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August 18, 2015

The Fosters: Lucky

I'll be brief but I thought I should at least acknowledge the season finale of The Fosters. Or the mid-season finale? Summer finale? I still can't quite figure out how it works.

I was kind of dreading sitting down for the episode after I flipped right out last week when Callie and Brandon "finally" had sex, and this week we were treated to rationalizations like "We didn't do anything wrong, we weren't even technically fostering you at the time!" (that gem via Brandon, naturally)

It is perhaps a little odd that Brandon considers himself to be part of the unit that was fostering Callie, as if sibling-fostering is a specific action verb, and he feels himself to be a fosterer of this teenage girl, maybe -- JUST MAYBE -- it's still gross that he boned her. And now he did literally bone his sister.

I guess? Because this being The Fosters, the big adoption celebration at the end could completely explode in the first episode of Season 3B because somebody somewhere forgot to cross a T or because it actually turns out Callie's bio-mom is alive. Really, what would this show's throughline be if not "a new wrench in Callie's adoption!"? I don't believe for a second that the show is going to abandon the creepy sexual tension between Brandon and Callie, so I imagine we'll have awkward scenes of Brandon getting an eyeful of his little sister in her skivvies, or super-sexy brushing-up-against-each-other moments in the family mini-van. And so help me if Callie ended up with an oopsie pregnancy... SO HELP ME. Well, I don't know what I'd do, since anything I would do is pretty much irrelevant to the storytelling and, also, these people aren't real. I think? 

Let it not be said that my heebie-jeebies precluded a sense of humor! The look on Callie's face when she post-coitally walked into the kitchen and found out the adoption was going through after all because MAYBE POTENTIAL OUTCOMES ARE CALLED POTENTIAL AND NOT ABSOLUTE FOR A REASON (and should not lead one to sibling-sex)... well, it was hysterical.

Everyone delivers the good news Oops i fucked my big brother

I was delighted that she felt like an idiot for her behavior because, hey, her behavior was idiotic. Brandon barely registered an expression other than "hangdog" for the entire episode, but I'm not entirely sure how that distinguishes it from other episodes. 

In other news, the show threatened to take Connor away from Jude as it seems he's moving to L.A. to live with his mother, who apparently gives him less pushback on the whole gay thing. I appreciated that they made it clear his father wasn't kicking him out -- as a parent struggling to accept his son's sexuality, he really is not that bad. He spent Father's Day at his son's boyfriend's house (with his son's boyfriend's lesbian parents), after all. Dude is making an effort! That's a lot more than plenty of LGBT kids can say about their parents, many of whom never move out of "denial" or "complete rejection."

Taking away #Jonnor, though? Cruelty!


Cruelty to the audience!

Who else do we need to check in on? Mariana! Mariana, after a heart-to-heart with her grandfather, decided she should tell Mat that she's not going to grovel or beg for his forgiveness anymore, because she's managed to forgive herself. I'm sure that made Mat feel a lot better! I don't actually recall any begging or groveling, so this didn't exactly feel like the cathartic, triumphant moment they were playing it as. But at least now Mat can sleep better at night knowing that Mariana no longer feels bad about cheating on him! Anyway, he kind of fabulously told her, "Okay cool, we're never getting back together but good for your emotional health" and walked out. Ouch! (But seriously, that's about the best she could expect after "Just letting you know I forgive myself for what I did to you, so let's reunite!")

Self-acceptance is a beautiful thing, Mariana, but maybe the people you've hurt aren't going to be as moved by your announcement of it as you think they are! "You're welcome, I forgive me!"

So Monte confessed directly to Lena that she's in love with her but would never try to get in the middle of a marriage which, listen Monte, I get that this episode celebrates honesty (in part) but actually confessing that you're in love with someone (and also telling people in their social circle about it) isn't the most respectful way to "not get in the middle of a marriage." It still implies: "By the way, you can have me if you decide you want me!"

This news did not thrill Stef. For some reason!

Stef and lena

Lena and Stef hosted an anniversary party for Lena's parents in the middle of all this drama, at which point we're reminded that Lena's father and Lena's stepbrother are on the outs due to his having used a racial slur against her mother years ago that he won't even acknowledge. Also, STEF'S MAMMOGRAM WAS INCONCLUSIVE! Good grief, plot contrivances that are totally unnecessary! There was plenty of drama already! SETTLE DOWN, SHOW!

Anyway, everyone made up with the bro and Stef's health turned out fine, so Stef and Lena were inspired by that and the beauty of two of their children just having sexed it up with each other, and they made up. Nah, not really the part about their kids. They don't know about it. The show's saving that tasteless nugget for later (reminder to Callie: you already told Daphne, dumbass!). And while Stef and Lena's scenes together were great (and I can't say enough about how lovely Teri Polo and Sherri Saum are in these roles and with one another), it felt way too easy after a season of build-up.

It really was kind of an exhausting episode. Also, did you know a random audience of foster children are just allowed to go to family court to applaud someone whose vlog they watch? WELL THEY ARE.


Did you also know that Jesus has gotten really tall since he went to wrestling camp (wrestling summer school?), and has apparently already been kicked out? (It's okay, Jesus, your older brother has already proven this season that you can break all the rules, get kicked out, get re-admitted, break more rules, and still win!)

Honestly, I think the ultimate conclusion in the courthouse when the adoption finally gets green-lit would've actually conjured up some tears for me if last week (and the opening of last night's episode) hadn't been so revolting, but here we are. We'll see. Maybe. I'm running low on good will.


Meh. Callie has some freaking huge foster brother issues. The adults around her seem to know this. Rita sure as hell knows it. But hey, let's just sweep this under the rug and place Callie permanently with a teen boy(a boy she has major romantic/lustful feeling for----and the feelings are mutual) as her "new brother". Why isn't Rita, Stef, Lena and hell, even Jude, demanding that Callie start some real therapy? And since when do judges EVER like being disagreed with by some bratty teen with a criminal history?

Stef has a sudden cancer scare! That goes nowhere!

Lena's older half brother is suddenly ok!

Mariana was cool with herself cheating on her boyfriend with her sister's ex! And she tells her boyfriend just that!

Jesus came home taller!

Rita gets a save from Callie and in return she totally abandons common sense and just ignores the fact that Brandon and Callie were lying about their feelings for each other. Because people who work with troubled teens for their profession always know that ignoring major recurring behavioral issues is just for the best!

The whole episode was just a letdown for me. Lena's brother stuff should've been in another episode. Maybe something with just Stef, Lena, the brother and the parents. Yeah, he used a crude, mean word, years ago. But maybe, just maybe, he was angry and jealous over the fact that his father pretty much dropped out of his life and doted on his new family.

The court stuff? Laughable. Yeah, scores of complete unknown people always show up for one teen vlogger's day of reckoning. The girls from Girls United coming, I can buy. Strangers from the online world? Creepy!

Honestly, what I would like to see this show tackle next is teen domestic abuse. It is kind of scary to talk to some teen girls who actually believe that a guy(or a girl) has a right to hit a girlfriend/boyfriend. That the victim did or could've been "asking for it."

Rita only knew about the old stuff with Brandon and Callie, so I wouldn't really say she was ignoring their feelings since both claim it's long over and as far as Rita knows that's true

Yeah that Mariana stuff was hilarious. Oh cool! You're okay with cheating on me, thanks!

Rita had to have heard the whole recorded conversation. I don't buy that she didn't put 2+2 together. The plot lines with Callie just seems so thrown together. She is rarely called on her bad choices. Especially considering her behavior with her foster brothers. I would love to know why Rita, Stef and Lena haven't insisted that Callie be seeing a real therapist to go along with her group work at Girls United. My problem with Callie is that she really isn't growing as a character. She is just a pretty girl with contrived problems. Jude has grown. Mariana has shown growth. Even Brandon has changed a bit. It is just disappointing that Callie really hasn't changed over these seasons. She keeps making the same bad mistakes.

All I want to know is this: was ABCF pimping any sort of #Brallie-wildcard hashtags during this episode?

Bill C! I like that you visit us about this show you don't even watch. Loyalty!

If I recall correctly, the main hashtag was #BralliesMistake

Hi Louise, thanks for covering the Fosters finale. I love the show, but I'm not sure how the producers thought they were pleasing "both sides" with this ending. Ah!

I think you wrote this in your previous recap, but yeah, the Brallie thing was not the story the show was telling. I'm glad Callie finally got adopted--if that is really the case, and there was so much goodness in the rest off the ep (Steff and Lena, Jonnor).

Thanks for reading, Ziyal! You know the Fosters recaps are just a labor of love, so I appreciate anyone who's reading!!

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