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November 16, 2016

General Hospital: Carly Deals With Conflicting Emotions

I don't know, y'all, that's what my DVR description said and it cracked me up for some reason.

So what are we dealing with today? We appear to be dealing with Franco menacing Baker (Elizabeth's rapist) with a fire poker. We're also dealing with Jax and Alexis at a bar, which once would've been fun but they've decided to saddle Alexis with a drinking problem. We're dealing with Scott trying to get the evidence against Ava from Lucy. We're dealing with Carly visiting Sonny in jail, Sonny who has just learned he is "not responsible" for Morgan's death, even though he totally is but Sonny does not see nuance anywhere between "directly responsible" and "indirectly responsible," he only sees his own innocence as he does in all things. And we're dealing with Nelle trying to comfort Michael, and we're dealing with me hoping just a little bit that somehow Nelle is responsible for this whole thing. I would say that I like the actress too much and that would make her not-viable as a long-term character, but serial killers are the protagonists of this show, so I imagine it wouldn't do a damn thing to her long-term possibilities.

Jax has some sort of confession to make about a thing he did years ago that could ruin Carly's life, which: of course he did.

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Why wouldn't they pin some bullshit on a character who isn't even a regular on this show anymore to somehow make Carly someone else's innocent victim, and also somehow probably mitigate Sonny's bad acts somehow? I don't know.

Oh, also there's something going on with Hayden and Finn. I don't actually hate these two at all, but the storyline bores me to tears, so I'm skipping it.

Is this the same actor who played Baker back in the day? I can't remember him very well. The story wasn't really about him back then. But the story now is, of course, about Franco (really, why would a story about Liz's rapist be about Liz? It is to laugh!) and, I don't know, some kind of redemption for having had Michael raped and having made Sam think she was raped and pregnant by her rapist and terrorizing and murdering a bunch of people because he had a brain tumor, even though after the tumor was gone he didn't have the decency to get out of the town full of people he traumatized. I'm not sure how this accomplishes that, but at least they're bothering to try? See, I'm being open!

Carly challenges Sonny, implying that his lack of direct responsibility does not actually absolve him.

A familiar location for her.

He's not really interested in such shades of grey, and far more concerned that it means someone else killed their son. Ergo, REVENGE O'CLOCK, I assume?

Baker insists that he was rehabilitated in prison and is now a counselor himself, but Franco doesn't care. He's the only one that everyone should believe is a better man now, and should be allowed to counsel others with no qualifications! Or something.

So we're getting Jax's story now, or at least we appear to be. He admits he shopped around for black market kidneys for Josslyn. 

Lucy tells Scott she's onto his big plan to seduce Morgan's pills (or the placebos or whatever) out of her to save Ava. 

Carly wants to know if Sonny plans to retaliate against whomever planted the bomb that killed Morgan. Sonny answers this very direct question with a stupid, rambling story about what went on in the interrogation room and with his arrest. Since he can't answer her question, she considers that the answer in and of itself.

It seems that Jax's big secret is... nothing? This is vague. He looked into the black market for kidneys. Carly and Nelle don't know about his involvement. But he didn't know the kidney wasn't Jake's? So somehow the black market thing worked out without his knowing? Or....? This is unclear. 

Michael beats Nelle at chess, a moment that leads to a really hyperbolic music cue.

Franco's main concern is apparently that Elizabeth might have to run into Baker in the park or something. Gee, Franco, wouldn't it be horrible to have to see someone who hurt and traumatized you out in public all the time? VERY ASTUTE.


The fire poker menacing continues as expected.

Lucy is peeved at Scott for being more loyal to Ava than to her.


I had a weird flashback to being in the common room in college with a room full of people cheering when Scott told Lucy he loved her when she was in labor as Dominique's surrogate.

Alexis, understandably, doesn't really understand how all of this is a big deal and why Jax can't just tell Carly that he went black-market-organ-shopping (like, why on earth would she give half a crap about that?). It turns out there's more to the story, but we're not going to hear about it, because Jax can't tell her. Thrilling. Anyway, Jax wants to leave and Alexis announces that she's just going to stay at the bar by herself, which seems healthy. 

Carly reminds Sonny that his vengeance-bloodlust is why they're in this position to begin with, so basically having a dead son has changed nothing about his worldview. ARE YOU SURPRISED, CARLY? He had a brain-dead son before and nothing changed! He had a presumed-dead son before and nothing changed! He tried to murder his own son and nothing changed! His daughter was in a car bomb that was his fault and nothing ch -- ah, nevermind, that's a girlchild, why would that matter.

Scott thinks Lucy is holding onto the pills just so she can have leverage on Ava, since a mobster is a handy person to have in your back pocket, and he thinks they should join forces to milk Ava for... I guess a lot of money?

(There's been a Kiki/Ava conversation going on this whole time but it's not really worth discussing.)

Nelle tries to let Michael down easy, and he insists that he just considers her just a friend. She doesn't seem to buy it, but she agrees to a chess rematch. I think we can all agree that we, as a people, will be waiting with bated breath.

Carly tells Sonny that something has to change and if it's not Sonny, it has to be her, and she leaves. So basically we're exactly where we were before this episode started and this was all wheel-spinning.

Alexis tells a bunch of lies about staying at the bar to... work? Jax leaves and she orders another drink. 

Franco tells Liz she doesn't need to be afraid of Tom Baker ever again.

Speaking of Tom Baker, he shows up at the bar where Alexis is and buys her a drink.

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Oh dear.


As always very witty thanks--
So glad I have given up on GH--doesn't look like I am missing much.
Love the DVR description-- I have been over Sonny for years but almost killing Dante and nothing happened to Sonny--I was done. Why would the Tom Baker story be about Liz-- that is a silly notion!
I still am upset about the whole Franco character --

Gee, I can't wait for Jax buying a kidney off the black market to make him the Worst Person Ever™ (because of course, Jax can't have anything nice ever) meanwhile Sonny "I killed my Son" Corinthos is the innocent father of the year.

I'm rolling my eyes at this Franco nonsense so hard......

A year ago, Liz was manhandled, now she's loved. I'll take Franco over Jason anytime.

Liz only gets to pick between those two serial killers?

Gosh, this show is really drowning and drowning and then drowning some more. Are they really going to have Alexis fall for Baker?!!!!!!! Relieved that I'm not watching this anymore. Give me incestuous Bold and the Beautiful any day of the century!

Kim B, Liz is a bum magnet. Only psychopaths for my girl.

I was interested in the idea of them bringing back Tom but then it turned into Franco being a jerk and doing awful things and Elizabeth yelling at him and telling him she can't trust him so basically business as usual. If the writers want us to actually invest in Liz and Franco perhaps they should stop having him do awful things even for the right reasons. I wish this story line were playing out with Liz and Lucky, not Liz and Franco. I love Roger Howarth as an actor, but the worst thing TPTB ever did was saddle him with the character of Franco instead of making him, I dunno, another Quartermaine.

Louise, can I just say that your caption on the Carly screen-cap cracked me up, and continues to crack me up? It's so perfect!

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