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March 17, 2015

The Fosters: Not That Kind of Girl

I'm seriously loaded up on DayQuil and Claritin and about thirty other things, so my brain's not working well enough to say much about last night's episode of The Fosters, but as my sappy love for this sweet, sentimental show is my main proof that I'm not 100% cynic and might even have a good heart in there somewhere, I have to at least check in. Right?

Thankfully, after last week's semi-debacle, the show had a steadier outing this time. Stef broke a few rules, but no laws. BABY STEPS, y'all! Speaking of steps, Connor only got shot in the foot. I shoot myself in the foot all the time, it's no big deal! (Nasty colds turn me into a ninety-year old who just loves puns and word play humor! HEAL ME PLEASE.) This is a huge relief, and pretty damn lucky for Taylor's father, who just randomly shoots a gun into the dark when he hears noises in a house he shares with his family. ("Doesn't California have a Stand Your Ground law?" asks Brandon, to which Stef replies, "Something like that." Well, that explains it perfectly, I guess everything's fine now!)

It appeared that Connor had blamed the whole thing on Jude to his dad, but in the loveliest reveal ever, we learn that Connor's dad is full of shit (we already knew that) and that was just his excuse to explain to Lena why Connor and Jude can no longer see each other. Because guess what Connor really told his father, as we found out later via Taylor's borrowed phone?

Connor came out to papa

Jude gets a pretty awesome text

Yes! This is most excellent news!

It's not immediate good news for Jude and Connor's budding romance, of course, because Connor's father is NOT PLEASED. But it's good news for self-realization and honesty and truth and all that great stuff. Because this isn't just Connor coming out to his dad, it's Connor coming out to Jude, to Taylor, and most importantly to himself.  

And so again I say: Yes!

In other news, Monte's on my list now. She's really not so bad, and she's been a good friend to Lena. Fine, fine.

Monte and Lena sitting in a tree

And Lena's probably confided in her a little too much about hyper-personal stuff, and that's not her fault. But now she's outright flirting with Lena (while in the middle of telling her how she shouldn't date subordinates... so what's this?). And worst of all, she pulls that "Ugh, men are the worst, maybe I should try women, that would be so much easier" hogwash that the world is yet to be rid of. Monte, that is possibly the LITERAL WORST thing you can say to a lesbian when you're trying to be a friend. 

Seriously, why do people say that? It's so obnoxious. (Frankly I don't think Sherri Saum really sold how annoyed Lena would be at that, but of course Saum doesn't really know this viscerally as in real life she's Mrs. Antonio Vega [aka Kamar de los Reyes], a gig most recently held by Jessica Buchanan and her thirty-five alters.)

And this is the perfect time for Monte to be moving in, too, because things are not pretty between the Adams-Fosters, though they don't really speak much to each other during this episode. Yet again, Stef springs some nonsense on Lena without running it by her by bringing Ana to stay at their home, I guess till the baby's born? STOP TAKING IN EVERYONE. Get a puppy!


Where was I? Oh. I enjoyed that Brandon was trying to teach Jesús to drive. I like Brandon in sibling mode, and the two of them often go half a season without interacting, so it's nice to see them act like brothers. And Jesús actually gave Brandon good advice about a girl! Will wonders never cease? Apparently it didn't occur to Brandon that he shouldn't just wait for Lou to stop being hurt that he bailed on the summer tour. It took the wisdom of Jesús to help him see the error of his ways. That's a real sentence.

Mariana was a busy little bee in this episode, tracking down her biological grandparents and telling them of Ana's pregnancy (I should mention the later scene in which Mariana reported this news to Jesús, a scene in which Cierra Ramirez was wonderful and Jake T. Austin was...present) and then dealing with still more dance team drama. This time, Emma decided she didn't want to participate anymore because the dances were too sexy and she thinks boys won't take her seriously anymore. Sigh. Serious verisimilitude there, unfortunately. Mariana, however, is a good third-wave feminist and she believes you can be smart and sexy, and if the world doesn't like it, well, by god, they're going to! I LOVE MARIANA. Anyway, she came up with some sort of plan that'll make it so Emma can be a dance team sex pot and a STEM mastermind or something, so I'm looking forward to seeing what that plan is. Because Mariana! 

And now for Callie. Basically, life was easy for Callie this week and everything good happened. Just kidding! This is Callie we're talking about! They got the ball rolling on this emancipation plan and in the process learned that someone had swiped Callie's identity and run up a massive amount of debt. Turns out it was the foster sister of Liam, Callie's former foster brother and rapist. And she was doing it to help Liam make money selling high-end handbags! Good morning, Callie! Today, your rapist (who never got punished) has stolen your identity! Happy Monday!

Hoo. Anyway, Stef went undercover to buy a handbag from Liam and arrest him (with Mike's help! Yay Mike! Getting to do something good!). Turns out Liam actually also stole his current foster sister's identity for some more credit fraud, so Liam's going down. Hilariously, they let Callie sit down at the interrogation table with Liam to show him the file that proves his guilt so she could be all smug at him. Which is a fun little revenge fantasy and it was nice of Stef to let her do it, I guess, even though it was wildly inappropriate, and I'm not going to let it bother me that she didn't seem shaken at all in his presence and they all basically acted like this closed the book on her rape trauma. Because this is TV. 

And now I will go take a bath in cough drops. Happy St. Pat's! Don't step in any green puke today, you guys!


So glad Conner's ok!

I liked Stef's hair in the scene with Liam.

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