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May 29, 2015

A Small Concern

Look, she's a pretty girl, which perhaps is the biggest problem here. I'm trying to understand why, at the ripe old age of 28, Jacqueline McInnes Wood has felt it necessary to have this much work done?

Steffy's face

I'm not mad, I'm just worried, y'all.

The silver lining is that it's highly likely that we're only dealing with a little collagen here and a little botox here, both in ways that are reversible. But it looks like she's had such serious lip injections that her upper lip cannot touch her lower lip without stress. At rest, it's just riding up and poking out there.

Upper lip at rest

Worst-case scenario, however, is probably the thing we're all thinking: there has been a bad influence in her life acting as a mother figure. Or, you know, literally playing her mother. Said influence is probably a very, very wonderful person, and I feel guilty even bringing it up because I'd bet she wishes some of her choices in this arena were reversible.

It's important to have good role models, people.

(Side note: I recently caught an awesome bad Lifetime movie she starred in. I think it was called Her Husband's Betrayal but that's pretty much just spinning the Lifetime Title Wheel, so I could be off. If you're a trashy-Lifetime-movie junkie like I am, I highly recommend it if you haven't caught it already. Every cliche and trope is there, as well as some excellent double-crosses.)


Good Lord. If she's looking like this at 28(!) she'll be in cat woman territory by the time she's Hunter Tylo's age.

I can't even watch Hunter in anything anymore it's just so depressing. At least Jackie Zeman doesn't look so scary these days.

The amount of work this woman has had done has been distracting for some time now. Particularly, because I don't feel she is a strong actress. So, whenever she shows up on B&B I just sit in awe of her cosmetic enhancements. She looks so much older than her actual age.

I just don't get it. I KNOW the pressure to do this is, for actresses (and maybe actors too) tremendous. Really, I know that. But they have so many examples around them of cosmetic surgery gone bad--in fact, they must outnumber examples of good cosmetic surgery like 100 to 1--that one would think they'd be scared to death to try it. If you were playing Hunter Tylo's daughter on a show and (OK, you're right, Louise, she's probably a wonderful person and all) looked up to her as a role model of any kind, wouldn't just looking at her, period, persuade you that cosmetic surgery was a roulette wheel you probably would not win against if you chose to spin it?

That is such a shame, and yes, it needs to be pointed out. I hope she sees this post and stops doing that stuff to her face, ugh.

And yes, Louise, bad Lifetime movies are awesome :D Thanks for the recommendation!

Bad plastic surgery? Leslie Charleson. monica on GH

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