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August 30, 2016

The Bold & The Beautiful: ONE GOOD THING

Lest anyone think I let B&B fall off my radar entirely in my recent uptick in posts, I'm here to check in about it. I've been watching but it's virtually impossible to say anything about it because it's completely dominated by this idiotic hand-wringing about how everyone has to protect Steffy from Quinn, and naturally the best way to do that is for her to be married to Liam instead of Wyatt WHICH DOESN'T MAKE THE LEAST BIT OF SENSE. (The problem, apparently, is Quinn's relationship with Eric, and Steffy's marital status or selection has literally zero bearing on that, but someone on the show pointing that out would be too much like sense.)

Thankfully, today Eric had a bit of a brain and pointed out the obvious: that everyone's full of shit and Steffy's just looking for a reason to get back together with Liam. Liam is obviously doing the same, as he sits there talking about how Steffy's "safety" is the first priority with his most essential douchenozzle facial expression. Jackass.

We've also been doing the Brooke/Bill dance again recently, complete with the requisite flashbacks to their cheesy hot air balloon outing where they just stared awkwardly at each other a lot. This is not quite as tedious as the Steffy nonsense, but it's not exactly a breath of fresh air. I did perk up a bit when Brooke basically decided she might accept Bill's marriage proposal just so she can give his Forrester Creations shares to Ridge. That's about as Brooke as it gets -- I mean what's one more marriage to end? We do seem to be re-boarding the Brooke/Ridge train as well, and signs that point to that include the fact that apparently R.J. still exists, has been SORAS-ed, and will be joining the show soon! 

But let's talk about one actual truly lovely thing that is going on!


Y'all, I am all in for Sasha and Thomas. They are adorable, they actually smile around each other, and the actors have oodles of chemistry. For once, two characters on B&B in the early stages of romance appear to like each other, and come off as actual young single people with PERSONALITIES! 

I don't know what we did to deserve a fun, fresh story here, but I'm glad we did it. (I think I know, though. I think it's our salary for sitting through the same Steffy/Liam/Hope/Wyatt/Ivy crapfest for the last few years. In which case, we've got a massive windfall still due to us.)

But seriously.


3 1

COME ON! Human-seeming characters on B&B! Being adorable!


I want them to sit around being adorable forever

I agree...Sasha & Thomas are adorable. SOOOO much more enjoyable than Nicole & Zende!
The only other enjoyable character on the show, for me, is Quinn & Whomever.She's.In.A.Scene.With. Love her! (I'd like to see her back with Deacon eventually tho.)

And seriously, they've been dating for a few weeks now and there's NO TALK OF MARRIAGE! It's pretty impressive restraint for B&B.

Oh and Szima, I'm totally with you on Quinn. She's the character who always wakes me back up when I'm watching an episode.

So glad you are still watching B&B! I agree that Thomas (who, when he's not with Sasha, is a creeper at best) and Sasha (who is awesome all the time) are fantastic together. They are comfortable around each other -- she's even gone makeup-less around him -- that's a big deal on this show!

But what the actual hell is Nicole's entitled ass bitching about, seeing Sasha over at Thomas' place? What the fuck business is it of yours, you self-righteous little princess?

I can understand Liam not wanting to be around Quinn since she pretty much held him hostage and slept with him for several months. But Steffy? Why doesn't she just take a restraining order out against Quinn? She keeps blaming Wyatt for not doing anything but realistically what was he supposed to do? Quinn is a grown ass woman not a toddler. Even Bill Spencer couldn't control Quinn. This story line would make sense to me if Deacon told everyone that Quinn tried to kill him by pushing him off a cliff, but he seems to have disappeared into the ether. Perhaps he flew off to Italy to hang out with Hope.

Frankly, Steffy should be blaming Liam if Quinn is such an inexplicable danger to her and only her, because Liam is the one who decided not to press charges when he was her actual victim!

Loving the new posts, Louise! Sasha and Thomas are uber adorable, and Quinn is as engaging as they come.

Louise, I totally agree with you. Liam should have held firm when Wyatt begged his bro not to press charges, claiming Quinn needed help and not jail time. Frankly, Liam should have made Quinn seeking psychiatric help a condition of his not pressing charges.

Where is Caroline. Miss her. She is my favorite .

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