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April 23, 2015

General Hospital: The Little Things

I tried. I really meant to watch an entire episode of GH today (and maybe tomorrow) to basically get myself geared up and excited for the Daytime Emmys this Sunday, and I was even going to do a full recap to say hello. I can't quite pull off the play-by-play. But. I do have thoughts.

Well, first I have questions. So many questions. Too many to even put together a partial list, but I think the most important one is: so Julian now runs Johnny's old auto shop?

A few thoughts, then.

- Carlos is still around. Carlos is still really hot and way more charismatic than half the "good guys" on the show. But is he not a good guy? He's certainly working for some mobster or another, but is it a Good Mobster or a Bad Mobster, GH-style? He's getting a Bad Mobster edit, but you never know on this show.

- Spinelli is back. I refuse to discuss this further.

- Sabrina is still on the show. I haven't seen her in a long time. I refuse also to discuss this further.

- There is a new actress playing Kiki. She is not great, she is not awful. I find her more watchable than the last one, but I am a bad person and made my feelings known about... you know. For a long time around these parts. That said, I have this shirt. 

Sweet jesus i guess i dress like kiki jerome

That makes me feel weird. I shouldn't be wearing things that a GH youngster is wearing! Especially not one named Kiki!

- Jordan is a character now. She's a cop. She's in love with Shawn and is going to back down from a case she's working, because that is what cops do on this show when they are in love with mobsters. Do mobsters ever back down on their work because they fall in love with cops?


They don't.

Things that make me wanna cry

Not anymore, anyway. (There is not a sad face emoticon large or melodramatic enough to express my feelings about the Duke Situation.) (Duke, who is currently in the cross-hairs of Carlos's giant scary fancy weapon. I'm not watching Duke die again. I'm not.)

- I know nothing about this whole story with Hayden. And Jake-son. And the other players in that storyline. I do, however, know that Hayden is Rebecca Budig, and I'd be really curious to see her in action here, but she wasn't on today. Does this mean I have to watch another day? Please don't let me get sucked back in.

- Annnnnnd now let's get down to business. Sonny Corinthos made an appearance today. Apparently his latest progeny got kidnapped, as all his progeny are destined to do. This is what, her third or fourth abduction since birth? Anyway, I'm gathering that Kiki and Morgan drugged Michael to make it look like he was drunken and neglectful, but that caused the baby's kidnapping, because they are really good people, like everyone working on behalf of Sonny Corinthos. But y'all? Y'ALL.

Corinthos in dungarees

SONNY CORINTHOS WORE JEANS TODAY. Sonny. Wore. Jeans. And a leather jacket! Is this a usual thing now? Does this red letter thing happen on a regular basis??

I got a good dose of the classic CorinthosLongPause, too, which was a total delight after a long time away! He was talking about how he's been "losing...........[his] mind," to which Michael responded, "And you think that I'm not?" 

Sonny is basically Fonzie

Sonny: I didn't say.....






It was kind of glorious, you guys.

So... who does have the kid?

That's all, folks! Thanks for letting me breeze by so briefly. Come back to Serial Drama this Sunday night, because I can promise you there will be Daytime Emmys live-blogging and I can only imagine we all need to virtually hold each other through whatever's in store there. You shouldn't be alone, y'all. You really shouldn't.


I don't understand the Jordan thing. I mean, if she's been infiltrating the mob since forever, won't she have to testify when the case finally breaks? As far as I know, you have a right to face your accusers in court and have your lawyer crossexamine them. I don't understand why she thinks she can just quit without anybody ever finding out, except Plot Point Hospital. I also don't understand why Anna would be telling her she can't quit now that she's involved with Sean. When Jordan first came to town, her boss, Offscreen Bob, didn't even read Anna into the mission because she was involved with Duke. Pretty sure Offscreen Bob would immediately yank Jordan from undercover if Ron had ever heard of continuity.

Technically, Kiki and Morgan drugged Michael to make him appear like a drunk and unfit. During an unfortunate accident during a drug induced rage, he knocked over the stroller. It went viral and on TV (again thanks to to the vile Morgan and Kiki), they called CPS and Avery was taken from Michael. While at the hospital to be checked for injuries, since nurse Sabrina's word wasn't good enough for CPS, Avery ended up left alone in an exam room and someone swiped her. So that happened on Morgan and Kiki's watch, though technically CPS's fault...she was supposed to be with her but left to get the discharge form. Because apparently those aren't brought to the room on GH.

Sonny's been dressing down since he's disassociating himself (supposedly) from the business while the custody stuff is going on.

I must admit I'm very glad that Sonny was there when Sabrina revealed that Michael had been drugged.

Hayden is supposed to be on tomorrow, apparently she's going to catch Carlos in her room. If she stays true to character, he'll get some action.

Jerome territory includes former Zachhara territory, thus why Julian is in the auto shop. I don't know why he abandoned the art gallery.

Jordan was fire from the DEA, and was brought undercover by Anna to infiltrate Julian/Carlos or maybe ti was Sonny/Duke. I don't remember, because this story should have ended months ago!

The cast bloated, bloated, bloated, so stories from last year are still going strong with most things happening offscreen.

I'm wondering if Duke is being killed off to pad Mo's Emmy reel. Sonny's never really seemed to reciprocate Duke's level of devotion, so if he starts falling apart and giving a bunch of Henry V style inspirational speeches about avenging Duke out of nowhere, well...

I actually have liked Sabrina a lot more ever Teresa came back from maternity leave. Motherhood obviously suits her.

Watching TJ today made me sad because I love scenes where TJ, Shawn, and Jordan are just being a normal family without this extra crap surrounding him.

I miss baby Avery, she has the cutest faces.

I agree, Laura. Sabrina is much more likeable this time around.

We don't know who kidnapped baby Avery. There are a lot of possible suspects but Silas is the most likely because Ava is "dying" and needs bone marrow and the baby could be a match. Nobody knows about it because Ava faked her death to escape prison and Silas is the only one who knows.

Louise, sublimely elegant snarkiness like

"- Spinelli is back. I refuse to discuss this further."

is one of the many reasons why I love it when you're around. Please breeze by (briefly or otherwise) more often!

I ff 90% of this crap, so don't quote me, but I think Carlos is working for the Jeromes. And they're not Sonny so I guess they're the bad mobsters.

I like Jordan but that was legit one of the dumbest things I've seen. This isn't angst, it's stupidity. You're a cop. He's a hit man. An inept hit man bit still. And you're railing that you don't care about the evidence, he can't go to jail because you luv him and it isn't fair? Okay, show. I hope he never finds out how wrong you were to become a cop so you can pack him a lunch every day and tell him you hope he has a swell day with better aim and a trail of bodies.

Don't get too excited about Rebecca Budig, Louise, because she's getting all twisted for Nikolas.

So is Jordan just a completely new character on the show who came for a case, or is she related to anyone on canvas?

Carlos is working for Julian so yeah.. he's supposed to be a "bad" mobster.

Rebecca Budig is only on short term and is rumored to have filmed her last scenes but also rumored to be coming back in the Summer.

Jordan is T.J.'s mom and came on working for F.B.I., W.S.B. or whatever passes for federal law enforcement. She also had an affair with Shawn while married to T.J.'s father and that is why Shawn killed him in self defense. Speculation is that he is really T.J.'s dad. She was there to infiltrate the Jerome's when Julian came out of witness protection and resumed the mob life. Jordan went to work for Ava at the art gallery undercover but was fired for incompetance from the Feds so Anna kept her on as a paid informant since she was already in with Julian. Julian put a hit out on her when he found out she was shady so she switched to Sonny and Co to keep up the good work. Oh and she's an idiot.

Jordan started out as DEA, and then was fired, before being hired undercover by Anna last year....

Shawn is so boring. It is hard to believe the character has been on the show for four years!

The thing is too, when Jordan first came on, Shawn, who is, of course, Sonny's hit man, was totally up on a high horse judging her for being a morally derelict person and unfit parent. Yes. You read that correctly. So everybody was upset about Sean's hypocrisy and about finally bringing on an African-American actress in a largish role only to make her character a criminal. So when she turned out to be an undercover agent, everybody was really pleased for a change, but Ron just can't help messing everything up and outGuzaing Guza with this "We're mob, we're proud, get used to it!" Foolishness.

Yes when Jordan first came on, her cover story was she did time in prison from selling drugs. That is why Shawn had guardianship of T.J. His mom was in prison and as soon as she gets out, the first thing she does in go to work for the Jeromes so T.J. and Shawn both hated her. Shawn was totally hypocritical and nasty being a mobster himself. I really like Jordan but her waffling back and forth about being undercover, her stupid out in the open meetings with Anna and her endless botching of what should have been an easy job has been really stupid. Of course every smart character must be made stupid for Ron to deliver those FIREWORKS! BIG REVEALS! ANTICIPATION! Like Sam SUPER GENIUS P.I. not figuring out Jake was Jason in the first few minutes knowing Jason was alive, with Robin who was proven to have cured Helena and Stavros at the same time Helena was at Chrighton Clark, had a chip in his head from Helana, first appeared injured when the Crighton Clark was bombed, couldn't kill her, had dreams about sleeping with her and stole an object that only had meaning to her and Jason... but NO! Stupid stupid plot devices ruining great characters.

It doesn't get any better Louise. The only Fluke story line was changed because apparently everyone figured out that Fluke was going to be Bill Eckert. So Ron changed it to Luke accidentally killing his mother and then killing his dad. They brought Luke's older sister Patricia on for 2 episodes and then she died. However, she did leave a daughter who is going to be in a love triangle with Dante and Lulu. Do yourself a favor and keep watching Nashville instead.

The episode that revealed what happened in Luke's past was so wonderful, though. It's my fave episode in a long time.

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