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April 09, 2015

Nashville: This Just Ain't A Good Day For Leavin'

I agree, episode title! Bummer to lose Laura Benanti (Sadie), but I'd heard so much casting news about her lately (I can't picture her in a superhero show, but stranger things have happened) that I figured it was inevitable. Though I suppose she could still return, it did feel fairly final. Considering her storyline this entire season was building up to this self-defense shooting incident, it feels a little off, so I wonder if they had to change things midstream and she wasn't originally going to leave right away. I was actually interested in the developing relationship with Luke! Now what's the point of Luke? You tell me!

I suppose since my entire shtick around here for Nashville is hating on Scarlett, I should address this: the fact that she's been reduced to more of a supporting role this season has been a bit of a relief and likely the main reason I haven't been motivated to do a post for every episode. But hoo boy, these two episodes have been rough. Last week's because she was back to her old infuriating self (apparently she's never heard of Twitter before, and by the way is totally comfortable going on tour and performing in front of huge crowds now, everything's solved so I ask you: WHY did we have to go through all that?!) (the worst was her totally naive shock that people on the internet would say something unkind about someone they DON'T EVEN KNOW! Oh, Scarlett, that's the theme of the internet.), this week's because: ugh, Gunnar and Scarlett. We're now pretending that Gunnar's still been madly in love with Scarlett this whole time (here's a hint, Gunnar: if you're in love with someone, don't date their best friend and have her move in with you). We're also pretending that Scarlett waited and waited for Gunnar to return to her for the right reasons (exemplified by how she got back together with her ex-boyfriend, so yeah, yeah, that holds up). 

Scarlett is not all that flattered

Blow the diamonds in my mouth!

Okay, it's true that Gunnar did manage to write her a song about how flippin' diamonds come out every time she opens her kewpie mouth, but that was about the only hint we got that she still held such significance for him. But now he's back to wanting to be the one responsible for catching all of those bile-covered diamonds, and he's handling it by being pissy and mean, since that's usually the way the get the girl. 

It hurts, y'all. And I hope Avery doesn't stop playing with them, I do not want to go back to the duo days.

Speaking of people being dicks to someone they love "because" they love them, Maddie decided to slam doors and sulk and be an asshole to Deacon because he was inconsiderate enough to go out and get cancer for himself.

Mad Maddie

Who helped them make peace? Teddy, of all people! (I really like Teddy in family mode, but his other storyline right now is too dumb to even bother making fun of.) Deacon did attempt the "you better get out of there on the count of three!" trick, which Daphne calmly and coolly informed him only works on little children. Sometimes Daphne is my favorite character on this show. I'd even consider having a kid if someone could guarantee I'd get that one.

Speaking of having kids (damn, my transitions are writing themselves today!), Juliette popped out one of her own. The beauty of the huge temper tantrum she threw at her baby shower was that getting to stomp around and throw things means that by this point in filming, Hayden Panettiere had already given birth and can move around now and we'll finally get to see more of her!

I brought you a nice cake!

What do you MEAN five-inch heels are unwise right now

It's been dark days just seeing her on a quick phone call for months. And of course the highest highlight of the episode was when she found out why Sadie's crisis had taken Rayna away from the shower and furiously screamed about how Sadie would dare "choose to shoot someone" the day of her baby shower! BATTERED WOMEN WHO HAVE TO MURDER THEIR ABUSIVE HUSBANDS IN PARKING GARAGES ARE SO SELFISH, AMIRITE?

I love her. 


There's the little squirt

It's Baby To Be Named By Viewers! What a beautiful name.

As always, an episode without Will is not okay with me. And moreover I'm dealing with these weird feelings of also being mad about no Layla or Jeff since I'm totally 'shipping them now like some crazy person. They better be on next week, that's all I'm saying!


Definitely do not want a Scarlett and Gunnar reunion. Please!

Louise, did you know yet that the show hired broadway actor Kyle Dean Massey to play Will's new potential love interest and songwriting partner Kevin Bicks? Let's hope that he gets to stick around more and not disappear off the face of the earth like Brent did! And I heard that Laura Benanti can still do both Nashville and Supergirl, since she's on recurring status on both shows, and she plays Kara's (Supergirl's real name) bio mom on the latter show! And I do love Luke and Sadie together! And what do you think about Christina Aguilera upcoming multi-recurring guest arc as Jeff's ex-fiancé and pop music singer Jade St. John, Louise?

Chris, I had no idea Kevin was going to be Will's new love interest. I mean I figured he might be considering the set-up but I hadn't really seen any mutual interest in the scenes just yet. Hope it happens!

I don't really know about Benanti dividing her time between NYC and LA and Nashville. Not in any major way. But there's always room for her return. I hope so, I liked her.

I knew Aguilera was making an appearance but I foolishly assumed it was as herself, not a character with a whole history and storyline. This makes me nervous!

If hating on Scarlett is a shtick, it's one I enjoy. Not as much as I enjoy the hating on Sonny Corinthos shtick I also came here for off and on, but a worthy one nonetheless.


Don't worry, Sarah M, the hating on Sonny Corinthos shtick will never die here on Serial Drama, even if it's just for occasional visits!

I love the fact that on any given day Daphne will be the most mature person in an entire episode of Nashville.

I know, O42! It's hilarious. And not in an annoying way, like that whole over-written precocious wise child trope. She actually makes perfect sense to me.

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