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November 30, 2017

General Hospital: Necessary Words

This won't be a terribly long post, but I'm feeling guilty because I've been a slacker here lately! I've been pretty drained and, let's face it, when you're worn out it takes a lot less work to just tweet while you're watching episodes than put together a whole blog post. Nonetheless, let's check in over in Port Charles, New York, with a bunch of random disorganized thoughts!

First of all, happy 40th anniversary at General Hospital to Jackie Zeman! Here's a great interview. Some great dirt in there on the old days!

Second of all, you have to be kidding me, Sonny. OG Jason's been back for a couple of weeks after five years of captivity and LORD KNOWS WHAT and hasn't even reunited with his family, and Sonny's sending him down to Puerto Rico on mob business already? Like I've been saying, why does more than one person want to be Jason? It's a terrible gig! His boss is an asshole!

Also! Kim (Tamara Braun's character) is an OB-GYN! Not only did we get a new doctor, we have another OB-GYN! Kind of the most important doctor gig on this show! That's a breath of fresh air. I'm always, always delighted to have more characters that will bring us hospital stories. And sure, sure, we technically have a pretty good spread of hospital characters right now but two of them are The Gays and god forbid we put them on screen, people who tear their hair out on whether which woman gets to date a brain-damaged hitman or a rapist/serial killer will clutch their pearls! But I digress, as usual.


I'm really liking Kim as a character and as a mother. I also happen to be one of those people who thought Tamara Braun's Carly and Sonny had more chemistry than the current lineup (who are great scene partners, co-parents, friends/frenemies with deep history, and all the other incarnations of Sonny/Carly they've played, but I just don't see the heat). (In terms of chemistry with Maurice Benard, I'd rank the Carlys: Carly #1, Carly #2, Carly #4, Carly #3.) So it's fun to see her back in the mix!

Have I mentioned how much I love Curtis and how much I love him standing by Miller-Jason? Sure, he didn't know the other one, but I still like it, dammit! I am very predisposed to love Curtis because he is dynamic and charming and generally one of the most interesting people on the show. 


Did I mention easy on the eyes?

OG Jason is basically totally fine with everything and barely batting an eye. Even offered to just remove himself from the situation and change his name. Sam, girl, you already have your man! Who cares which is which, keep the man who fights for you and his children! Good grief. I did not miss Stoic Martyr Jason. Not one iota. I'm becoming a broken record, but I really don't want to watch Steve Burton come back as a totally unchanged OG Jason and have everything just go back to exactly how it was. Even if he is Real Jason, people evolve! Please for the love of god, let the character change! Let Burton do something new! Whether he's Drew or Jason, he's been through a massive, massive years-long trauma!

(I'm just going to hide a very quiet and polite "no comment" right here regarding Josslyn/Oscar scenes.)

Franco continues to not win any "reform" points what with his assault charges against OG Jason (how do they name him in the legal proceedings?). Sure, sure, he feels deep regret about the murdering and the assault and hiring someone to rape Jason's nephew and violating Jason's wife and letting her think he'd impregnated her via rape. So much deep regret that he's trying to get Jason sent to prison for a few right hooks as a result! Deep remorse. How will he ever live with what he's done??!! Also, his logic about how whichever Jason doesn't get "chosen" by Sam will go after Liz makes so little sense my head is spinning. Why? Why would one of the twins go after Liz? Anyway, Franco eventually drops the charges but only because Elizabeth told him to, and then he gives OG Jason a silly speech on how he just needs to "get over" all the horrific things Franco did to his loved ones. I have no love lost for the old school version of the Holy Hitman, but even I admit that Jason has every flipping reason in the world to loathe Franco forever and to be enraged that anyone would give him the time of day (not to mention expose his children to him).



Miller-Jason (to Carly): I know who I am! My name is Jason Morgan. If you can't believe that, then go to hell.

Woo-hoo! Those were the "necessary words" I was referring to in the post title. Frankly, it's just someone saying those last three words to Carly that gives me gleeful giggles.


She has been such a megabitch lately. Why does she have to be such a megabitch? I know, I know. Because she can be.

And in conclusion as it's the final day of the month, Billy Miller has been absolutely astounding these last few weeks. Emmy reels abound. (For Kelly Monaco, too, I've really enjoyed Sam's position in this storyline.) Well friggin' done, sir.

And here we go!




Y'all! Andre's arrival has Liz trying out a new bitchface and it's glorious!




Right, Sam?

Okay, kids, get that popcorn because whatever's happening over tomorrow and next week is going to bring the most psychosis out of the online soap crazies! It's going to be a hell of a meltdown, no matter what it is. Minds will be lost. Boycotts will be threatened. I'm pretty psyched. (I have a preference. I imagine most of us do. But I intend to kick back and watch the lunacy. Popcorn. Tea. Wine. Whatever you've got, I'm in.)


Yes! At last! GH Sweepshas been pretty lovely. I love that you got that pic of Liz’s birch face. Whenever Original flavor Liz pokes out, I’m happy to wave.

Oh and the last 15 seconds of shots were just pure soap opera reaction goodness.

Can’t wait for the breakdown!

Well, I see the big reveal was actually really predictable and dull and I don't need any popcorn at all.

Womp womp.

Given how *every* thing says that Steve Burton is RealJason, I'm thinking he's gonna be Drew, and Billy Miller will be Jason. Also, my wife has a theory that B is closer to Monica now because he is Jason and the latest TBI knocked something loose in him so that he's becoming more Quartermain and less Morgan.

I was both bored and irritated by this. I don't want that crap Jason back. I completely agree that SB needs to be able to play now emotion whoever he turns out to be.

Which leads me to my second point, I'm fairly certain they said this was going to be drawn out 9 months so I was surprised when they said they'd announce it this week. Now I'm thinking this may not be settled, but I'm not going to get my hopes up just because I'm in denial.

I just wanted to put my prediction out there.

In Sonny's defense, I got the PR stuff more as a nod and reference to the real-life situation there and not so much mob-related.

I was hoping that the PR stuff was not mob-related and related more to the Hurricane but if that were true, they would have actually said something about Sonny wanting to help the people of PR who are hurting. And he certainly wouldn't need his muscleman for that. I was hoping the reveal would turn out to be the opposite just to see the look on Carly, Sonny, Spinelli and Diane's faces but they weren't going to bring SB back just to play a new character. They save that for Michael Easton! I'm looking forward to Billy Miller's performances as he grapples with who Andrew is, since the only memories he has are Jason's. As we know Andre never figured out how to reverse the memory-mapping.

Thanks for the link to the Jackie Zeman interview, Louise. That was a lot of fun.

As for the "big reveal" . . . how not surprising.

If nothing else, the “shipper” in me has loved the OG Jason/Robin scenes...oh the twinkles!

Franco’s speech to Jason was the best! I’m so glad he told the facts to Jason. Franco had a tumor. He couldn’t stop himself. It’s science. He didn’t rape Sam. He didn’t get Michael raped. Those are the facts.
Jason on the other hand is a serial killer. He assaulted Franco. He doesn't have an excuse for his behavior.
Yes, Jason needs to get over it.

Just want to chime in on your points about Tamara Braun. I really enjoy her in this role too. She was my absolute favorite Carly, and you're right, she and MB had great chemistry - for me better even than original Carly. But I liked her with Alcazar too - maybe she's just one of those people who has chemistry with everyone. Anyway, it's nice to see her on my screen again!

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