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March 30, 2015

Monday's Biggest Laugh

Today I had no Fosters to watch, and I did take a stab at Days but I got distracted, and I know I get yelled at for not watching General Hospital if I'm in a soap mood, but news from that realm made me grumpy today. So B&B it was, despite no attention to the Maya storyline. So I won't say much, but I just couldn't let today's most hilarious dialogue go unaddressed.

Overstatement of the century

Deacon (to Brooke Logan): You always were mysterious. Just... can't seem to get a read on you.

To Brooke. He said that to Brooke Logan.

Now listen, I enjoy Ms. Logan quite a bit. Even when she's being the absolute worst. In fact, I might enjoy her the most when she's being the absolute worst. But mysterious? No, ma'am. There are few humans on this Earth easier to read than Brooke Logan, bless her stallion-loving heart.

Even she didn't really seem to buy it. 


Poor Deacon. He just thinks he and Brooke have this intense connection (as soap characters always do), and he's just baffled as to what's keeping them apart. So how is our ever-mysterious lady going to handle this? Is she going to take control of her life and find a way to be independent and live a life that doesn't revolve around a man?

Nah, y'all. C'mon. She's going to tell Deacon the only thing that's keeping them from being together is that he's engaged to Quinn.

This is absurd! A silly old engagement is keeping them apart? THAT'S NOTHING!


That IS absurd! Everyone knows Brooke gets turned on by the prospect of stealing another woman's man! LOL.

Love Brooke Logan but hate this alcoholism story. The writing is so lazy. I mean, Deacon finds Brooke's spiraling down something to lust after? Or attending an AA meeting together a "mood setter?" Deacon, just stop. Deacon is no catch and despite being bat-shit crazy, Quinn could do SO much better! Make this stop.

I cannot believe TPTB are trying to pair Brooke and Deacon up! She wasn't interested in him when he showed up, and he's a damn bum and freeloader. This SL is making Brooke look stupid.

And I hate the drinking angle. Brooke never had a problem with booze before, and now she does?

Yeah, it seems like an insta-drinking problem story. Hasn't she only been hitting the sauce for a couple months now?

The AA meetings crack me up, though. I guess no writers there have ever been to one.

She did have a brief alcoholic interlude after the Brill fiasco when she was looking at Stephanie's portrait, but yes, it's been mostly insta.

I love so much that you are back covering B&B. I love Deacon, but I am not a fan of him stringing Quinn along---I feel like they are actually quite good together.

And yes, we enjoy Ms Logan the most when she is being the worst, and the WORST WORST :P Oh the joys of soapdom

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