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January 10, 2017

General Hospital: Disorderly Conduct

Stray cents' worth on yesterday's General Hospital:

  • Oh, Scott. Your dear son Franco locking a man in a dog crate for days is not, in fact, "OCD behavior." OCD behavior might include, say, having to touch a doorknob twice before leaving a room or compulsively counting your number of M&Ms or being unable to use a public restroom. Please consult your DSM-V. Perhaps dig a little deeper, like under Psychopathy or Antisocial Personality Disorder. Also, I don't know where you got "monkey cage" from because Franco said "metal dog crate" about 30 times. Nevertheless, it's a delight to see yet another person accept "Okay I locked him in a dog crate for days but goodness gracious I wouldn't murder him!" as a perfectly reasonable thing to say that essentially absolves him of all guilt.



  • Speaking of which, Laura and her terrible advice to Elizabeth about how deeply wonderful, decent people can occasionally do heinous, selfish things and we just have to accept that... well, no, Laura. Get better at advice. Please consult a list of Franco's actions and then tell Liz again that it could ever be a safe, healthy relationship. But again! He only locked a man in a dog crate for days but goodness gracious he didn't murder him! Not that big a deal, don't get so judgmental, sheesh! (I am, however, grateful that the show still considers Laura grandmother to all three of Liz's children.)

  • Speaking of who maybe did murder him, what if the real bad guy wasn't a known serial killer/kidnapper/assaulter/rape-staging rage monkey, but instead an attorney and mother of three with a drinking problem? Those are the real menaces to society! And thank goodness for Alexis, she has a serial killer ex-husband who can mansplain alcoholism to her. He's here to save her life! He owes her, what with having tried to murder her in the throat! And since he knows best (I assume he got his addiction counseling training at the same special school in the sky where Franco learned how to do art therapy for children), he knows full well that the best way to help a woman with a bad habit is to blackmail her and force her to live with the man who hurt and terrorized her more than anyone else ever has. Every day. Lord knows adding massive trauma and stressors to her life and isolating her from her friends and family is the textbook solution to a growing addiction and in no way is going to exacerbate it at all. Nope, no chance. Not at all a situation in which even a non-drinker would turn to the bottle just for a brain-escape. Nah. Thanks, GH, for your sensitively-told story about a woman grappling with substance abuse!

We are all Alexis here.


  • In the "most important storyline of the day" category, Kiki and Dillon are hungry. They are really hungry, you guys. They are sick of eating out of vending machines. Do you know how hungry they are? Super hungry. They are so hungry that they could eat anything. They never want to stop eating. They are so hungry that they will literally talk about being hungry for almost an hour before actually thinking to open a damn cupboard. It's riveting television.
  • Sometimes churches have soup kitchens. And at some of these soup kitchens, apparently the management is so bad that they don't even notice two of their only volunteers leaving their posts to corner a homeless man and harrass him for hours. And as for Jason and Curtis just happily freeing the man who planted the bomb that killed Morgan? Come on now. I guess this new, cuddly Jason 3.0 I keep hearing about is real. Really, it's just sympathy from one hired killer to another. He's not the one ultimately responsible!

  • But who is? I'll tell you who is! My favorite soap trope! A mystery lady, and all you can see of her is her hands! She doesn't say anything, but she sure is menacing to Budge or Trudge or Bungee or whoever the hell that dude is, just by nature of the way she drums her fingers or lightly bangs her fists down "angrily" on a desk!



Oh, Afternoon Television Program. You take so much, but we stick around because occasionally (and less and less) you give.



Her hands are bigger than Trump's. Yeah, that is pretty much all I got from yesterday's riveting episode.

Excellent recap.

I've been tuning in to see who's hands they are or to see how badly they can screw up GH history.

I think it's supposed to be Ava* Jerome, who I'd be delighted to see, but I can't fathom they'd handle it well. The last time I got excited about an old-timer being brought back, they re-mobbed him, turned him into a villain and Sonny sycophant and made all new viewers hate him, and then killed him off unceremoniously on live television.


*Oops, meant Olivia, thanks for the correction, Holly!
(That would make two Olivias on the show, though... is the other one still around? I don't watch regularly but I feel like she's recurring rather than regular now?)

Spot-on thoughts, Louise. It was particularly painful seeing Scotty and Laura trotted out to sign off on Franco.

Especially after Laura finally confronted Luke all those years ago about the fact that he raped her and they ended up divorced. Franco did far worse to far too many people for his single excuse to be 'I had a tumor, my bad.' Since the tumor was removed, what was excuse for locking Tom in a dog crate? He's a psychopath! I know Elizabeth forgave Ric for locking Carly in a panic room to steal her baby but his is ridiculous even for her. However, I did love Scott telling Franco he got most of his clients from Twitter, and them arguing over why Scott hadn't friended Franco on Facebook.

Louise, I think you meant Olivia Jerome. I love Tonja Walker, but I'm not looking forward to what this mess of a show does with her.

Poor Laura.. propping the dud Franco (Love you Roger Howarth!) this week and propping poor little murdering Sonny at Thanksgiving.

Why do I continue to HATE watch this show?

P.S. Why is Olivia Jerome wearing a middle school choir robe?

Yes, Holly, sorry about that-- Olivia Jerome!

And yes, Elizabeth Mahon, all the social media stuff was actually pretty funny! And how refreshing that they actually said "Facebook" and "Twitter" instead of "Facespace" or "MyFace" or whatever the shows usually do.

Scott and Franco was the best part of GH. It was hilarious! You can see both actors are having a blast. And Scott thinking the metal cage was for a kinky sex game!!! "Elizabeth Webber... the quiet ones"

Olivia Jerome is... a mob boss from the Asian Quarter? Did..she marry in?

Loving the Franco and Liz relationship. Their entire journey as been slow,complicated, romantic and thoughtful with a sexy under tone.

I for one enjoy the Franco chracacter,the Franco/Scotty they are always enjoyable. Given Scotty is Franco's dad anda lawyer I fail to see how him being there for Franco qualifies as "propping".

Also enjoyed Lz/Laura scenes, Laura is a good sounding board for liz given their collective history. She was not pushing her in any particular direction, just gave her some simple truths. This show has had a history of showing the so call good ppl of PC doing awful things and of bad guys bieng redeemed and forgiven it did not start, nor will it end with Liz and Franco.

I applaud Kay's response. I am a Long time Liz fan, and I love her relationship with Franco. I'm not looking for morality on a show that threw that out the window and stomped on it years ago. All the couples and characters have to do is entertain me, and Liz, Franco, and Friz do it in spades.

Neka, if they somehow manage to connect Olivia Jerome to the Asian Quarter storyline from the 1980's that would be great, especially if it gave Brad a storyline. Frankly I was amazed that they even remembered PC had an Asian Quarter, and who lives there? And they have to somehow involve Anna in this since Olivia was once involved with Duke. I'm amazed that Olivia is focusing solely on screwing up Julian's life. Although he did think he killed her!

I really am not an expert of this period of GH but weren't the Jeromes involved with Duke and his father and they were the McKay Mob family Duke was involved with -Olivia romantically, and basically the family was just at war with each other. I vaguely remember Bill Eckert being involved and also Harlan Barrett. But wiki doesn't support me on this. That's about all I could dig up on minimal time. And obvious much more than the show will.

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