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March 03, 2015

The Fosters: Now Hear This

Hello Serial Drama readers! My apologies for skipping out on last week's more regular shows (The Fosters and Nashville), I was buried underneath a pile of heated blankets and misery and couldn't get out.

But you knew after the very, very, very big and wonderful development on last night's episode that I couldn't resist popping in and squeeing around like pre-teen girl at a New Direction concert. (Is that still a thing? Am I inventing that? Was it ten years ago? I should really verify my analogies before applying them.)


Jude and Connor!

Jude and Connor!

Jude and Connor!

They flirted, they practically cuddled, they had a whole bunch of "almost" moments and huge amounts of tension until Jude finally broke it down and basically told Connor to stop being so damn coy. Scary as it was, the direct approach TOTALLY WORKED.

Get it Jude!


My heart can't even handle it. I love it so much. 

I know, I know, ultimately Connor will break Jude's heart. But that's adolescence for you. Generally your teen relationships are not forever (please remember that next time you decide it's a good idea, Brandon and Callie). But this is absolutely adorable. And not too get all "important" about it, but I don't know that we've ever really seen this before on television. This young, I mean. I have so many warm fuzzies it's sickening.

Also, the moms don't know what to think because Connor totally doesn't ping Stef's gaydar, which led to a hilarious conversation about how Lena usually passes for straight but Stef doesn't. This show always cracks me up when it tries to half-sell Stef as a soft butch or something. She's very feminine, show! But they know where their bread is buttered, so they gave her cop uniform a shout-out. And an appearance. But we'll get to that later.

And yeah, yeah, yeah, other storylines.

Well, the students staged a school boycott because of Timothy having been fired, which led to more bonding between Lena and the principal. This also led to Mike trying to surreptitiously give Brandon $1500 so he can go on tour (is he still trying to decide between that and the summer music academy? I get lost in the progress of that sometimes, which is shocking because it is so essential to my life). And Jesus decided not to go to Military Wrestling Academy because it would upset Mariana, who in turn found out about it and demanded he consider going because it's probably a great opportunity (go, Jesus, go!).

Alas, Kiara's been spotted turning tricks in the bad part of town. Of course Callie (with an assist from Stef) basically ensures that she return to Rita and Girls United, and the emotions therein combined with the news about Daphne having confessed to the kidnapping led to Callie finally coming clean to Stef about why she's really moving in with Robert, most importantly that it's not at all what she wants.

Callie broke down and I can't even snark about it, you guys, because I got really choked up. She admitted she thought her mistakes and actions and lies would mean that Stef and Lena wouldn't want her and wouldn't fight to adopt her anymore.

Callie is a sad sad girl

Would not want to be Robert Quinn right now

Annnnd that was heartbreaking.

Stef, in her infinite non-wisdom, immediately went to Robert Quinn's house to basically threaten him and declare war. She looked all hot and official and tough in her police uniform but, uh, Stef. That's not going to look good in court. And it's basically too late now. He's pretty much shown that he's not really interested in being open to sharing, and Stef spitting fire out of her nostrils at him is not going to help.

Therefore I am sad.



Finally! Jonnor!!

Yes, Jude and Connor, OMG OMG OMG!! :squee: I have been waiting for this storyline for sooooo long. Also, it was Connor who kissed Jude on the camping trip, yay!!

I too choked up at Callie's breakdown :sob: And wasn't it telling how much more upset Stef was about Callie leaving than Lena was. Like you said, Louise, Callie is totes Stef's favorite more than Lena's (which is not to say that Lena doesn't love her).

I didn't like the bonding between the principal and Lena, BUT I did like Lena getting a chance to share her feelings about how to explain to Mariana why she doesn't want to adopt Ana's baby while just expecting a baby very recently. That was well done.

Ziyal, yes, I love how they've built such special connections between Stef/Callie and Lena/Jude, specifically. It's not about loving anyone more than anyone else, but it's so honest to show a parent connect with one kid more than another.

Definitely nervous about that principal.

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