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February 15, 2021

Bold and the Beautiful: Pah. Tern. Nih. Tee.

Sure, sure, I posted these on social media already, but they need to be documented for posterity. Steffy has invited an audience for her paternity results (her boyfriend, the man she cheated on her boyfriend with, and that man's wife), because if a paternity test result is given in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, was there ever really a paternity test result delivered?

I think not!

Unbelievably, the two scenes below were both in the same episode. The same 18-minute episode. 



God bless these actors. That's all I can say.



Louise, the second clip is gone, but I've watched the first clip several times, laughing harder each time I saw it. But you can't really be surprised, right? This is B&B, which has built a reputation (of sorts) off of the ability to milk ab-so-lute-ly anything (and nothing), squeeze everything humanly possible out of it, and then do the same exact thing on screen again six months later. (Did we not get two solid decades of the same basic Brooke-Ridge-Taylor triangle? Have we not had at least a decade of that same triangle, recast with Hope-Liam-Steffy, sort of a meta-repetition?)

I do agree with you, though: God bless the actors. That's one of the things that makes that clip so funny to me to watch: they are Trying. So. Hard. despite being given so utterly little to work with. And the camera keeps cutting back and forth from one to the other so that we can watch them all Trying. So. Hard. (Can you imagine what it would be like to have to tape a scene like that?) It's a good thing they're as talented as they are (even if it allows Baby Bell to basically coast as headwriter).

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