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June 24, 2014

The Fosters: Take Me Out

I'm loving this episode's title, it works on so many levels! The first of which was my favorite subplot: Jude's story! Jude's story is usually my favorite because JUDICORN!


He's just so adorable. This week he went to the batting cages with his best friend (and possible crush) Connor, but Connor's father decided Jude was a little too affectionate to be a straight dude. So Connor's been forbidden to spent any more time with Jude, which isn't frustrating to Connor because of bigotry but instead because, as he insists, he's sure his father is wrong and that Jude is not gay. Jude is a little rock star and asks, "But what if I were gay?" This question stumps Connor and makes the rest of us collectively "Awww!"

I love that Jude still isn't sure but also doesn't think anyone should care whether he's gay or not. I do have a few questions about the storyline, though. Obviously Connor's father knows full well that his son's best friend's parents are a same-sex couple and that the school's vice principal is a lesbian, so it seems to be if he's really that bigoted he might have restricted Connor's time with Jude in the first place. On the other hand (and I really hope this is something the show addresses), there are a lot of people in the world who have fewer objections to a couple of lipstick lesbians than they would to any sort of gay men (and often gender-nonconforming ladyqueers as well). Is this aversion from his father part of the "men should be men" stance where there's something non-threatening about two women together but they just can't make the acceptance/tolerance leap to the boys? That would be a really interesting addition to The Fosters social issue checklist. 

Good grief, my Serial Drama posts are becoming way too sincere these days. I'm softening in my old age or something, I don't know. My profusest apologies.

Other developments include Jesus realizing his girlfriend isn't submissive.

Jesus and emma in the backseat club

Surprise - emma's a top

Apparently he's not big on a lady who likes to take control during their specialprivatetimes. Later when she quite reasonably balks at having sex in public on a beach because eww on so many levels, he explains to her that she's really bossy and it's a turn-off. Yes, a girl who'd prefer not having sand and litter up her hoo-ha is bossy. Jesus, not winning any points with me. (There is no way to make that sentence not look weird.)

I hope Jesus learns the adolescent lesson that one never tells one's significant other than something about their personality is a "turn-off." Say that you're worried there's not enough give-and-take, find some other way to communicate that you think her needs always supersede your own. Do not ever say something is a turn-off. This seems like a no-brainer, but Jesus isn't really a brainer, bless his heart.

Brandon's continued attempt at character redemption involves having 95% of his former hand dexterity back and a surgery option. He wants the surgery, Stef and Mike are opposed. Lena is for it, which causes a little marital tension.

Mommy son bonding hour

The cold open did give us a sweet moment between mother and son, which I really found sweet despite my distaste for his droopy face.

The gang all goes out to see a local band play!

Squeaky clean teen fun

The band is good and is fronted by a hot chick with a chip on her shoulder who immediately hates Brandon, which is TV code for "Brandon's next love interest." (Please oh please let this mean they're dropping the Brandon/Callie nonsense completely now??!!) Brandon also spends some time reworking recordings of the band's songs, which leads him to think that he might enjoy playing music outside of just classical piano, so he opts out of the surgery for the time being.

Oh yeah, and Marianna's hot for the guitarist.

Marianna hearts this ax man 

I guess her boyfriend with the schizophrenic mother is gone for good?

Elsewhere, Mike tells Stef he didn't see or hurt Ana the night she went missing (and Stef knows at least the first part is a lie), and that douchey sperm donor teacher is somehow part of the search committee to replace the school's principal, and Lena's name is on the candidate list. He assures her he can be trusted, and she understandably thinks he's full of shit. Just wait till you start showing, Lena, then things'll be really great!

Oh yeah! And Callie meets her biological father and basically tells him to shove it forever, but then she gets a letter and a photo from her doppelganger sister.


So that's clearly not the end of that!

Next week's preview suggests we're actually going to get some Lena and Stef time that isn't just about parenting issues. Any chance they'll set a bonfire featuring the horrible beds and then get it on at the beach, sand and litter and all?


Jude seriously is the cutest thing on television. And, I really don't get when the Callie/Brandon thing ended, but I'm SO glad it did! This show is ADORABLE!

Hey Louise, since you're back in the blogging swing of things, maybe it's time for a classic OLTL recap! Karen on the witness stand! Blair confronting Todd about the DBL during Live Week! An episode where Kyle and Fish are doing something cute!

I loved the letter bit at the end. Jesus is really not a smart one, is he?!
I have a feeling they will never let Brandon/Callie go :(
So looking forward to more Lena & Stef :)

Oh, Jesus. Please don't become less likable than your older brother. Sigh.

JUDICORN is the greatest!

So glad you're doing these recaps, Louise!

Jude is my favorite thing on television.

Jesus is not.

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