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June 24, 2015

Devious Maids: Since You Went Away

Let's visit some Devious Maids, shall we? My apologies in advance for whatever confusion I might experience. I binge-viewed the first two seasons of this show, and am finding it harder to remember details in weekly form now that I'm actually watching the episodes as they air! (If anyone of you are new to it or thinking of being new to it, I assure you, it's highly binge-worthy. Netflix has the first season, and Hulu has both of the first two seasons.)

So Carmen is looking for the red dress that Blanca was wearing, but Taylor says Blanca quit and took all her things without leaving a note. I'm so confused about what's going on in this storyline and really excited to find out. I loved the slow-burn of the Rebecca-esque storyline last year, so I'm assuming this might be played at a similar pace of small reveals.

Not lisa niles

And yes, Taylor is played by Brianna Brown, formerly Batshit Crazy Lisa Niles on General Hospital. Her hair is much more sensible here, and she's not running around a boat trying to inject HIV into anyone.

Ernesto is alive and Rosie doesn't seem all that happy about it. Poor Ernesto. Kind of a bummer to come back from the dead and your wife is all, "Damn, you're kinda ruining my new deal here!" Spence is not pleased. Spence is generally not pleased, and has trouble adulting so this can't lead to anything good.

Zoila and Genevieve are bonding in their generally adorable and wonderful way. My favorite relationship on the show.

Spence is surprised and pissy that Rosie is going to bring Miguel to see HIS FATHER. Don't be gross, Spence.

Sebastian is trying to get Carmen back, and she's making it a little too easy. 

Carmen's headwear

Also, can we talk about Carmen's head... necklace? Headlace? Is this a fashion trend someone needs to fill me in on?

Jesse (the male maid placed with Gail Fleming by Marisol) (who is played by the former Cameron on Days of Our Lives, by the by) finds a severed hand in the bushes. Part of a matching set? He is maid-ing, by the way, shirtlessly. This maid can somehow afford a spectacular personal trainer.

The girls are all together! Drinking Zoila's unused wedding wine. They're worried about what might have happened to Blanca.

Carmen wishes death on blanca

Wait, no, Carmen's not worried. Carmen hopes Blanca is dead. That was a great dress.

Michael tries to get dirt from their daughter (is her name Katie?) on what Taylor was up to while he was away. Katie confirms that a man was in the house to see Taylor. Doesn't Katie hate Michael a lot? I'm so confused.

Jesse fills Marisol in on the hand situation. And by "hand situation," I mean the severed hand he has in a Ziploc in his bag.


Removing body parts from a crime scene: what could possibly go wrong?

Zoila goes to Genevieve's doctor's appointment with her for support. Turns out the doc wants to tell Genevieve that he's in love with her. Susan Lucci is the cutest.

Adrian Powell wants to be dominated, so he fakes a back injury that requires Carmen to walk on his back in stilettos. He is delighted

Ernesto and Rosie try to explain the situation to Miguel. Miguel has a perfect response.

My two dads

Miguel: There's a kid in my class with two dads! He always wears a scarf.

No homo

I now like Miguel for the first time, it's official. Ernesto wants to know if Rosie loves Spence more than she loves him. She can't really answer that, but does tell him she's choosing Spence. He throws a wrench into things when he asks Rosie to let Miguel come back to Mexico to live with him. 

Apparently Genevieve's doctor's appointments "felt like dates" to her. Is Susan Lucci awesome at comedy or what? I hate to say it, but letting go of Erica Kane might have been a wonderful thing for her. She's on fire here.

Marisol just goes ahead and brings the hand back to Gail during her book group. Many hand-related puns ensue. Gail fires Jesse and he offers up his maid services to Marisol personally. She looks very tempted. It involves a hair toss.

Mr. Powell "thanks" Carmen with fancy shoes. She is quite pleased and makes it known she is open to more bribes for his little kink.

Rosie cries. (I could probably just make a macro for that sentence and run it on repeat.)

Zoila serves dinner on Genevieve's date with Christopher.

Let's gab about facelifts

They compare notes on the various work they've had done on their faces. I suppose that's as good a date topic as any! Christopher's off on a Grecian fellowship for six months and invites Genevieve. She's all in! Also, Christopher is played by that actor who played Elaine's boss on Seinfeld. (This show is full of HITG -- Hey, It's That Guy/Girl! -- actors.)

Carmen lays it on pretty thick, trying to make Sebastien upset about her indulging Mr. Powell. 

Marisol is enjoying her new maid in the following way:

  The most devious maid of all

Someone is impressed

New employment going well!

Carmen takes Adrian up on his offer to pay her to humiliate and dominate him. Whee!

They have commercials for Myrtle Beach on the episode, and the first few times I was convinced the jingle was singing about "Murder Beach" and I sure was confused.

Rosie and Spence offer to help Ernesto stay in the U.S. so he can get to know Miguel better. He agrees, reluctantly. Mostly because he has no choice.

Zoila is heartbroken that Genevieve wants to leave for six months. She'll be all alone with the baby. 

The sads

Genevieve agrees to stay so she can be there for Zoila. I could not love these two more.

Taylor watches the news report, where the body parts have been matched to Louis Becker, a tennis pro. Apparently Genevieve had an affair with him once, and the cop shows up at her house to question her. D'oh!

What did everyone think of the episode? If you've been watching since the beginning, who are your favorite characters? What have your favorite storylines been? Did you miss Evelyn Powell as much as I did in this episode? What other fun daytime connections have you spotted in this series? 


Yay for this recap!!! Inside scoop here from the writers room, we missed Evelyn Powell in this episode too but we tried to give you some juicy stories to ease the pain! And personally, I'd watch a spin-off show called "Murder Beach!" Lifetime? Who's with me?

i stopped watching but now i think i need to go to Hulu and suffer the commercials and catch up

Darryl, you really should! The commercials are such a pain, but it's such a fun show to binge because of how carefully plotted everything is. I love all the crazy coincidences and the little things that seem irrelevant but then become major later in the season. It's very clever. (Though of course I will snark the hell out of it moving forward -- no one is immune!!)

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