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May 24, 2017

General Hospital: Day Two of the DRESS BEAST

(We even got an aerial shot this time!)
Massive props to Emme Rylan for having an excellent sense of humor about the whole thing, too. 
Other bits and bobs:
- Oh cool, everyone coddled Jake again. They asked him a question about the chimera, he just stood there and didn't answer, then they asked again, he said he didn't feel good, and they dropped the question entirely. Oh yeah, only life and death and Helena! BUT JAKEY DOESN'T WANNA ANSWER.
- Speaking of which, I haven't been watching regularly and I have no idea what the heck the chimera is or what it means (other than... a virus, maybe?). But I like hearing half the cast say the word "chimera" repeatedly.
- Was pleasantly surprised by James Patrick Stuart's singing voice, and I really didn't detect any auto-tune in there like the other horrible acts had! Wasn't expecting that.
- I'm getting a little sick of Anna walking up every time Nina even looks at Valentin. Do I care passionately about their marriage? I don't, but I really don't want to see it end due to a bunch of silly miscommunications. Also can people stop looking at Anna like she's nuts every time she mentions her twin sister? Why has no one heard of her before and doesn't anyone have Google? 
- Holy Product Plug, Batman! We see you, Burt's Bees, we don't need a whole long lingering closeup of Valerie putting on your lipstick after a two-page scene of dialogue about it!
- Why bring Kim McCullough back and then write her off as sick? Are we really here for Emma's visits and not Robin's??
- This year seems to be targeted to and only to the pre-teen demographic, which they might want to reconsider. Part of the fun of the Nurses Ball is its nostalgia! GIVE US OLDS SOMETHING BESIDES BILLY JOEL AND EDDIE MAINE. Where's Frisco when you need him? (Seriously. Jack Wagner. COME BACK.)
- Speaking of sponsors and demos and money, I know Burt's Bees helps them cover the additional costs of these episodes, but does anyone remember if any actual money goes to AIDS research from this whole endeavor??
Sorry to do such a short post after such a very, very long hiatus! I started dashing it off over at the Facebook page and it just seemed a hair too long for that, but a hair too short for this. Such is life!


I love James Patrick Stuart. That is all I can say. He gives me the feels just about every time he's on.

No one knows what this chimera mess is. And Hallmark channel has Jack Wagner very busy. Where Calls the Heart series and I believe I saw he has a movie coming up.

I love James Patrick Stuart too. I shouldn't have been surprised that he can sing given that his father is also a semi-famous singer (Chad of Chad & Jeremy 60's fame). I don't understand having Felicia show-up and then she has one line. Why not show Robin and Mac at home watching the show, and talking about Stone? Or her reaction to Emma's performance? If they could show a taped spot of her, they could intersperse bits of her during the show the way they did with Britt and Brad a few years ago. Also, Anna's comment that Jason etc. didn't have clearance to learn about the Chimera, come on! Jason wasn't just asking for shits and giggles. And the Chimera is supposed to be a super-powerful biotoxin that the WSB forgot was out there for the past 30 something years.

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