morgan, that we would get back to the basics. That is to tell relevant character centered storylines with unique and rootable characters. No plot centric sweeps stunts.

I have the feeling that RC and FV only had those storylines in the beginning of the reign to lure in old fans before going back to the horror that was before. Of course that also doesn't make logical sense but that's because I am a rational person. If you look at any award winning show these days you see that the characters are more important than the action. Any bad writer can write up a cheap stunt to bring in an audience. A great writing goes beyond that to write great characters that we turn in to watch several times a week. Can we really say that with General Hospital? Are there any characters that we care enough to watch? Is it just the plot that we want to see resolved with the characters just a stand in?

I personally watch the British Soap Opera Coronation Street so I know that General Hospital can be good and can be popular. Sure the show can veer towards plot centric crap. I would rather watch the storylines that I've seen on that show where they take boring and make it really interesting. There was literally a storyline about wallpapers in the late 1970s that was a billion times more entertaining than what I see on GH today.

As much as I can't stand Sonny, there are rumors of several
People taking leaves. It wouldn't surprise me at all if FV and RC are floating these rumors because they intend to bench these people and nobody can blame them if everybody believes it was the actors' decision.

I completely agree with LJMartiz. Characters are more important than plots. My fear is that this storyline will distract from the other story about characters that I actually like--namely Anna, Duke, Alexas and Julian. Now there are two mobsters-in-rehab that I actually enjoy watching. Sonny, while constantly in angst, never changes what he does. I actually think he's become a foil for making other mobsters more sympathetic. But yes, he does have amazing sperm.

Re_Ron likes to repeat his garbage.why not a repeat of Connies death. Sonny's on the ground with a bullet wound or two or,three. Morgans leaning over him ,he has just come from Ava's funeral,upset and can't stop saying sorry, can't stop crying and his phone won't work. They are in the park so he has to leave Sonny there and go find a phone. Sonny can write AJ in the dirt,and guess what. AJ is in the bushes watching. Sonny dies boo boo ...not.

I couldn't believe Sonny's magic sperm did it again - with ANOTHER woman in her 40s (Or was Alexis in her late 30s when she got knocked up with Kristina?). Fertility doctors ought to study his miracle sperm to find out how it defies nature on such a regular basis.

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