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November 10, 2017

The Bold & the Beautiful: Assume the Position

I'll be brief because it really speaks for itself. But let's just take a moment to luxuriate in the totally-not-at-all-suggestive blocking from yesterday's Bold and the Beautiful in a long talky scene between Bill, his daughter-in-law Steffy, and whatever is going on with her wig.




We get it! He's ready for his BJ!

(I mean seriously, folks, he got even closer and then they spent the whole scene talking like that.)

Speaking of talking, the best highlights of recent dialogue were Steffy taking a hard stance on why Liam shouldn't be nice to Sally: because she's a "criminal!" He should, however, be nice to his father. His father who, while not (say) a mobster, is basically a career criminal. Especially recently. I believe Liam's also supposed to be nice to Steffy's family, many of whom have a pretty serious rap sheet if such records ever stuck. 

Another highlight of dialogue was Bill telling Steffy how utterly remarkable she is because she's able to see things from "all sides" which is code for "thanks for always being on my side, Steffy, no matter how wrong I am!" Particularly considering Steffy has made zero effort at any point to see why Liam would have a problem with his father inventing a terminal illness for Caroline, committing arson, and then blowing up a building that had people in it. But apparently Brooke and Liam and everybody else are supposed to be totes cool with it because if they had just SEEN HIS FACE when he realized he might've killed his son! He was really upset, y'all! And immediately afterward was smug about it and takes no responsibility. Yeah, he's a great guy, if only everyone saw that side of him. Whatever, we all know which side of him Steffy's about to see and it's the one she's getting an eyeful of in the screenshots above. 

Anyway, I confess I haven't been watching daily and often just fast-forward because this all just goes in boring circles and I feel bad for the scriptwriters having to keep writing dialogue for these idiots finding ways to justify the unjustifiable, and let's face it, Bill will literally never face any real consequence or comeuppance so there's not even anything to root for. 

Basically what I'm saying is: GIVE RICK AND MAYA A STORYLINE. Also, is Sasha still a character on this show? Will they recast Thomas? When is Ingo Rademacher showing up? Let's move things along, folks!


According to a new Brad Bell interview, he's supposedely come up with 20 ideas regarding Maya's next storyline but hasn't found the right one yet lol. No plans on recasting Zende or Thomas and Ingo shows up on November 27.

I'm pretty sure Sasha is gone since she was taken off-contract months ago but Nicole is still on contract and is nowhere to be found.

Callie, thanks for the info! I honestly don't keep up much anymore. I'm SO SURE Bell is just on the cusp of a brilliant Maya storyline (cough cough).

I thought they married off Nicole too young anyway, so I'm cool if she comes back with some sob story and gets thrown back in the mix, but I don't see it happening. I'm sure the Avants will show up for the stupid Thanksgiving nonsense, and then forgotten again.

I check in occasionally and watch the previews of the next episode, but so happy to see a post by you and screenshots! OMG, hilarious!!

Callie and Louise, Michael Logan at TV Insider had a recent piece about Reign Edwards
(Nicole) being cast as an agent for a multi episode role on MacGyver. I remember the old MacGyver with Richard Dean Anderson but I've never seen this version. The article hinted that it could be extended but I guess that would be up to the actress and B&B.

Hi Louise,

I don't even watch B&B, but your screenshots caught my attention and your comments were beyond hilarious--"not-at-all suggestive blocking." Enjoy all your recaps!!

Thanks, Dee! I do aim to at least give folks a good laugh!

Apparently Sasha is also working at Forrester International where I hope she is being wined and dined by many rich dudes and that she's forgotten all about Zende who was incredibly boring. I've always thought that they should have put Sasha and Bill together when he and Brooke were split up. Older man grooms young woman to be top model/mistress.

And I agree with you, I don't understand why Steffy has been spending all this time trying to compare Liam's blackmail with Bill's deceptions. Liam only blackmailed Bill because Bill wouldn't step aside from Spencer Publications.

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