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« The Bold & the Beautiful: Biker Chick's In-Law Seduction Techniques | Main | General Hospital: BRING BACK THE BROWNSTONE! »

October 07, 2017

General Hospital: Home Again?

Does anyone else find Sam and Jason's bedroom kind of hilarious? I mean, he's Mr. No-Frills Black T-Shirt and she's Ms. Badass Low-Maintenance (okay, sure, she wears 17-inch stilettos in the most casual of circumstances and a ton of makeup but, in fairness, all of that is the bare minimum on soaps). Like what even is this headboard?



That said, it's nice to see a bedroom set at all. I thought this was a soap! We should be in bedrooms constantly!

I have terrible hair jealousy when I watch Crimson scenes.



That's... the majority of what I experience watching Crimson scenes. (I've said before that I'm still open to Nelle as a character, though I realize I'm in a minority on that one. I think the actress is dyn-o-mite, but I just wish they'd clarify who this person is any second now so that we -- and she -- have more to work with. We already did the "she's a mystery, we're not sure what her deal is" storyline. This time they could try changing it up by TELLING US one way or the other, for crap's sake. So that we know something Carly and company do not. Because that's fun. Remember fun?)

You know what? I was trying to get excited about this Tale of Two Jasons story. It's not as if something similar, as unlikely as it seemed, hasn't been pulled off spectacularly in the past. And there are certainly some actors involved here who could more than pull off something pretty great. Despite my well-documented history of hating Jason Morgan, hope springs eternal.




Just... this facial expression. We're in for it. Over and over and over again. 




I'm already tired of it.

Also, I have no idea about this Huxley dude because I was on a lengthy GH break during the whole Ava/Nikolas/Valentin saga. I did, however, get a chuckle at MaybeJason being surprised by Brexit. Wait till he hears who the POTUS is now! (I'm guessing he would've voted for Gary Johnson, but probably hasn't checked his registration in a while.)

You know what was super nice of the post-op staff at that St. Petersburg clinic?



To put a full face of makeup on Ava underneath her surgery bandages, from surgery that healed in mere hours! With contouring and highlights and everything! Health care is way better in Russia, you guys.

Oh hey! Something good, finally! Brad and Lucas are looking into starting a family! Here are some screencaps from that storyline:



Oh just kidding.

It's offscreen. 

And, sigh.


NOT thrilled to see Steve Burton again but excited to see him do scenes with BH

I feel your pain Louise. Seeing Billy Miller and Steve Burton in the same episode gave a good idea of their different interpretations of Jason and which one I prefer (Billy Miller). Steve Burton's lack of expression, while I guess an acting choice, is boring after watching Billy Miller for 3 years. His Jason actually smiles!

Totally with you, Louise, on the lameness of Lucas and Brad's life being completely off-screen. This could be a interesting story given no soap has ever done a gay adoption story, and Lucas and Brad would both have feels about it given they were both adopted. Even the way the writing handled the exposition about it was terrible. It's not cool of Valerie to, having spotted pamphlets, put their private business on blast. Maybe THEY wanted to be the ones to tell Bobbie, VAL.

Also, maybe Lucas could call his doctor friend in Llanview for advice on adoption since he knows he and his police officer husband have a kid and said friend would have to explain how their kid was actually the result of a ONS with a stripper. #showinmyhead

C, I do so like the soap in your head. Sigh.

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