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August 23, 2016

General Hospital: The Contenders

As I was ruminating about on our Facebook page earlier, we really haven't weighed in on Duh Faces Of The Year in a while. This hall of fame/shame is an important one. Having lost Steve "smell the fart at the end of every scene" Burton a while ago to the wilds of CBS Daytime, there hasn't been quite the competition that there used to be. Luckily today Sonny and Morgan shared several scenes together. 

It's like a festival!

1 4

2 5

3 7 6 8

In the interest of fairness, both actors were completely up for the scenes. They just both have resting duh face and it's often a good time.

Speaking of facial expressions....


I don't even know what that's all about, but it's a delight.

Speaking of delights, Laura and Kevin!

I have serious questions about why the show is spending so much time on two vets over 50 developing a romantic relationship, this isn't their style at all! They're actually cute and smart, and Kevin's being a total weenie about trying to be chivalrous when the woman obviously wants his jock. It's downright lovely, the whole thing.

10 11


So my question is this: what does this mean? Is it (a) they're both about to die, (b) they're being given a happy exit story, or (c) they're getting their contracts fulfilled before being put on the backburner for 6 months, simmering in the stove area of Lucas and Brad?


I'm loving Laura and Kevin! They are going to ruin this.. aren't they? Of course they are.

I can't even look the smarmy, smug, neanderthal, faces of MB and BC in those pictures above without cringing, but at least I know to watch the episode for Laura and Kevin and keep my remote ff button finger at the ready.

Did you see the TV Guide interview with Mo? He IS the LEADING man of GH! It's obvious who is calling the shots right now when it comes to screen time and story line.

Link to interview with Michael Logan


I am so happy you're writing more! I'm going to have to catch up on Laura and Kevin, clearly!

I'm happy for Jon Lindstrom. He's a great actor who I've almost forgiven for being Mark McCormack on Santa Barbara 30 years ago. I wish they would have taken a little more time with the romance. It's pretty out of the blue. And I wish Genie Francis could look less worried all the time.

hee at the "duh" faces.

I love Laura and Kevin together. And they've had about as much screen time as Valerie and Curtis to develop their relationship, maybe even more. I loved that Kevin followed her to Cassadine island, and that she had to dig a bullet out of his shoulder. But what I loved the most was Laura's speech about how they are two adults and they can totally bone on their first date if they want to! I still don't understand however why Maxie and Nathan didn't go to Nikolas' 2nd funeral given that allegedly Nathan is a Cassadine (remember when Obrecht lied and told Nathan that Victor Cassadine was his pappy? No, well apparently neither do the writers) and Maxie is Lulu's best friend.

Kevin and Laura's first date was cute, so of course the show ruined everything two days later. #eyeroll

I also liked Kevin's scenes with Lucy on Monday. I'm okay with him with Laura for now, but I hope he and Lucy continue to interact now that they've made peace. If only they had one of their daughters to talk to/about...

Whatever happens with Laura and Kevin, I am just glad that old stupidhead Luke is not around to stick himself in it.

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