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« Beacon Hill: Six Years or Six Seconds | Main | Beacon Hill: I've Got Your Own Happy Ending Right Here »

April 26, 2020

Beacon Hill, Season 2 Episode 2

Plenty of episode spoilers ahead, so be sure to watch it first!

All right so, first of all, we need to talk about these two again.


Now, I'm all for healthy relationships where you're able to speak openly, but man is Laura forgiving. Katherine just goes on and on about the hold Sara has over her, how she just still gets to her so much and, sure, Laura doesn't love it but it's also kind of rude? Quit talking about how hung up you are on your ex to your current girlfriend, Katherine! And from their first scene in this episode, it sounds like the thing that brought them together was Laura basically nursing Katherine through her heartbreak. This doesn't bode well.

This season it seems like they're being a little less vague about politics and anchoring it in at least something reality-adjacent, talking about how different politics are these days, talking about public policy-tweeting, how the House majority leader has changed, etc., etc., but without naming any names (so far!). Which I like, only because it'll help us anchor these people to a context we have a shorthand for (even though it's a little funny to think about how dramatically the political paradigm has changed since Season One which, in-universe, was... like, yesterday? But hey, some of these people also have a whole new look since then! I'll allow it.).

In other news, these two are doing a bit of canoodling!


They have a little more spark and familiarity in this episode than in the premiere. Oh, also it sounds like Sara's paper is a tabloid-style right-wing paper? Maybe modeled after the New York Post? I can't remember how much information we really got on that in the first season, but it seems like that's not Sara's deal so we'll see how that plays out. Anyway, she's basically got her investigative haunches up about her grandfather's quickness in giving up his seat, but is also resentful that she has to report on both her ex and her own family.

Awkward morning encounter alert!

KatherinemorningFlashin' that alma mater!

Katherine, as is her style, is of course fully dressed and perfectly coiffed and has driven out to whatever suburb we're in to get some work done while Sara and Diane are still in PJ's (but no worries -- full makeup!). Diane introduces herself as "Diane" like a normie, but Katherine then takes the world's longest pause and introduces herself as "Katherine Wesley," which is how these heathens better address her from now on!

Katherine goes in to chat with Bill, who insists he wants to recommend her as his replacement because she'll carry on his "good works" or what have you, and she's not as appreciative as he would expect. He pretends he thinks she's ultimately got a path to the White House, which doesn't buy, and he starts in on her about how she needs to do more compromising. She doesn't find the idea of centrism appealing. She asks for more time to decide, much to his grumpface.

Also, Katherine is wearing these shoes to a meeting to discuss possibly becoming a United States Senator?

ShoesJust joggin' in my blazer and blouse, like you do!

Well, that's a... choice. Anyway, upon departure Katherine gives Sara a dose of full-on Ice Queen and is on her way. Sara introduces Diane to her grandfather, and Bill passive-aggressively tells Diane (a stage actress) that New York theater is a "marvelous training ground." (Dick.) He insists he knows some people in the industry and will call in some favors on her behalf, which pisses Sara right off. Bill promptly calls one of his flunkies to find out everything they can on Diane.

Diane, meanwhile, wants to know if Sara's still in love with Katherine, but Sara insists it's just messy feelings about her family and the article. Diane is a little less open to all of this than our friend Laura above, but ultimately accepts Sara's claims that she's over her. What could go wrong?

Tom tries to dissuade his daughter from going to Washington because he doesn't think she has a thick enough skin for it. Speaking of thick, her natural accent gets super thick during this fight. He's a Republican and promises that his party will make this unbearably ugly for her.

TomwesleyHow dare you take Elizabeth Warren's seat??

He gets super wound up and tells her they're going to exploit her relationship with Sara, so I'm curious why he's so wound up about Sara and not her relationship with poor Laura? I thought Katherine was totally and openly out, but maybe there's more we don't know, or maybe it's just that he's saying people will say she only got her seat because it belonged to her ex-girlfriend's grandfather.

Tom: You will be the enemy!

Katherine: What about you, Daddy? Will I be your enemy too?

Dramatic music cue!

No Natalie Banks this week, sadly. 

Okay, fine, Evelyn.

So what'd everyone think? Things picking up? Did you miss Tipsy Claire as much as I did? (As always, even though the reply system asks for your email address, you can just make one up.) 


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