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January 07, 2018

The Bold & the Beautiful: A Gallery Review

You guys, The Bold & the Beautiful was so utterly on-brand last week that I can barely come up with words for it. It was a sight to behold. (Let's just say if anyone's giving you a hard time about watching soaps, as we were talking about the other day, do not show them any of those B&B episodes as it will only undermine your credibility.)

Anyway, just hot damn. It was a lot of melodramatic fun. So I made you a visual present of Friday's episode. (I wanted to do the whole week but you'd have to have to patience of Job to put up with a whole week's worth of episodes on the CBS website player.)

Here we go:





Just in case you missed it, hadn't heard, or don't watch the show at all but occasionally check in here to find out what madness is happening: Liam found out Steffy (his wife) slept with Bill (his father). It sort of irked him for some reason.

I've waited for years for someone to properly address the idiocy of the stupid Spencer swords that all these grown men wear like "Best Friends" necklaces, and nothing in the past has been satisfactory. Liam's ripped his off a few times only to put it back on two days later for no discernible reason other than "Bill always gets forgiven within the week" being a rule of the show. 

But thank you soap gods, this could not have been campier or more delightful:




That's right, he just crushed it! In his hand! It was as ridiculous as it looks! 

But it didn't stop there:





And then I'll just leave you with this:




Whew. I mean they went full telenovela last week.

I don't write many B&B posts because it's sort of like writing into the void (if a blog post gets written in the forest and nobody's there to read it, did it ever really get written?), but I couldn't resist.


I don't watch but have seen probably 15-20 episodes over the years and keep up with what is happening in the soap magazines. I know they are On Demand so I think I will watch a few just to check this out! Chachacha! Vrooooom!

I missed Thursday's episode which led into this because of the stupid snow, and I haven't caught up with it yet on demand but I loved these scenes between Bill and Liam. Also loved the scenes between Katie and Steffy, when Katie realized that Steffy slept with Bill, remembering that this all 1st started when she was married to Bill. It was great soap suds. I seriously hope though that Liam doesn't forgive Bill by the end of the month.

I don't watch B&B so these pictures mostly made me miss seeing Scott Clifton as Schuyler Joplin. #oltl

I am so late to the game, but I love keeping with with B&B through your posts. This set of screenshots is pure blog gold! THANKYOU!

Oh, this is so good, I'm gonna have to go Youtube it! Hahaha!

And C, ME TOO! :(

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