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December 01, 2016

General Hospital: Are We Meant To Swoon?

"Calm down or I'll call security!" Griffin yells at Franco, because apparently TWICE IN A ROW is the maximum number you're allowed to violently assault someone in a hospital waiting room while people are screaming at you to stop. Third strike, and they actually call security. Otherwise, eh! No big. (Have I mentioned that said assaulter is an ART THERAPIST FOR CHILDREN IN THAT VERY HOSPITAL?) And to be clear, the storyline about Elizabeth's rapist being freed from prison after all these years is not about Elizabeth, but about Franco's rage. While Elizabeth stands helplessly on the sidelines begging him to stop his violent outburst, after having gotten assurances that he wouldn't ever keep anything from her again or try to talk to Tom Baker. Oh, but instead Franco secretly tracked the man and then attacked him during the first moment Elizabeth has encountered her rapist in 20 years, a moment in which any half-decent human would see she needed support and comfort. While she cried for him to stop it. 



Are we swooning yet?



This is how we get convinced that Liz has a man who's finally truly all about her and really cares about her? 

Now of course Liz defends him because (a) has she ever met a serial killer she couldn't defend and (b) obviously this man raped Elizabeth behind a bush when she was a child, so she's hardly going to give a crap about him. Nor should she. (And we're getting indications that Tom's going to attack again which, by GH logic, totally absolves Franco for being completely out of control.) (See also: Corinthos, Sonny.)

On the upside, Monica got to remember that Tom Baker extorted her daughter and kick him out of the hospital. And she got to remember that Franco is not exempt from getting kicked out of the hospital for a public assault. (I mean sure, her son has probably killed multiple people in GH, but a bureaucrat must do what a bureaucrat must.) And Liz got to tell Franco flat out that he is scaring her, and HE GOT TO BE OFFENDED BY IT AND FEEL SORRY FOR HIMSELF and she gets to feel guilty. 

Now, can we interpolate from Franco's later creepy scenes with his psycho mother that we are meant to find this relationship disturbing and hope Liz gets out of it safely? Sure, that's a possibility. But hey, wouldn't it be nice if Liz could date someone who was both (a) not a serial killer (god, remember Ewen??) and (b) not somebody she is keeping a dramatic secret from that we all know will automatically nullify the relationship when it's revealed (or vice versa)? When was the last time the show even teased a legitimate, decent relationship for her? AJ, sort of? And they squandered that as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, Dillon gives Kiki a lecture that only a person born to extreme wealth would give, about how she shouldn't waitress because that's not her "dream" and how he basically had to settle for being a photographer for a major fashion magazine, a massive career some people work their whole lives toward and never achieve, while he is, what, 27?

I'd actually found it refreshing that some of the young adults on this show had young-adult jobs for once. You know, the kind that help you pay bills while you're pursuing something else or figuring out what you want to do. Oops.

I want to enjoy Lulu and Dante's honeymoon cuteness, but the reminiscing about their first meeting just made me long for the chemistry of the original match-up. This is not to disparage the current actress, but it's just not the same. It's not her fault. (Remember when Dante was Dominic undercover and we all called him Dominante as shorthand? Those were the days.)

But do I love Tracy and Laura drinking wine together and getting along? I do. I do indeed. 

In tomorrow's episode, Jason laments to Sam that they are RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO PROVE SONNY'S INNOCENCE! Oh no, you guys! This is urgent! WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

Spoiler alert: nothing, Sonny will be fine.


Franco can beat up Baker all day, every day. I have absolutely no problem with that.

Love the Clueless reference!

I would like to see a Tracy/Laura friendship, and bonding over something besides Luke.

I really don't get why the writers think depicting Franco this way is supposed to win people over to the pairing with Elizabeth. He hasn't had a genuine redemption arc, he hasn't tried to claw his way towards being a better person - he's written as some bizarro Todd with none of the redemption. He's repeatedly written as creepy with Elizabeth.

And why is this story (about Tom) focusing more on faux Todd than Elizabeth? It's Kristina's abuse story all over again (exception Elizabeth isn't being vilified... yet).

Excellent point about Dillion's privlege. He often had tunnel vision when it came to certain matters (which is why he treated Sage and Georgie like crap).

This is the second time the show has ended an episode using possible rape as a cliffhanger in as many months, first when Tom bought Alexis a drink, then yesterday with him following Kiki. It's really, really gross.

I agree, C. "Ooo, will he rape this character? Tune in tomorrow!!" is not a fun cliffhanger.

I hate that this Tom Baker story line is going to be all about Franco, and not Liz and the trauma that she's felt coming face to face twice with the man who raped her in as many days. Why can't Franco see that what he's doing is not helping her? If he really wants to be with Elizabeth, he should listen to her. Frankly, I think that this character is past is sell by date and should be written off, but the writers love Roger Howarth. The best thing they could do is write him off, and then write him on again as a 3rd character (hopefully a Quartermaine). Hey it worked for Michael Easton!

More to the point--why can't ELIZABETH see that what Franco is doing is not helping her, and tell him in no uncertain terms to get the hell out of her life?

This? This? THIS is what people (elsewhere, mostly) have been praising so highly as the much-improved GH? No thank you.

Franco is the worst.

I was glad when Griffin asked Elizabeth if she was okay, making her feelings the focus. Her feelings are where the focus of this story should be. I had hoped for a longer conversation. The people running the show are fascinated by Franco's emotional landscape, but I'm finding it a huge turn-off. His actions have only turned Baker's attention directly toward Elizabeth. It's not heroic or romantic. Elizabeth's feelings should get the greater amount of air time since it's based on something that happened to her and is happening to her now. I had hoped that's where the story would go when Elizabeth found out about Baker's release. Those were great scenes.

Sometimes I wonder what the actors think when an important real life issue is being dealt with in a story and there are flaws like this.

I loved Tracy and Laura talking and drinking wine together. That was fun.

I'm loving Franco & Liz's relationship.It's been a year of going from frenemies to reluctant friends to supportive friends to blossoming romance. Franco's redeemed IMO.His tumor caused his psychosis.He's built a new life as a solid citizen (unlike the mobbies)
For months he's devoted himself to Liz's emotional/physical well-being.
The return of Tom is playing very well.His reaction to Tom is in line with how any man would feel if they felt their loved one was being threatened/stalked by their vicious rapist.His convo w/Heather showed he's scared of his rage.
I am 100% Team Friz b/c they've had a classic slow soap build, internal angst w/gr8 POV & amazing chemistry

I could have gone with the tumor as a soapy way to wipe the slate clean (unnecessarily, since there was no reason to bring the Franco character back in the first place and strand Roger Howarth with such a disaster). But since the tumor was removed, Franco has continued to behave like a sociopath. He has continued to menace and threaten people, and helped Nina kidnap Ava's baby. Wasn't he also at one point planning to kill some innocent person who could have identified them, right before they were caught?

Granted, he's one of FIVE leading men on GH who are killers many times over; but his case is particularly annoying because they wrote him a reset story and then gave him all the same behaviors anyway.


It's become quite the annoying pattern.

Honestly, thank you, Louise, for this post. To say this entire mess angers me is insufficient. You hit the nail on the head.

Is it too much to hope (I know the answer, but I like rhetorical questions--sue me!) that with the Prospect Park lawsuit settled, they'll find a way to end the-disaster-that-is-Franco-II and bring Todd back for Roger Howarth to play?

I thought Transplanted Todd worked the best of the three crossovers from OLTL.

With the exception of a short time around the almost-wedding to Carly, when I thought the character was sort of clicking (didn't last long, alas), I don't think the Franco reboot has worked at all, and it isn't doing Howarth any favors to saddle him with such an unpalatable character.

I wonder sometimes if this Franco storyline is ABC's way of punishing Rebecca Herbst for daring to have fans who make a fuss when ABC tries to get rid of her. (Or maybe it's her fans they're trying to punish.)

can we note: this episode featured FIVE actresses who started on the show thirty years ago or more? how often does that happen?

(and Zeman and Herring were both on in the previous few days)

(and one male actor, Shriner, in the previous few days)

That's pretty cool, no?

In reference to folks looking for dream jobs, etc - I still think it's weird that Nathan:

a. is so dumb, given that he grew up wealthy and probably had a fine education;

b. is still a cop, since the whole reason, he told us, that he became a cop, was to solve the mystery of Nina's coma; and I think that's been covered now. Which means, psychically, he's free to move about the job market, finding a hunkier, more satisfying niche.

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