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May 17, 2018

General Hospital: Nurses Ball Day Two, A Modest Proposal

First of all I loved that the "Everyday People" opening number actually had pretty simple choreography that you could actually buy a group of nurses could learn (instead of a bunch of professional dancers). And Jacklyn Zeman always makes me so happy when she's up there dancing her little heart out.



Also Felix! Epiphany!

I absolutely adore Kim's dress from the top all the way down to.... right above the knee, where the weird multiple ruffles begin. 


Why complicate a good thing?

Speaking of which, it's no secret that I'm completely smitten with the idea of Finn and Anna (because I approve of how smitten he is with her, as everyone should be), but they've now moved Alexis and Finn past "casual sex" into "actual dating" and the last thing I want is a love triangle where Alexis and Anna are somehow competing for the same man, so that's disappointing. And yet here we are.

I continue to not care in the least about Henrik/Peter. He's just kind of dopey and I will also lose any semblance of calm if I start articulating how I feel about the completely insane retcon of Anna effin' Devane willingly having sex with Faison and carrying his child to term. (Just in case nobody's noticed, she happens to be my all-time favorite character on this show and I have decades worth of feelings feeding into this ...nope, I'm going to stop.)

Nothing in the performance Chase got "hazed" into by Dante (DEAR SOAP GODS PLEASE GIVE DOMINIC ZAMPROGNA SOME REAL MATERIAL, HE IS ONE OF YOUR BEST ACTORS) suggests that anyone else (besides the backup dancers) was supposed to be in it, so that made no sense.


The actor did a good job and it would've been super-cute if (a) I'd ever heard that song and (b) he weren't a brand new person we barely know. 

Curtis in his magician's outfit? How is any man hot in a magician's outfit? Because he's Curtis, that's how. Continues to be the dreamiest dude on the show.



I also loved that act because, as I've mentioned, I love when the Nurses Ball feels like an amateur talent show instead of an over-produced night of lip-syncing ringers. And it was an act leading up to Curtis's proposal but there was still an act, you know? 

I continue to be angry about poor Sam's terrible dress.



I have mixed feelings about the possibility of Stella and Mike. I love the actors together and Mike is perfectly lucid much of the time, and there's no reason someone with early/middle-stage dementia can't have a relationship. It's just unusual to start one, and it'd certainly be a lot for Stella to take on. But honestly? If they keep Mike in his current state for a good long while, it could be lovely. And maybe that's not what they're teasing. Maybe they're teasing something really sad, like Mike making assumptions and it being incredibly disappointing and uncomfortable. At any rate, I love Stella in the Mike story, and I wish they'd just allow her to let go of her very boring hatred of Jordan. That's a waste of the character, and it's always written in just one note.

But then...

Mike: Well, the graveyards are full of people that held grudges. Right, and what did it get 'em? Take it from me, when all is said and done, the only thing that really matters is love.


Have I mentioned I love Mike?

Kimberly McCullough is a beautiful woman, why do they do this to her?


Who did she hurt?

So Molly ended up introducing her mother for the award (an award that makes no sense to present at an AIDS benefit, but okay) and I have to admit I couldn't help but chuckle...


Molly: I have watched and admired her my whole life, as a (mob) lawyer, an activist (for two minutes that time she flashed her boobs in court to demonstrate in favor of public breastfeeding), as a mom. I have watched her overcome professional (because of her myriad bar violations and, let's face it, pretty long list of crimes) and personal (like all those times she committed "oopsie" murders) adversities with courage, determination, and grace. 

In general, I wanted to see more acts and the promo for tomorrow makes it look mostly like "more drama in the general vicinity of the Nurses Ball!" which... no thanks. (I realize we'll at least get Joss and the finale but... I'll shut up now.) I want the drama on the stage! (Omigah, that just reminded me of when Robin and Stone did the Romeo and Juliet scene. More of that kind of stuff please!)

Also, we better see more of Dutch.


I, to my surprise, have really grown to like Chase. They've done a good job of slowly easing him in, getting us interested in him, unlike, say, Peter.

I don't mind Chase and, yes, it's good that we're getting eased into him as a character. I do think that Finn's animosity to him (with no real explanation) is a bit one-note and silly, but hopefully they'll gradually give him more to do elsewhere.

If Dante needed a new partner, I don't know why they didn't just promote Valerie to detective. I don't care about the character of Chase and it's painful to have to watch him learn to act when I could be watching character's that I care about, and that includes Valentin.

I would think that the fling Dante and Valerie had a couple years back might be an obstacle to her being his partner. I haven't seen them in any scenes together for a very long time, though, so maybe it would work. Can't imagine Lulu being happy about it, though.

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