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February 02, 2016

Days of Our Lives: Last Chapter of Eve

Okay folks, I'm recapping today's episode of Days of Our Lives because it's Kassie DePaiva's last day as Eve, and I have a long, long history of adoring Kassie DePaiva.

I haven't seen most of her run. I stopped by last year for a few days and then peeked in every now and then (particularly to watch the episodes around Eve losing her daughter to some serial killer or another* and to check out the A Martinez situation), and I watched her scenes yesterday (and fast-forwarded through about a million people from All My Children and One Life to Live, including Rex standing there with terrible hair talking to someone who looks way too much like Stacey Morasco to not trigger some PTSD). And that's about it. So I'm coming in not totally blind, but something closer to legally blind.

(Who was that girl she was vocal-coaching yesterday?)

So they open by wasting DePaiva's last few moments by repeating the back half of her scene from yesterday. So she's taking this girl to NYC for a Juilliard audition, I guess?

Maybe you can get us some tickets to Hamilton?

You're adorable. Sure, I'll sell my private jet in exchange for them.

This other blonde comes in and tells Eve she's overstepped her boundaries with her daughter. Are you kidding me? This woman is old enough to be that other chick's mother?


Did she birth her at her sixth grade school dance? 

Ava has locked Kayla away somewhere and Patch is pretending to want to get together with her in order to convince her into freeing Kayla. Or do we call him Steve now? That seems a little more grown-up, but he does still have the patch.

Somebody whose name I don't know is talking to Dylan McKay's dad about finding a new job in Salem.

Eve is continuing to butt heads with Belle. Oh wait, Belle! She's played by that chick who temporarily played Elizabeth over on General Hospital and also I think Belle is the character that Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH) played when she was on this show. Soapland!

Theresa is talking to Nicole about their start-up. What they're starting up, I don't know. And Theresa is played by Jen Lilley, who played Maxie for a while on GH. What a web.

Anyhoo, back to this scene between Stefan Cassadine and Carly Corinthos, I mean this scene between Reese and Tucker, or I guess what's really happening is that Ava is telling Steve he has to sex her in order to convince her to release Kayla. Oh cool, rape! Never too much rape stuff on soaps, amirite??


Eve, whose hairstyle looks tremendous but whose roots are....not good, gives Belle some parenting advice based on her own shortcomings. 

Ray Montez/Roy DiLucca/Cruz Castillo is up to something shady but I have no idea what.

Ava: You give me a piece of this? And I will be happy to tell you where Kayla is. And then you're going to come with me to find our son, or I'm going to tell Kayla what you did. So do we have a deal?



Meanwhile, Katherine Bell/Sierra Esteban is trying to bust out of a room through a doggie door.



It's too small, Kayla. 

Jack McKay got the guy with the icy piercing blue eyes a job, starting immediately! Like taking candy from a baby. I think this guy was on that horrible Dirty Soap show, right?

Belle wants to get Claire another vocal coach, but Claire is NOT HAVING IT. 

Eduardo is holding a gun on some dude's neck talking about how "only the student can defeat the master." I mean if I had a nickel. And then he lets him go after taking a smartphone picture of him.

Some kid walks in on Ava and Steve. I think this was the kid who kept trying to kiss Ava when I peeked in a couple weeks ago. Ava has a fantastic look on her face.


I know she's divisive, y'all, but I love Tamara Braun. 


Theresa and Nicole tell some guy about their business plan. Significant looks are exchanged.

Joe yells about how he's going to puke and runs out of the house. Steve starts to strangle Ava. 


Eduardo texts John Black: "Recent threat has been neutralized for now...." and puts on a black leather jacket and off he goes.

Something something something business transaction.

Eve and Eddie run into each other in the town square that, I guess, has a copious amount of heat lamps? They sit down to chat and talk about -- wait, they're married? And she talks to him about battling with Belle about Claire. He gives her some advice about being patient with yourself while learning from your past mistakes. He believes in second acts. 


Eduardo: Paige would've been really proud of you.

I cannot fathom why the folks in charge didn't think these two could be a root-for couple for years to come. They're so great in scenes together, and with chemistry to spare.

Belle runs into Shaun in the park and they discuss Claire. Is he Claire's father? Or no? What's the relationship there? Anyway, she trips and he catches her.


And naturally, they have a soapy almost-moment. But no, she's "not ready." He takes off and then she agrees to go for a drink with someone named Philip. 

Claire goes to complain to Eve about Belle, and insists she's still going to the Juilliard audition no matter what. Uh, was that Eve's final scene? What the hell? DePaiva herself said this was her final episode!


What a bizarre final moment. I guess she's going to decide to take all her millions and spontaneously decide to stay in New York?

Some dude has a dream about a lot of waves. And then the back of some lady's head. 

Steve stops strangling Ava for a minute. She tells him the only way she'll tell anyone where she stashed Kayla is if he comes to Indonesia with her. Being forced to go to Indonesia is the worst but the food is really good.

The end!

*if she does not get an Emmy nomination for that performance, I am going to lose my shit like I lost it when she didn't win for mopping the freaking floor with 2002 Live Week on OLTL. So what I'm saying is: look out, I have practice. 


Loved the recap!

Belle and Shawn are the characters Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook played 15 years ago. She's John/Marlena's kid and he is Bo and Hope's.
They were married and have been off-screen for 6 years and now that they're back we found out she cheated on him at some point. They seperated and she slept with Philip/Rex Balsom, her ex-husband who she also slept with right before her marriage to Shawn.

Eve/Eduardo aren't married but they were together at some point and had a daughter, Paige. It's a shame they fired KDP because there was tons of potential there.

Steve was only called Patch the first year he was on the show. When he got with Kayla in '86-'87, everyone started calling him by his actual name. The only one who calls him Patch is Ava because when they got together he had amnesia.

I hope I didn't confuse you more, lol.

Shawn Brady (who's the son of the late Bo Brady and his widowed wife Hope Brady) is now being played by Brandon Beemer, who played Shawn before after Jason Cook left DAYS the first time around. JPL is playing a recast Philip Kiriakis, (Philip was originally played by Jay Kenneth Johnson, and then by Kyle Brandt for a few years before JKJ returned to the role for a few more years), who is the son of Victor Kiriakis and Kate Roberts.

Theresa Donovan and Nicole Walker are both wanting out of their business partnership with Kate Roberts from Basic Black because Kate treats them both like crap, and are both starting their own fashion empire DJ Style (named after Nicole's dead fiance Daniel Jonas)

The guy that was having that dream of that mystery woman was Brady Black (played by former "Passions" actor Eric Martsolf, but Kyle Lowder originally played Brady as a teenager and young adult), who's the son of John Black and his dead wife Isabella Toscano (the latter was the daughter of Victor Kiriakis).

The kid that interrupted Steve and Ava's make out session was Joey Johnson, the teenage son of Steve and Kayla.

But KdeP has chemistry with absolutely everyone, Louise. She is a chemistry magnet, or maybe chemistry opposite-of-magnet, since she seems to project chemistry onto her scene partners, even the ones who are themselves duds and naturally-chemistry-free.

These people (TPTB--they are people, right?) did not have the good sense to hang on to either KdeP OR Melissa Archer. Here's a clue for you fine PTB at Days(since you clearly need to buy one): if you have a terrific performer trapped in a character that isn't catching fire, you change the writing for the character, because totally-on-fire actors like KdeP and MA don't come along every day.

Lordy, lordy, lordy. Is it any wonder the soaps are in trouble?

This is also the show that killed of Will Horton, Sammi and Lucas's son, one of the few gay characters on daytime TV, a character who could have generated mucho story for years to come.

True that, Elizabeth. Why should I expect TPTB would have the sense to see the value of someone like KdeP or Archer when they have already shown that their judgment regarding long-term core characters is so completely lacking. (Of course, maybe they've just decided there IS no long term, so go for the short-term shock and everything else be damned. But it's still disrespectful to the show's history and to its long-time viewers.)

jersey shore mtv days of our lives

Phillip = Rex Balsam!,

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