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June 02, 2015

Day's Dumbest Dialogue

It's been a while since there's been enough inspiration to do a post in this category! Thanks, B&B!

But seriously. I hope the intention behind this was that Ridge is a ridiculous human. Unfortunately, though, it certainly was presented as a big revelation of truthiness.  

Ridge (to Steffy): It goes back to my mom. Who she loved the most. That question was always around but never asked around the dinner table. It was always there. But my mom, she knew something that Dad and I did not. That I was her biological son, but not his. That colored everything. The way she treated us, the way we treated each other. And you know what, Stef? Looking back, I think my dad and I, we never had a chance. 

Sweet mercy, you guys. As if it isn't bad enough that this show keeps going back to the "who is Mommy and Daddy's favorite?" well ABOUT MIDDLE-AGED ADULTS, we are still being subjected (umpteen years after this reveal) to this idiotic notion that Ridge is somehow less of a Forrester BECAUSE ADOPTION. Seriously?

Not to mention the obvious issue that Ridge and Rick didn't even grow up together. Poor Thorne.

What century is this? Can we bring Hillary B. Smith back as Dr. Barton to get Ridge and Rick some serious therapy? It's not really that fun to watch a competitive business story when the two brothers in competition are both jackasses. Who does one root for? Hell, at this point I'd probably stand up and cheer if somehow Quinn ended up the CEO.


Not only do they keep harping about this, but they also keep changing history---did Steph really know he was not Eric's?!

I am super entertained that B&B is still strong in the Day's Dumbest Dialogue, heeeeee :D

Sidenote: I have finally started watching and completed watching Nashville (had a couple of massive Nashville marathons). Any chance you will be covering it again next season? Or do you have any snark about the finale? :P

Ziyal, Nashville has sort of become a maybe/maybe not proposition for me from episode to episode. I hate to admit it, but it comes on past my bedtime, so I watch it first thing in the morning and then I go to work for the day. Sometimes it feels like 24 hours later is already a little too late in the TV-episode-discussion cycle. I can't deal with these 10pm shows!

But if I have a burst of energy in the morning, or if something happened that I just can't help but comment on, I'm in!

So dumb.. so very, very, dumb and offensive... I'm tired of middle-aged people acting like angsty teenagers. It's a problem that all the soaps seem to have lately and it's so ridiculous. So dumb.

Though what's making me sad right now is
s that B&B might be the soap in the best shape right now. Days is boring and poorly executed, GH has it's bright spots but it's a mess and JFP and Pratt are running Y&R.

Can I just vote "Yes" to anything that brings Hillary B. Smith back? I miss her like crazy.

It's not as if there's no work to do; the majority of the town could use a shrink. And with Taylor gone (not that she's been a credible shrink in at least a decade anyway), somebody needs to fill the void.

Louise, I totally understand. I rarely watch shows live anyway, and 10pm is actually a really bad slot for Nashville considering the target audience. And they're not even "using" the 10pm slot for more "love" scenes either, which is a shame for such a soapy show.


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