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June 30, 2015

Devious Maids: Talk of the Town

Shall we give another shot at our favorite Atlanta-as-Beverly-Hills posse of maids and maid-adjacent individuals?

Let's do it!

Genevieve gets questioned by a detective about this Louie Becker fellow. Michael is present as her attorney, and Zoila is present because she's Zoila. "It's my first murder investigation!" says Genevieve, like a belle at her first cotillion. She admits to having had an affair with Louie after "passing" on several questions, and finally explained why their affair ended: "We didn't have a lot in common. I'm delightful, and he's a slimy little weasel!"

La Lucci is delightful

I do like her so.

Marisol is mortified when Jesse shows up for his maid gig at her house and she's still in her nightgown and has her Biore strips on. (I'm assuming that's what they are?)

Bad timing

Can i please fold your panties

They have some flirtation and we learn definitively that Marisol does not appreciate use of the word "panties."

While they help Ernesto move into a new apartment, Spence and Ernesto clash a little over religion, leading to Ernesto finding out Rosie hasn't been taking Miguel to church. Ernesto disapproves and announces he's going to start taking Miguel to church on Sunday mornings, which does not thrill Spence. That's his special park time with Miguel! (Spence, parks are always there. Settle it on down.) 

This particularly hairstyle on Rosie keeps making me think that she's shaved one side of her head.

Rosie is a punk rocker

No judgment, of course. I had that 'do for a time myself, but something tells me Rosie doesn't have an adolescent punk rock phase in her past. Rosie doesn't seem like Riot Grrrl material, with all due respect.

What was I talking about? Oh, while I was blathering on, Michael asked Taylor if she remembers anything from the night of the Becker murder that's worth bringing up, and she accidentally forgets how her living room was drenched in blood, like you do.

Carmen is doing some sort of flogging on Adrian Powell. Also like you do.

Genevieve confesses to Zoila that she and Louie made a sex tape, and while she's not ashamed of that in theory, she's uncomfortable because on that tape they tried a sex position called The Blooming Orchid, for which you have to be "quite limber," and which Louie showed his buddies at the club. Lucci gets to say "The Blooming Orchid" more than once and it's a beautiful thing.*

Rosie walks in on Ernesto in a towel and completely loses the ability to speak.

More shirtless guys on this show

Like you do?

Marisol stops by the Powells to see how Carmen is doing as their new maid. She stumbles upon quite the eye-full.

Good times

More flogging! It's only natural! Marisol later reads Carmen the riot act, but I have to say Marisol doesn't sound that shocked about the whole thing. The two then talk about how hot Jesse is, which he overhears since he's cleaning the air vents. Mortification ensues!

Katie asks Taylor why she's taking medicine, and Taylor explains anti-depressants to her. Well, sort of. She says that sometimes grown-ups feel sad and pills make them happy. I guess Katie is too young to learn that vodka works the same way?

Zoila spills the beans about the sex tape to Carmen, who keeps the secret for approximately eight seconds before she spills it to Evelyn as leverage to keep her job. I mean, in all fairness, eight seconds is a lot of restraint for Carmen. And did I mention that of course Carmen already knew what the Blooming Orchid position is?

Ernest comes over to seduce Rosie, who resists for... well, about eight seconds. They start doing the deed until... she wakes up. Soap dream!

Speaking of limber

But speaking of limber sex positions! In case you can't tell from the screencap, yes, those are her knees up there at her chin.

Evelyn heads down to the tennis club to pay Louie's old buddies for dirt on Genevieve's old sex tape.

Adrian requests that Sebastien add a sex dungeon to the house, which makes Sebastian all pissy. Y'all know how grumpy husbands get when somebody wants to do kinky stuff with their mistresses. Later, though, Carmen tells him she's done with all that anyway, which leads to a kiss...

Harriet the spy

...that Adrian sees.

Michael asks Marisol if she has any contact info for Blanca and Marisol hands over an emergency contact number for her sister.

Genevieve goes out to eat with Christopher and lets him down gently about the Greece trip. Evelyn shows up and she and Genevieve exchange some masterful passive-aggressive comments. At that very moment, Evelyn texts the sex video to every single person at the club. Genevieve looks a bit horrified, but Christopher? Christoper looks impressed. "Is that the Blooming Orchid?" he asks.

Rosie goes to confession because of her dream, and confuses the living crap out of the priest, what with her having two husbands. He points out that a dream is not a sin, but that she's actually still married to Ernesto. So sleeping with Spence is the sin. Rosie has never been terribly swift, so this is the first she's realized that her first marriage is still legit. Shouldn't this concern her even more about her green card status? Of course I suppose if there had been a death certificate for Ernesto....? Oh, now my head hurts. Soaps!

Michael accuses Taylor of having paid off Blanca for her silence. Turns out he actually paid Louie Becker to spy on Taylor to find out if she was having an affair the very night Louie turned up dead. Taylor refuses to tell him anything, so he leaves to stay at a hotel. 

Zoila finds out it's her fault the sex tape got out. Genevieve is angry. They have a nasty fight and it makes my heart hurt and Genevieve announces that she's going to Greece after all.

Marisol has a little chat with Jesse to make it certain that employer/employee boundaries are clear. Jesse basically says, "Okee doke, but I think you're super-hot," and gives her a look that tells us he's not really on top of boundaries. But wants to be on top of her. (She doesn't mind.)

Taylor is freaking out on the phone that while Blanca was paid off, she's supposed to have gone back home rather than disappearing altogether.

Things are not at all going well for taylor

Katie doesn't like that her mom is so sad, so she dumps her entire bottle of pills into her wine. Because she thinks that will make her mother extra happy! See, nothing can go wrong when you tell children a pill can make people happy!

Carmen tries to tell Adrian she's calling off their whole S&M routine, but he blackmails her into continuing with it or he'll expose her affair with Sebastien. (I'd guess Adrian finds blackmail just as hot as he finds being dominated.) Bottom line: there will be more flogging, y'all.

Spence tries to get it on with Rosie and she fakes sick. Because Jesus! And Genevieve tells Christopher she'll be going on their Grecian journey after all. He's thrilled, of course, because now he'll get a Blooming Orchid in Athens!

Marisol goes to the Stappords' house (across town, where it's a lot lighter outside) and Katie tells her Taylor won't wake up.

Uh oh

She's had the wine with all the "happy pills!" It's a shame. Any child with a real education would've known not to put pills in her mom's wine to make her happy; just pour her more wine!

The end!

*Let's all just take a moment to be thankful that Erica Kane never talked about a tape of her doing the Blooming Orchid. Because think about it: WHAT IF IT HAD BEEN WITH RYAN LAVERY?


UGH! I had forgetten about Erica and RYAN. Thanks a lot, LOUISE!!! ;)

OMG .. la la la la .. that Ryan Erica thing never happened no no no no

Ha! I had a feeling I might give some folks a bit of PTSD by mentioning Erica/Ryan!

I'm so behind on the Fosters, but the screencaps on this recap are beyond hilarious! Never stop, Louise! PLEASE!

I wonder how the Blooming Orchid compares to the Venus Butterfly from LA Law ;) You have to love the names of these fictional sex positions.

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