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October 10, 2017


I was going to write a straight recap of today's General Hospital but then they threw some Ask Man Landers shitshow at me in the cold open, so I can't be asked. But there are some important things to touch on.

In this episode, we had a new "couple" (I guess Kristina and Parker are already official from the way they were talking today, which was fast) making out in a diner. We had randos just knocking on an apartment door in an building that should really have some security. We had characters in contrived situations so they could run into each other for the sole purpose of almost-but-not advancing plot.

What I'm saying is, we need a new set that more easily allows for such things. A building with a central location that is semi-private, where kissing isn't peculiar but a meal or a conversation might be shared in passing with neighbors. A building where people who are deeply connected live alongside people they may not know or choose to see deliberately. Which brings me to the titular plea: BRING BACK THE BROWNSTONE!


A lot of people could squeeze into that common room, you know. Very handy. It was also an appropriate place to overhear conversations. 

Anything could happen there. Babies could be born. (Oh, Tania. You know I loved you.) Murders could be attempted and later solved. Proposals could be made and showdowns could become legendary. Weddings could be celebrated. 

Who of the lower-to-middle class characters didn't live in the brownstone at one point or another?


And really, I know they sometimes try to shoehorn all of that into the MetroCourt by somehow constantly having people strike gold somehow and just live there permanently, but it stretches credulity and doesn't have that same hearth-and-home warmth we loved so much back then.

And it's a safe place. A safe place where huge mistakes can be made, like this haircut on Felicia:


And basically every time you need a big sweeps story, set a fire! Bring in a stalker or a hostage taker! 

Give Bobbie her building back. Let everyone battle about who gets to move in. Let's see first kisses and unexpected run-ins and unlikely scene-sharers on the regular. 

That's my noisy plea for today. Because otherwise today, they gave us inexplicable squealing fangirls for an ADVICE COLUMNIST. This... is not how the land of advice columnists works. 






This is what they are asking us to believe is the life an advice-to-the-lovelorn writer leads. And they are asking us to take this as a serious obstacle in the lives and relationship of Maxie and Nathan and as a legitimate way to drive story. Those faces.

I mean. You guys:



For an advice columnist.

I have lost thousands of brain cells even being in the proximity of this storyline. Thousands.

And finally, y'all, I'm starting to think my dream story isn't going to come true, which is Steve Burton being Drew, and Drew's first story arc being a hardcore love triangle with Brad and Lucas. Man, we were so close.

In conclusion, guess what? Serial Drama's tweetin' now! We're so presidential! Come join us there!  (My personal account is only around 0.5% about anything TV-related so it seemed like a good idea to have a timeline that's more soap-focused for actual fun!


They have been throwing unbelievable problem after unbelievable problem I'm Maxie's and Nathan's relationship. Spinelli, jobs, fandom kidnappings they aren't the target for.

Either let them live or get better writers.

Although I quit watching months ago so I don't care all that much. Lol

I just got taken to task (nicely, and as part of a group, not individually) on another site for failing to give the show a chance and to find positive things to say about it. My response was basically that I do try (really, I do, I swear), but the current writers give me so little to work with, and I'm constantly wondering why it all has to be so . . . unconvincing. (Say what you will about Robert Guza--and I have said PLENTY--the show was at least convincing when he wrote it; I generally bought what was happening on my screen, even when I was repelled by it.)

So thank you, Louise, for saying it better than I did. The whole show, essentially, is one big "Huh? What? REALLY?" This Man Landers thing is just one example, but it's a good one, especially because I can see that they're trying to do something constructive, trying for some kind of balance of fun against angst (see: I CAN say something positive). I'm not opposed to light-hearted fun on a soap (and GH viewers deserve, like, two decades of nonstop light-hearted fun, after roughly two decades of nonstop mob-dominated darkness and depravity), but it has to be better done than this. Because all this does is make me furrow my brow in puzzlement and then roll my eyes in vague disbelief and resignation. Especially since I think this idea probably had promise, somewhere along the line, but the execution has squandered whatever promise it had.

Oh, and that screencap of Felicia's hair? Double thank you for that.

I have just been alerted to the fact that they did apparently have a storyline where they brought back the brownstone not that long ago, while I was taking a GH break. Now I have to go investigate that and find out what happened and why it's gone again. Why would they tease us like that??

It wasn't really the brownstone. This was back when Michael was rehabbing a brownstone on the waterfront and he hired Morgan and Kiki to help out, and then Nina took Ava there to force her to give birth and stole her baby and we haven't seen that brownstone since. And no mention of all the work that ELQ was supposed to be doing on the waterfront like the AJ Quartermaine memorial clinic that he was supposed to be starting.

Elizabeth, I think it was supposed to be Bobbie's old Brownstone. I recall Bobbie saying she sold it because she couldn't afford to keep it. Michael certainly didn't buy it from her. In any case they used the old living room set of the Webber/Jones/Scorpio house as the Brownstone (I guess they didn't have the Brownstone set anymore), and as you said Michael hired Morgan to renovate it(???) and Kiki was helping out (???!!!). Yeah, that plot just disappeared like a puff of smoke, never to be seen again, which happens a lot these days on GH.

Pretty sure that Liz now has the set where Avery was born. Which was the brownstone. Whether it s the very same brownstone, I'm not sure. But the set is the Morgan renovated home. I could swear that Bobbie sold it(years ago) when she had moved to Seattle to be with Lucas. It had fallen into disrepair. Michael/ELQ ended up with it. Michael hired Morgan to fix it up.

If it was Bobbie's old brownstone, they certainly changed it a lot, because I remember the living room being on the opposite of where it was during that story line. And wasn't Michael buying the old Eckert house as well? That also went out the window.

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