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October 03, 2014

"Eight" It Grand? Happy Birthday To Us!

Recently, someone asked me how long I'd been soap blogging for and it took me quite some time (much of that time was spent working through denial over aging and the passage of time) to realize that it wasn't the "like, four or five?" years I originally offered as an answer, but eight. Eight years--as in, eight years today. Our little blog is all grown up! Or if not grown up, at least old enough to be assigned complicated math homework and learn cursive.

When Serial Drama first started--technically, there are posts from July of 2006, but that's because we wanted our readers to have archives to go through. Which they didn't, because we had no readers for a long time. But if we had, we wanted to warmly welcome them with some backdated posts about bad hair, bad fashion and bad characters. We basically hit the ground running with meanness--Becca and I were on Blogger, we used nicknames and really hated Sonny Corinthos. Over the next eight years, so much has happened: we scored an amazing gig writing for Soap Opera Digest; we were lucky enough to meet the best third blogger that we could have possibly dreamed up; among the three of us, there were full-time jobs, a marriage, a baby, and a Master's degree; soaps got cancelled; soaps got TERRIBLE; we wrote 2,269 posts; we earned probably that many Twitter and message board enemies; and we still really hate Sonny Corinthos.

If I could be uncharacteristically sappy for a minute, I'd like to extend a profound thanks to all of you for reading, for commenting, for emailing and for your patience in recent months as posts have dwindled down, thanks to real-life things like "working for a living". You are all amazing and this crazy blog would not have been anywhere near as fun or successful without you chiming in and supporting us. Is it weird to ask for a group hug? It is, right? Because we are strangers and also in cyberspace? Okay, pretend like I never asked...

Thanks for a wonderful eight years, all, and here's to more!



Thank you Mallory and the other Serial Drama girls for your snark and wit and Sonny hate! Cheers!

Thank you Mallory, Becca & Louise for so many hours of fun snark. Sending barware & bullets of love your way.

Congrats on 8 snarky years!

Congratulations, ladies!

Just got the reality check that I have been reading your blog for 6 years now… wow…. in that time, I got my master's degree and had 2 babies! …. and I still love my soaps.

Congratulations are SO in order, as is a heaping helping of thanks for the wonderfully entertaining, witty, and SMART commentary. You folks help get us through the Ford infestation on OLTL, vented with snarky beauty about Ryass Lamery the Douche Lord as he systematically dismantled all that was good on AMC, and have helped me, at least, maintain at least a semblance of sanity with GH.
Thanks, most of all, for the laughs.

Thanks for a great seven years! Congratulations on 8 great years!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Louise saved me from extensive therapy bills over the cancellation of OLTL! You all do great work.

You've made my soap habit less shameful and loads more fun no matter how awful the shows got, and they're Sonny Corinthos sized levels of awful.

Bravo to you ladies, and a big soapy group hug to all of us soap lovers.

Group hug....I'm in! Thanks to you Mallory, Becca and Louise for helping me rant, laugh and just commiserate about my soaps. I look forward to your blog posts every week. My addiction took a serious hit losing AMC and OLTL and you made it less painful.
Sonny hate...I have always been in, and I am in deeper with every show. Ford infestation, oh yah, that was baaaaaad, so , so bad. It feels good to know I was not the only one who felt it!
Thank you thank you....dont ever leave us!

Group hug!!

I've been reading Serial Drama since 2006 - man, does that feel like a long time! Hope you guys are celebrating. So deserved. :)

Happy Birthday, ladies!!!!


As I think back over the years, you all have made me giggle so much from your enduring Sonny hatred, to revoking Patrick's "hotly" title, to wanting to exorcise Robin's blue coat and Carly's wardrobe in general, to all of the Daytime Emmy Blogging Extravanganzas, to Louise's famed piece "A Brain is not a Foot," and to the worst characters in daytime posts, just to name a few.

Love, love, LOVE Serial Drama!!!

Congrats on 8 very entertaining years!

I think I discovered you guys in 2007 and you've since become (and remained!) one of my few go to blogs. Thank you for the witty and honest commentary, the pop culture education (complete with links), and more memorable catch phrases than Seinfeld. I hope you're still here even if the soaps aren't.

Congrats, you guys are so witty I wish you were writing GH, and I also greatly enjoy the commenters here who are just as fun to read.

Me too Janet B. Congrats to all who comment here for 8 years of fun responses and memories of soaps past and present. Thank you all for your opinions that are so wise and so funny.

Congratulations, and I've really enjoyed your blog! It was a breath of fresh air to find a source that reflected my hatred of Sonny Corinthos and the mobbing-up of GH (yes, I know he was interesting in the 1990s, I was watching when he was introduced, but that was 20 years ago and the world has changed).

I like the expansion of coverage into stuff like Nashville and The Fosters, and online shows, and hope to see that continue.

Congratulations! I love your blog and hope you keep it up for years to come, even as my Sonny hatred escalates, as it no doubt will.

A special aside to Louise, you got me through the devastating cancellation of OLTL, a show I had watched for nearly all of its time on television. I still miss Mom, er...Vicki and I think I always will!

Congratulations, and thanks Mallory, Becca, and Louise for SO many laughs! Honestly, your snark made all my soap-watching better! Here's to many more posts - and whoever had the baby, CONGRATULATIONS MOM!

Aww, I missed our own birthday! Thanks for all the thanks, in case any commenters even see this!

(And thanks to Mallory and Becca for letting me crash the party. The very masochistic party.)

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