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« Daytime Emmy Creative Arts Award Winners | Main | General Hospital: Nurses Ball Day Two, A Modest Proposal »

May 16, 2018

General Hospital: For Your Consideration

(aka Nurses Ball Day One)

Okay, today we got the pre-show and the red carpet and I'd like to take a moment to highlight a guest star who, if he doesn't get nominated for the Best Guest Actor Daytime Emmy in 2019? I will riot.


His name is Dutch and he is a star. Truly, Mark Teschner deserves another Best Casting Emmy for this one. What a find!


What a performance! I believed he was really eating. So convincing, so moving. Dutch needs a contract pronto.



  • Otherwise, not a ton to say. I'm on record as disliking how they've glossed up the Nurses Ball in its "reincarnation," what with the red carpet and the overproduced music videos and bringing in a bunch of ringers as dancers instead of letting our characters do a full-on amateur talent show. So today's components were not my favorite. (Although I will absolutely take any Nurses Ball over no Nurses Ball any day, to be clear!)

  • I did crack up at Joss being all, "This is unreal! I feel like Cinderella or something!" when she got to the step-and-repeat but then knew exactly how to pose for the cameras. I also cracked up that Sonny and Jason went to the Nurses Ball while Carly was spending the night in jail.

  • So far I'd give "Best Dressed Couple" to Jordan and Curtis. 

  • Also, how dumb is it that the Quartermaines' former (dearly departed) chef was actually named "Cook" but now they just call this one "Cook 2?" Is her name also allegedly Cook? I don't know, the whole thing is just a bit cheesy and maybe super-classist. And if they meant for it to be classist, like "see how these millionaires take the humanity away from their staff?" then I'd be fine with it, but that doesn't really seem to be the point. Also, how the hell is she supposed to be the chef for an entire gala full of people right before it starts? Now I'm babbling.

  • Valentin looked....stressed. A lot.



  • I haven't got the slightest idea who all those guest stars were* so I don't have any reaction. What, no AC Slater this year? 

  • I loved Anna's satin pantsuit and Alexis's dress.




  • Once again, all Jason does is walk in to a room Sam's in and they fire up their love song. IT'S OVERKILL, GUYS. The actors can handle it without the cue to the audience!

  • I was re-annoyed today that Peter/Henrik is Robin's brother.

  • I continue to love Max Gail so friggin' much.

That about sums up the first day! What did you guys think?

*I do know who one of the guest stars is, and I remind you, this brilliant actor's name is Dutch.





I mean come on! Great friendship chemistry with Lucy, great screen presence. 

I love that damn llama.



I want the llama to get a windowpane in the credits. He can share a space with Michael and Nelle.

That said, couldn't Lucy be escorted by, I dunno, her daughter who pops into town for the event that means so much to her mother? That certainly would have been a better use of guest star spots than Carla Hall and that dude from "The Bachelor".

This whole jason\sam overkill has made the show completely unbearable to me after 20+ years... and I'm bored and unemployed right now.

If Foster and Annabelle could be in the credits way back when, I don't see why Dutch the Llama can't.

Forget to say: I'd heard about it, but since I haven't caught up with the episode yet so that screencap is my first actual sight of the hideously unflattering dress they put on Kimberly McCullough. What where they thinking?

I love Lucy's look, however. And what little I could tell of Jordan's.

Even THINKING about Sam&Jason bores me to tears. That's one reason I'm so behind on the show.

I didn't understand the pointless drama with Cook 2 (and the fact that Cook was played by Carla Hall made the whole thing a little racist). I agree that it would have been lovely for Serena (or even Lucy's other daughter) to pop in to surprise their mother for the Nurse's Ball. But although I can't stand Sonny, his scenes with Mike and Stella were lovely.

I thought Elizabeth had the best dress. Joss, Maxie and Olivia also looked great.
Instead of inviting someone who can’t act to cohost the red carpet, next year, just have Franco and Nina host it. It would be awkward and hilarious.

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