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February 19, 2015

Nashville: The Happiness Bully

**Quick note: While we are happy to have you paste quotes elsewhere and love it when y'all link other folks to come visit us here at Serial Drama, please do stop short of copying and pasting an entire post! Thank you!


Anyone who's ever read any of my Nashville coverage here on Serial Drama knows full well that my feelings about Scarlett O'Connor are well-documented enough that it often seems pointless to ever address her scenes at all.

But sometimes it's just so hard to resist. 

Last night's episode saw the girl out of whose open mouth diamonds just fly continuing to deal with her uncle's cirrhosis of the liver diagnosis (and vague, bad prognosis). Deacon has downloaded a "Make Your Own Will" kit off the World Wide Web to tie up his loose ends just in case he doesn't get bumped to the top of the transplant list (or, you know, just in case his daughter doesn't eventually find out and donate a slice of her liver in time). Now, such solid planning and forethought does not please our special snowflake Scarlett! 

Scarlettface Scarlettface2 The face I'd make it I had to interact with Scarlett

I can't blame Deacon, as that's the facial expression I'd make if Scarlett were my kin.

Anyway, our little angel apparently has a superstition that making a will can kill you or speed up your death in some way because perhaps her hair extensions are clogging her brain, but Deacon goes on ahead and does the responsible thing and finishes up the will and puts it in a drawer so she'll know where to find it. Which can't hurt. Scarlett, however, has decided if she refuses to make eye contact with said will, it's as if it doesn't exist! 

Later, after a terrifying scene in which Scarlett essentially has several anxiety seizures of some sort while trying to convince the physician to pretend Deacon has decades to live, the country's leading 25-year-old oncologist (who is also blatantly her new love interest) tells Scarlett she's a Happiness Bully, which can be as detrimental to a patient as being the world's biggest pessimist. So she decides to back off a little and stop pretending that denial is the cure for cancer. All is harmonious again at the O'Connor/Claybourne household.

Will, my favorite, was actually in the episode but it didn't advance his story, he mostly served as the most-sober attendee of Luke's and Gunnar's self-pity party. 

Rayna got Maddie out of the recording contract by basically reverse-blackmailing Jeff Fordham (poor dumb Teddy didn't even think about that) (and poor dumb Teddy definitely paid the price for being dumb when Rayna decided to temporarily take full custody of his kids), which ultimately led to Jeff Fordham getting fired and landing at Layla's door for comfort!

Layla and her man He needs the sweet kisses of his girl

THIS LAST BIT DELIGHTS ME. Although... I guess she's still only 20? That's not my favorite thing but at least she's a legal adult. Do it, Fordham! Let love redeem you!

Avery got all up in Sadie's domestic abuse story this week, which was generally awesome in every way because he's Avery. It's pretty great how they've revamped his character after making him so hated in the first season. And he and Juliette continue to be the most precious. Oh, and he did good producer work on Sadie's song, too! Everybody Loves Avery! 

I have to say I'm pretty excited about the music business storylines all of these developments are setting up. Now can Will just somehow get a Jeff Fordham replacement who has a brilliant idea about how to package his public coming out so we can get on with that and get him a love story already??



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