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April 16, 2015

Nashville: Nobody Knows But Me

Four things. Just four.

1. Nope.

I'm not going to allow it

I repeat: nope.


2. Will! First of all, Will was on the episode. Second of all, he actually just has a plain old legitimate crush and doesn't just want to cruise dudes in the park anymore. He actually wants to date Kevin! And he told him so!

Finally, Will!

Go, Will! Honestly, all his fumbling attempts to spend more time with Kevin were completely adorable. People coming to terms with their own sexual orientation a little later on often talk about it as a "second adolescence" because while puberty is physically long over, you have to re-navigate crushes and first kisses all over again from a completely different perspective. It's really refreshing to see Will do that, though I doubt Ole Kev is going to be on board for how deep Will's closet is. 


3. MADDIE IS THE WORST. We already know what a terrible brat she can be, and one must make allowances for a certain amount of general teen sulking. But really. Note to Rayna: it's not okay for your kids to talk to you like that. And do you know what'll encourage them to continue talking to you like that in the future? Revoking their punishment at the last second just because someone else convinces your kid to apologize. I got a good chuckle out of Rayna and Deacon hoping that Luke's son is "one of the good ones," and then confidently assuring themselves that at least they know their daughter is. One of the good ones. Maddie. One of the good ones. Maddie, who managed to make Deacon's CANCER all about her.


4. Uh oh.

Oh dear

New parents Avery and Juliette are not exactly seeing eye-to-eye on how to manage child care for li'l Cadence. Which is fine in theory as it's an obligatory plot point in any new-baby story, but here's why it's not fine in actuality: it led to Avery quitting the band so they could avoid having to rely on a nanny. And Avery quitting the band is very very very very bad because it just leaves a certain two people in that band and STOP TRYING TO MAKE GUNNAR AND SCARLETT HAPPEN, SHOW.

I swear the show is just trolling me with that nonsense.


But Will has had a crush before, on Brent. BRENT!

(But okay, those scenes were cute.)

I know, I know! But he was in denial about that crush. He actually wants to go on a date with Kevin! Progress!

I think Kevin is going to get bored with staying in and ordering pizza and watching movies with Will. Will is going to have to make a choice if he falls for Kevin, go public with the relationship or stay alone by himself in the closet. Of course, that will probably be the cliffhanger for the season. Here's hoping that the show gets renewed for a fourth season.

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