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October 26, 2017

General Hospital: The Love That Often Speaks Its Name

First of all, sorry to tease with a flurry of consistent posts and then a couple straight weeks of radio silence. I was traveling and then consumed with baseball and then a little under the weather.

But no matter! Because here we are.






We knew this weepy lovefest reunion was going to happen, and man, the actors did not hold back. I'd make a joke about their whole One True Love dynamic, but lord knows if they actually loved each other "like that" they would get zero screentime (case in point: besides the previously-complained about off-stage adoption proceedings of Lucas and Brad, today we were reminded that Parker and Kristina went on one whole date and then U-hauled right off the show together, lest anyone think that more LGBTQ folks behind the scenes changes anything about what happens onscreen).

Where was I?

Oh! Right. The beautiful reunion, which involved a whole lot of "The following people have come back to life since you 'died,' would you like a drink?" and a little "Okay so then who is this guy we already cried tears of joy to have back in our lives?" but very, very little urgency. 

And this made me feel sad.


MONICA: All I've ever wanted is for you to be happy, Jason. I'm just sorry it took me so long to learn to not control you! [Yes, what a jerk she was not wanting her child to be a hit man. So controlling!  --Ed.] I guess I just wanted that little boy that I remember raising. But in the last few years, you've let me back into your life and I really treasure that and I'm never, ever going to let you go again. 

JAKESON: Oh good, because I wouldn't let you if you tried!



BIG GIANT SAD FACE. I'm not crazy about everything they've done with (Billy Miller's) Jason's Return, but one of the absolute best things about it is his renewed relationship with Monica, and I will be sad to see that ruined if the inevitable occurs.

One of the other best things about it, of course, is that Jason has truly left the murdering-and-assaulting-humans business and randomly bought a media company because he finally decided to man up and put his wife and children first. That's the right kind of leading man! But alas, in the brief time that Steve Burton's Jason and Sonny have been in scenes together again, we have been sledgehammered with the fact that Jakeson can't really be Jason, because Jason would never have done something so disloyal and  unloving as to choose the safety and happiness of his children and wife over Sonny! What kind of wuss would do that? 

Granted, last we saw OG Jason, he had no familial relationship with Jake and he'd only met Danny for about five minutes (and doesn't even know he's his biological son), but there's no real reason to believe that would change anything considering Sonny has 47 children and is still thriving as a mafia boss (oh right sorry, it's because he can't leave the mob, hahahaha!).


Sonny went on with some nonsense about how Jakeson never wanted anything to do with the business but allowed for the fact that Jakeson did save his life just that one time a couple years ago (he accidentally left out all of the other times since including the time he was JUST IN A COMA FOR THE SAME REASON).

Sonny did not mention to OG Jason the part about Danny being his biological son or that Sam has another child with Jakeson or that A.J. came back to life and also Sonny then murdered him in the face and bragged about it. 

Anyway, obviously since there's a cocktail-attire gathering in town and double the Jasons means double the guns:


We're going to have a hostage situation. 

I fully recognize that there are plenty of viewers who will be delighted to see OG Jason and Sonny back in action again, packing heat, saving the day. I am simply not one of them. I wish I were because this would be really fun.

Also, Michael broke up with Nelle! Because she lies a lot! Please get her a better storyline now!

And we still don't know how entrenched Andre is in the whole Patient Six saga, but I guess we'll find out. I was on a break when he joined the show, but I heard something about his having been WSB? But... how? A psychiatrist for spies?



I'm just going to leave this here because they look super lovely.



I think Andre was a consultant for the WSB.. and was still doing that while Anna was immersing herself in the Valentin obsession.

Ah, so a psychological profiler or something? Interesting.

Unfortunately, I doubt AJ will get a mention. He was "dead" when Jason left so I assume they'll ignore everything about his resurrection and murder.

eh, thanks so much for the update, sorry you had to suffer through. I wonder, if ever, Port Charles will not be an upside down world where mobsters and hitman are not the good guys. And yes, do you believe the nerve of a mother not wanting to have her son be a hitman. Unbelievable.

And Sonny also didn't mention that Ava killed Connie, but you know with all the people who came back from the dead that he had to tell Jason about when would he have time. I love the way that he totally negated his entire relationship with Billy Miller's Jason now that his one true love has come back to the show. And how willing he is to just throw Jason/Drew whatever his name is under a bus. Completely forgetting that Sam and Billy Miller Jason actually have a stronger relationship in many ways than Steve Burton Jason did with Sam.

He also hasn't gotten around to Morgan's death or Ava's complicity in that. I can't wait! (Just kidding.)

I hate Sonny so much that whenever he gets on his high horse I feel obliged to randomly yell at the screen that he once shot his son point-blank in the chest, or his wife in the head while she was giving birth. That said, I have a soft spot for Maurice Bernard and know that he and Steve Burton have a 20+ year friendship that goes beyond being screenpartners. So, a lot of the emotion of those reunion scenes felt so personal that the other stuff didn't matter. I've been annoyed at GH lately and had been checking in sporadically, or binging character playlists on You Tube. But now, not only am I watching everyday live if I can, I am genuinely on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

Louise, doesn't this heel turn with Andre remind you a little of on OLTL when Dr. Greg "A Brain Is Not A Foot" Evans was blackmailed into making Tea think she had cancer by Suddenly Evil Eli because he had had an affair with Shaun's girlfriend and Destiny was really his daughter and also Shaun's ex-girlfriend slipped on a rug and died?

And I too feel really sorry for Monica. Of course the Jason that is nice to her and tells her she has grandchildren is not the real one. Ugh.

You know--assuming they're not planning to screw Billy Miller over and boot him off the show now that The Real Jason is back (I'm surprised ABC didn't use that for commercials, actually, but maybe they learned something from the Sabine Singh disaster)--maybe Monica will retain her relationship with Not The Real Jason (since she actually HAS a real relationship with Not The Real Jason, as opposed to her not-a-real-relationship with The Real Jason; geez all this real and not-real is getting confusing--maybe I need a flow chart or diagram or something, like they suggested in my prep materials when I took the GRE) even after they settle that P6 is The Real Jason. Because I'm sure that The Real Jason will go back to having not-a-real-relationship with poor, long-suffering, unreasonable-for-hoping-her-son-will-not-be-a-mobster Monica. And I really do like how Leslie/Monica interacts with Billy/Not-Real, when we get to see it.

But wait--that would mean they'd have to give Monica screen time, which would take away from mobsters, molls, and murderous mayhem, so what am I thinking? That is SO not happening.

Never mind. Back to reality (GH-style).

I'm not quite caught up but this is bugging me: has Ava NEVER EVER EVER seen a picture of Jason's original face? She's quite the skilled intraweb surfer, I would think at some point she would have come across it. (Never mind that um hello, he and AJ have a really obvious brotherly resemblance)

I think that Ava is so self-absorbed that it never crossed her mind to ever look at what real Jason looked like before she plowed Billy Miller/Jason over with her car, and let Jordan take the rap for it. In fact, if I remember correctly she seemed to forget all about the fact that she once ran a man down on the highway with her car. She's committed so many crimes since then.

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