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August 29, 2016

The Fosters: Collateral Damage

I bailed on covering The Fosters for a while because I was just enjoying sinking into the couch to watch a show like it's a big hug. But I noticed a lot of sites stopped reviewing it completely, so I figured I should at least give this week's mid-season finale a little bit of lip service!

Naturally, the most important thing that happened in this episode is that Brandon actually suffered real consequences for doing a shitty thing! First, he got accepted into Juilliard, of course, but then it actually got taken away from him because he took the S.A.T.'s for another dude and got caught. No Juilliard for Brandon. No college at all? Who knows. It was really sad.



I know, I know Brandon. I'm heartbroken that you'll still be on the show too!

(In the interest of being not a total asshole, I'll say that David Lambert was good in that scene. I'm not sure any actor has the talent to make me actually like Brandon, but my aversion is not actor-related.)

In other news, Callie (being Callie) made a series of maddening, reckless, destructive choices. A.J. called out Aaron for constantly flirting with Callie, WHICH IS FAIR.



The dude seriously is coming onto her constantly. It got ugly and Aaron took off and the very first thing Callie did to "defend" him was to out him to A.J. as trans. What the hell, Callie? That is so utterly out of line! That is not your right to disclose!! But of course this is the "Callie Is Hero" show, so immediately A.J. was calmed by this news since he now doesn't see Aaron as a real threat. Callie explained how offensive that was, which is true, but the show seriously seemed to be positioning her as the good guy in that scenario. No. Not at all. Way out of line, Callie. But they turned A.J. into the bad guy so fast here that they left her crap move completely accepted and even broke up Callie and A.J. (which I hate, I really liked them together). So then later when Callie is worried about Sophia, the first thing she does is get into a car with a strange man who just chastised her for looking into that whole murder storyline (I keep forgetting the names of the people involved). Well, go figure.


Turns out he probably murdered his own grandmother. Good job, Callie.

The show finally utilized the uncanny resemblance between Maia Mitchell (Callie) and Bailee Madison (Sophia) by having the creeper whose house Callie broke into (another in the Litany of Callie's Decisions That Ruin Everyone's Lives) mistake Sophia for Callie and confront her.

8  7

I mean, it's not wrong to try to find out why a teenage girl broke into your home and stole your toothbrush.

Jude was basically the least in-peril of all the teen set in this episode. His somewhat annoying boyfriend (who he's not allowed to hang out with) showed up and tried to entice him to get high again.


Okay, Groucho, you're no Connor. 

Sophia's missing and Callie's maybe going to get murdered and Brandon's dreams have been shattered and Connor is smoking weed, but while all that was developing, Mariana was flipping out because Nick is scary and she's taking Jesus's pills and drinking beer and freaking that Mat got accepted to college all the way in Boston, and she started hallucinating Nick all over the place.



Nick came looking for her and Jesus and Emma tracked them down and Jesus and Nick started throwing punches. Remember how Jesus basically shot a giant nail into his own forehead a couple episodes back? Well, oops! Nick punched him right in the forehead-nail and Jesus Go Boom!


Uh oh! Is Jesus going to be in a coma and then come back as a third actor? I don't know, but maybe leaving the half season on this kind of cliffhanger is a little weak considering it hasn't been that long since the big car accident cliffhanger that left both Mariana and Jesus maybe-dead.

It did, however, give us Stef running to save the day.


You have to admit, Teri Polo gives good Hero Run.

Speaking of the moms being awesome, Lena got herself into Stef's handcuffs and cop uniform, so while the episode ended with a shitstorm mid-brew, I'll leave this summer season with a hot little moment from earlier on before absolutely everyone was in grave peril.


14 16 15

Get it, Saum!


Why'd they do AJ like that??

Yay! I don't even watch the Fosters (except reading your recaps), but can I just say, again, how happy I am that you're writing more frequently? Your recaps are the best!

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