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September 23, 2014

These Are My Confessions

I know how this is going to sound--it's going to sound CRAZY or like I've been hacked or I've come down with a brain injury after the unfortunate (and unfortunately not hypothetical) moment that I hit my head on my desk when I bent down to turn my heater on (can I distract you from my clumsiness by offering a classic "Workplaces be cold, am I right?") but...it's true.

I am kind of loving Franco proposing to Carly and devoting himself to playing cruel mind games.

I KNOW. I am a DISGUSTING shell of my former self. And please don't get me wrong--Franco as a character is probably the worst thing to happen to this show in the past few years, which is both saying something MAJOR and probably also an understatement. I hate that he's on the show, I hate that the show did the most half-assed and silly redemption story possible to shoehorn Roger Howarth back into the show, and I hate the wacky shenanigan soundtrack he gets whenever he's onscreen because how cute is the reformed serial killer, right guys? IT WAS A TUMOR, STOP BEING SO MEAN. Et cetera, et cetera. 

But this...is kind of fun? Roger Howarth seems to enjoy playing this, which is in stark contrast to his performances for the past few months. And Laura Wright makes some classic terrorized faces. And seeing Sonny and Carly possibly get their comeuppance for everything AJ and sleaze related would be a-ma-zing if it actually happened (I am not holding my breath) and while I wish with all of my might that it wasn't FRANCO who is going to reveal the AJ secret because he is the worst and I hate siding with him on anything, at least it's fun to watch? Or it was fun to watch for the hour that I watched it while I worked from home (getting paid to make cupcakes is kind of not the worst thing to ever happen). Am I alone? I feel alone and scared. Maybe I DO have brain injury after all. Or the show just broke me and I am officially crazy?

(If I'm not crazy yet, by the way, Robin's going to push me there. Every dialogue of hers today was Jason worship--awed, confident Jason worship. It reminded me of the praying to The Good Lord Morgan during the Metro Court hostage situation and it hasn't gotten any less irritating in the following seven years (!). I don't know that I have the inner strength for his return)



Franco needs to die, but NOT until he tells Michael that Sonny killed AJ and Carly kept the secret.

No, you're not alone. I would rather Sonny and Carly's possibly comeuppance was coming somewhere other than Franco too, but at least now it's crazy for vengeance Franco and not gentle farmer wearing Franco possible exposing them. If Franco has to be here, make him crazy again, no more redemption crap, and have him wreak havoc.

It's good to see that there are still sane people out there in regards to Jason. I have just shaken my head and questioned my sanity whenever I see another "Jason is the best bring back Steve!" post. Literally what is it about this character that causes people to ignore any type of morals.

In fact I had recently rewatched the Metro Court Hostage Crisis on youtube. The thing that I got out of it is that Jason is the true hero. The cops just get in the way. I had to laugh when upon finding out info about Craig from Spinelli, Jason said not to contact the cops. His reasoning? They have other things to do where they will not find capturing Craig important. He really has some severe brain damage if he honestly thinks that the police would not want to capture Craig. I also was pissed that all Alan cared about when he was dying was seeing Jason. Seriously?

I had no problem with Alan wanting to see Jason when he was dying, it's too bad that Guza's love sick feelings for the hitman ate the show, along with Frons' destruction of ABC daytime.

Ugh, the MetroCourt hostage thing. That would have been a really good time for Robin to move on from her verbose and delusional
Jason worship since he literally did not care about her at all. He was going nuts over the people he cared about in there, and she wasn't among them even though she'd come back to PC expressly to treat him. I forget what happened, he probably did end up saving her, but only in his capacity as St. Jasus, impersonal savior of all. Not exactly the person you want to always sacrifice everything for even if he weren't a thug and hitman.

You're not crazy, Mallory! Franco getting revenge on Carly this way sounds like (I didn't see it yesterday) the most fun this show has seen in ages! I loved when he went nuts with jealousy and tried to beat up the elevator when he and Nina were stuck there. One thing RH does well is play sadistic. It will be fun :)

oh Mallory you are not crazy but if you were, hey, normal is highly overrated!

I actually watched the dvr for this one. I would love to see Franco return as the original head case. Making Caleys life miserable would make me actually watch maybe. Every time I give in and watch the dvr, I get nauses. Robin afraid of old old old Helena.? Well looks like Robin is returning to three hots and a cot AGAIN !To save her family ? didn't she just come back from that ?If Ava runs over Jason and backs up and runs over him again I might even watch her.I had shut the show off with all the Jason's save the day so I don't care if he was the hero. I think I wll see if I am physically able to kick myself for starting up again.This show holds no intrest for me. Its back to the Mobs and molls. The HW is a fifth grade mean girl and I have had it.TIIC same church different pew. FrankenRon Guza and his goons. Let them watch.MAllorey I am don't stick a fork in me. Robin is afraid of Helena.?

Robin's not physically afraid of Helena, Helena showed her proof that she's got her house under surveillance and surrounded and she could move in teams of commandos and arsenals of weapons in a second. It's boring and repetitive but it's not like Robin could just knock out Helena and get away.

I actually was surprised by this show yesterday, which has happened in a long time. I loved Franco proposing to Carly after that long crazy monologue where you thought he was totally unhinged. And I loved Kiki's reactions. I much prefer jealous, vengeful Franco. I'm sorry with Heather for a mother, you can't totally blame the tumor for his messed up psycho life and obsession with Jason. Ooh, god, now that Jason is back, is Franco also going to be obsessed with him again?

I thought Helena kidnapping Robin ties back to her history with Robert Scorpio, before all of the LnL drama with the Cassadine's?

I think the story would be better if Ric was the one revealing Sonny & Carly's secret about AJ's death.

I am down with crazy Franco especially if everyone in town blames it on Sonny & Carly.

Y'all... this isn't the General Hospital I know and love but... I'm still enjoying myself. When I stop comparing now to then? It's pretty fun. Ridiculous? Totally. But whatever. I just feel bad for Young and the Restless now that they took Chris Pratt on as Writer and Producer. I'm waiting for the imminent destruction of that soap.

Yes, Mallory, you are officially crazy. That's okay, b/c so am I. I am actually perfectly fine with Franco being the one to bring Sonny and Carly down (if it really happens). Carly should've never gotten involved with him in the first place. She and Lauren with all their "Franco is a good person" crap. I can't. So if he is the one to unleash hell on those two losers, so be it.

And Sonny can't be exposed soon enough for me. All his blustering about killing Ava to avenge Connie drives me nuts. He's acting morally superior when he's the one that murdered AJ. I guess Monica should get her revenge when the truth is revealed, but I somehow think Sonny will believe that to be unfair.

I just REALLY want Sonny and Carly to get exposed. I want Michael to know that his father was innocent, and that his other father murdered him in COLD BLOOD. And I want Michael to disavow all things Sonny and Carly related. And if it takes Franco to do that, more power to him. (I can dream!) And I want Ric to expose Julian--I like Julexis, but except for Molly everyone acts like "of course Ric was guilty, he deserved to die"--like Sonny hasn't done 18 worse things before breakfast.

Do Scorpio and Helena have a history apart from L&L? I'm not sure but I thought she only showed up after the Ice Princess story to vow revenge on Luke for killing her husband? I have no idea what anyone's motivation is anymore (me and Ron, both) but Helena's "big plans" for Robin probably have something to do with the Legion of Doom.

I'm not enjoying Franco, I want Sonny to pay for killing AJ but not at the hands of Franco. Franco is still an awful character and I hate being subjected to him. Sorry but I can't stand Roger Howarth. This myth out there that he is some great actor is just ridiculous. He has done nothing to create a character in Franco. He is only capable of his scenery chewing Todd schtick and it is tiresome and renders Franco unwatchable. A good actor makes you see a character. With a bad actor, which Howarth is, you see the actor, just with a different name.

This bad actor has been thrust upon us because he is a favored pet of a bad writer and incompetent producer. To now see their untalented, one note pet, be the one to take down Sonny Corinthos is offensive.

I dont care who takes down Sonny for killing AJ, I just want it done. And his ordering his thugs to man-handle and terrorize a pregnant woman, all the while telling her that she will be killed the minute after she gives birth is just ugly, sadistic and unworthy of any character called one of the "stars" of GH. Sick!
I disagree about RH. he is capable of, and has in the past been a very good actor. Just not Franco. The character is un-redeemable, and no one can make that right. The writing is not good enough to pull it off, plus the pairing with Carly, after he terrorized her son and others close to her would never happen.
These writers have foisted other pets on the show who bring little or nothing to the table....Sabrina, Shawn, Brad for instance who have eaten much screen time while truly talented and beloved vets sit on the sidelines.

I know I'm late to this party, but I can't get past the ugly-ass Claire's Boutique Eyeball necklace Franco is using along with his "Catch A Bitch Cheatin'" app. I mean seriously? It HAD to be that specific? AN EYEBALL? Carly has at least a modicum of taste (although, I know if I search these archives, there have been numerous posts about some ugly-ass outfits of the past), but here lately, it seems as though she's been doing better. MUCH better than to wear the creepy third-eye-on-my-chest necklace EVERY DAY with EVERY OUTFIT. I can suspend belief about the Cassadines freezing the world. I CAN NOT believe Carly would never take that hideous thing off. You love your kids, and you'll wear their macaroni necklace in their presence, but you don't wear the damn thing to the office and to bed. No one is that dedicated.

Carley has no taste look who she is screwing behind Franco's back ! Maybe this is FrankenRons way of saying to Jason I was with Scummy not Franco. I will dvr ,and if Scummy and carley get theirs , and Michael never speaks to them again. I will watch if not I will just continue deleating without watching. I am not not interested in watching this drivel. Sonny, carley, JAson, anyone seen Guza lurking around. I really don't care anymore. Same church, different pew. Mallorey. I feel your pain in wanting to write nice things about the show but that would really either make you crazy, or watching a different show than we are.

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