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May 02, 2016

Daytime Emmy Winners, For What It's Worth

....which is, perhaps, not much this time around.

Outstanding Drama Series
General Hospital (WINNER)
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of Our Lives
The Young and the Restless


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Mary Beth Evans (WINNER)
Tracey Bregman
Kassie de Pavia
Finola Hughes
Maura West

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Tyler Christopher (WINNER)
Anthony Geary
Justin Hartley
Christian LeBlanc
Kristoff St. John

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Jessica Collins (WINNER)
Lauralee Bell
Linsey Godfrey
Peggy McCay
Melissa Reeves

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Shawn Blakemore (WINNER)
Bryton James
Steve Burton
Jacob Young
Dominic Zamprogna

Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series
True O’Brien (WINNER)
Reign Edwards
Hunter King
Ashlyn Pearce
Brooklyn Rae Silzer

Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series
Bryan Craig (WINNER)
Nicholas Bechtel
Max Erich
Pierson Fode
Tequan Richmond


Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team
The Bold and the Beautiful (WINNER)
General Hospital
The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team
General Hospital (WINNER)
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days Of Our Lives

Outstanding Guest Performer In Drama Series
Obba Babatunde (WINNER)
Anna Maria Horsford
Adam Leadbeater
Dee Wallace
Frank Runyeon

Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series
The Bay The Series (WINNER)
East Los High

Outstanding Actress in a Digital Daytime Drama Series
Mary Beth Evans (WINNER)
Kathleen Gati
Elizabeth Hubbard
Lilly Melgar
Patsy Pease

Outstanding Actor in a Digital Daytime Drama Series
Kristos Andrews (WINNER)
Van Hansis
Rick Hearst
JD Pardo
Kevin Spirtas

Did anyone catch the press room/red carpet on Periscope?

All I know is that I'm delighted about Obba Babatunde.


Is this Mary Beth Evans' first Emmy for Kayla!? I'm so glad she finally won for that role! Good for her.

I spent an hour last night watching some reels. The one for Tyler Christooher was great. The best Nikolas is Daddy Nikolas.

Tyler is good and I'm totally on board with Tony NOT winning. That makes me very happy but confused as Tyler didn't have great stuff last year. I guess none of the actors really did.

I don't watch Days but did for years so Mary Beth deserves her win.

Shawn Blakemore? For what exactly? The man is so damn boring and Shawn is a nothing character with very little story.

Jessica? JFP and Pratt killed that character. Destroyed her with terrible writing and plot and drove her off the show. She screeched and cried her way through her final weeks.

Hunter King LOST!!! I guess her "special" casting couch talent isn't so special lately.

Bryan deserved his win even though I hate all things mob related. Out of the group, he had the best writing and story line and he mostly did it justice.

I will never understand how B&B won for best writing. lol What a joke. The Maya transgender story line is the only one that isn't the same wash, rinse, repeat same romantic triangle nonsense they've done since the show started.

Holly, the B&B writing win just kind of illustrates the problem with the whole process. They submitted episodes from Maya's storyline, which was really terrific writing (well, not at first, but they got there!), but sadly the majority of 2015 was just the usual repetition.

Louise, can you tell me what scenes were submitted for Shawn Blakemore? He's a handsome guy.. has some charisma but all I remember from 2015 was him being a lackey for Duke/Sonny, trying to shoot Jakeson and then going to prison. There was a promising romance with Jordan, but since law enforcement are EVIL and HORRIBLE, that went nowhere except to destroy poor T.J. by making him hate his hard working, hero mother.

Blakemore submitted the 5/25 and 5/26 episodes. I think they were when Jordan told him TJ was really his son and then he pled guilty to attempted murder.

Can't argue with Mary Beth Evans's win, given that she's been terrific in every soap role I've seen her in, but I was SO hoping for KdeP or Finola. I was in the "anybody but Geary" camp, just because I was so over TG by the time he left (somewhat begrudgingly I will acknowledge he gave some top-notch performances in 2016), so Tyler Christopher's win was a welcome surprise.

I had not paid attention to the digital categories; interesting that MBE was up against Liz Hubbard, who played her mother on As the World Turns. (And poor Liz, who got robbed by never winning for ATWT despite multiple nominations, lost again.)

How must it feel to be the writing team from Days, or the directing team from Y&R, and be the only ones out of the four soaps NOT nominated? Just decide that all four get nominated every year, now that we're down to only four soaps, and be done with it.

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