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October 21, 2015

The Bold & the Beautiful: Secrets and Underpants

It's been a while! Which is weak on my part since I have been watching B&B (though let's not even talk about Nashville, the state of that show is a sore subject). So what the heck, shall we take a look at today's episode?

When we left off yesterday, Ridge decided that Brooke was born yesterday and tried to make her believe he'd gotten his vasectomy reversed after all. Thankfully, she is not buying it for one second.

Caroline looks very nervous when Pam tells her she's already told Brooke about the pregnancy.

Wyatt and Ivy eat each other's faces again.


It's amazing that Steffy's lip color matches the shade of her dress exactly.


I find this highly impressive. Lip color lasts no longer than half my morning commute on me, so I've never aimed for such coordination. A fantasy only!

Charlie and Pam express bafflement about Brooke's shock upon hearing of Caroline's pregnancy, which is interesting since yesterday's scriptwriter had them thinking that made perfect sense because of Ridge and Brooke's history. 

Ivy and Wyatt continue to discuss Ivy's near-brush with the horror of lingerie modeling. Do we feel like Ivy and Wyatt have ever gone out on a date? They moved from non-couple to virtually-living-together-and-nesting couple overnight. On the other hand, not many people on this show ever go on dates outside the home or office. Going on location is in the budget! A restaurant set rarely is. Wyatt's doing a strip show for Ivy in this scene, of course, so they couldn't be in public. EXCEPT THEY'RE AT WORK.

Here's basically the gist of it:




So naturally...



Charlie and Pam walk in so that Pam can deliver some lemon bars since that is her only personality trait (other than overhearing/oversharing) and despite having an actress the caliber of Alley Mills on the show they've just basically given up on giving her anything new to do.

Caroline is flipping through photos on her phone of her wedding to Ridge, while he's off lying a lot to Brooke. Badly, I might add. He's obnoxiously defensive for a while and then it finally occurs to him that that's not the best way to play it, so he appeals to her bleeding heart by talking about how surprised he is too and how "maybe it's [his] time now" like this is The Goonies or something. I imagine she, as a woman he's married as many times as Caroline is years old and who's borne his most recent invisible child, is delighted to hear this! 

Wyatt and Ivy chuckle a bit about having been walked in on, and apparently now Wyatt has "learned his lesson" that it's not fun for weird people to see you in your underwear. The more you know!

Now Caroline is looking at photos of Ridge and Thomas and flashing back to Ridge's reaction to the fact that she's carrying his grandchild. What's at the top of those spiral stairs? Because the bed is downstairs. I feel like Ridge wouldn't have a studio apartment, but the kitchen and bedroom are both downstairs so maybe there's a bathroom up there? I think I might be focusing on the wrong details here. Being obsessed with real estate is possibly not the takeaway here? I dare any New Yorker to watch this show and not wonder the same thing, though, dammit!

After A.C. Slater's toenail fungus commercial, we return to Brooke telling Ridge that she's not accusing Caroline of anything, but it's all just a little confusing. "This is it, you're bringing another child into this world," she says through what are being delivered as happy tears.

(Okay, it looks a little strained here.)

I mean I know they're supposed to be over each other, but this just does not ring true. Sure, if my forty-time husband came back from abroad having de-aged and gotten a face transplant and new accent, I might lose my three-decades worth of attachment.  

Wyatt and Ivy exchange "I love you" for the first time, and it's remarkable that it took this long. They've already been dating since summer and for this show it's a miracle they're not already engaged and/or divorced!

Steffy and Liam get schmoopy. 

Ridge fills Caroline in on the story he sold Brooke and they once again agree to keep the secret to the grave, so what's the shelf-life there? Anyone taking bets? November sweeps at the latest?


Loved the recap, Louise!

November sweeps start next week so, with the pace this show is going, Ridge/Caroline's secret will be out by then, lol.

I think the only room that's upstairs at the loft is the bathroom because that's where Caroline went to change when Ridge wanted to paint her.

Thanks, Callie! What a weird apartment. And still odd that multi-millionaire heir, CEO, and fashion designer Ridge has such a small place!

Ridge is pond scum who has wrecked pretty much every relationship his father and brothers have had, and he not only never pays, he gets his happy ending. Meanwhile Brooke catches all sorts of flack for being a homewrecker. So his talking about how it's his time to be happy really offended me.

I don't know, Gio, I don't think this is going to end well for Ridge. Proud Grandpappy/Dad is not going to be able to pull off this ruse forever!

Now, I have the urge to watch an eppy just to see the apartment.

Louise, thanks for the recap. Haven't watched in a decade or so, but love the recaps.

Any chance for a GH recap, too? I wAs browsing hulu the other day and couldn't believe my eyes.

I hope it ends badly for RidgeOgre, he deserves it.

Oh Wyatt... I too really wish the show would give Alley Mills more to do. Still B&B is the only soap right now that's anywhere near good. Y&R and Days have their moments but Days in particular is relying too heavily on a combination of shock/nostalgia. And GH is a mess beyond belief. I think when JT is done, I'm done.

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